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January 10

This day belongs to RogueTess.
"This outfit embodies my favorite UP elements: layering, colors that pop, and handknitting! Congrats on a fabulous endeavor. I can't wait to make this "my" look!"
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Day 272. Wed, January 27 2010


Hand knit collar made from reclaimed yarn donated by Lisa Pedersen. Vest donated by Element Eden. Vintage hat from eBay and ankle boots donated from from Julie's Etsy shop at ScottieinaCanoe.etsy.com

U.P needs an Intern!
We're looking for a darling intern to help coordinate our upcoming accessory auction. Interested? Read more >


Tina tagged this PERFECT!

Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Nik tagged this Cute

Love the pink!

OKee tagged this OK..but still a cutee!

Not a favorite, the scarf squiggly makes it look like a jelly fish or squid--like a beard. You're still adorable and an inspiration!


The dusty pink is beautiful. Great boots :)

Mara tagged this Sweet as Cotton Candy

This is an adorable look.

kc tagged this mega cute

Verrrrrry pretty in pink!

lulu tagged this Cute

The internship - i guess you have to be based in NYC?

holly tagged this school girl chic

I'd love to be your intern, but it would involve an international air ticket... guess that's not going to happen. Oh well, no doubt the team will be inundated with keen helpers.

Camme tagged this Cute

I really like what u do !! :)

Kelsssey tagged this Cute

soooooo adorable!!!!!

Maddy tagged this Cute

Cute! I love the combination of dusty pink & black. Not sure about the hat... but the cuteness of those tights makes up for it. :) Discovered you via the Etsy blog-- this is such an awesome project. I'll be sure to check in often.

Payal tagged this Unfair!

How about a cyber-intern? The good part in that is that the auction's coming up! Love the boots btw!

babz tagged this Cute

Pretty in pink; perhaps in honor of the new baby girl??

christine tagged this pretty in pink

love the pink and i always have a soft spot for handknits

Irene tagged this Cute

kinda reminds me of an ice cream cone. I love the colour of those tights!

Viv tagged this Darling


Radhika tagged this Cute

Doll look :)

Claudia tagged this Cute

Aaaw, so cute looking today!


Absolutely Adorable!!!

ammakke tagged this Cute

That's a simple but cute outfit altogether..BTW our Parish Priest was singing the praises of the "fantastic"(his words)U.P. yesterday..Welldone & all the best in the search for a"daring darling" intern!!

Lynaa tagged this Cute

Love the colours :)

Syd tagged this Delightful

Gah, Love!

Meredith Dyson

Love the colors and the overall look. Just lovely.

Gardener tagged this Cute

OK, raise your hand if you've ever un-knit something and reused the yarn just to keep your needles (and hands) occupied!

NoƩmi tagged this Almost wow for me :)

I love it all, except for the knit collar, it's a little ''too much'' for me, anyway it looks great on you! :)

monica tagged this Cute

i really like your shoes and vest :)

GANESH(AKANKSHA-LTL) tagged this Cute


the knotty hooker

so happy to see the pretty lady on you after almost a year of watching this project unfold. i can't believe how the collar seems to huge on yoU! i never guessed you were so teeny...but i love the outfit you paired it with...

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Black and dark blue do not go together but cute outfit all the same.