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August 09

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Day 107. Sat, August 15 2009

Vande Mataram

Vinatge gold droplet earrings from Dumbo flea market. Indian silk scarf and maxi skirt donated by Eliza.

Happy independence day, India.



oh, what a gorgeous gorgeous twist! i'm so in love with this outfit. you really carry the drape of the sari with grace and elegance.

ammakke tagged this patriotic!

That makes me homesick , Sheena...Well done!!Keep up the good work!


a modern twist on a classic and traditional outfit. Love the colour, the flow and the pose.

Scotsman tagged this gorgeous

You look absolutely stunning!Akansha will be proud to see this.


I love this. Might be one of my favorites yet.

Jannie tagged this Amazing!


che tagged this Hot

i have been waiting to see a long skirt under the dress. looks great!

@marycray tagged this cool

Love the tribute ensembles.

Lindsay tagged this Indian Incredible

I love the tribute to India (and your earrings!) Great job.


Oh, like the Indian flair.

KT tagged this Perfect!

This may be my most favorite! Everything flows together so well and you complete the look. Absolutely stunning! And I hope you are feeling better.

Heather tagged this Creatively Chic

YES! I am SO inspired by your quest! Just discovered you via Outsapop's blog and I am totally routing for you!!!!! Earrings are to DIE for!

Mariah tagged this Elegant

Love that you kept it simple so the scarf, earrings, and flow of the skirt really stand out. Terrific ensemble, and so appropriate for your project!


Caminhos das Indias hsuahsuhauhsuahuh Harebaba

Jolly M

delightful sight & site on India's indepence day.I was waiting for the day I would see earrings on you. Beautiful.....

Cris Conti tagged this Elegant

Great looking outfit

steph tagged this Beautiful

Love this one!

Thalita tagged this Perfeita!

a india concerteza ta na moda! adoro o estilo indiano; roupas coloridas, joias.. é tudo maravilhoso!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

like it, love the scarf

Alexis tagged this Stunning.


Fourth Daughter

I love!! Massive earrings, bold colours.. how could I not?

Mia tagged this Beautiful

I love it! Yes, Happy Independence Day, India! :)

Laney tagged this Cute


Beth tagged this Hot

This is just awesome!!!!

jenithea tagged this well-modeled

beautiful; really elegant.

Katharine Tapley tagged this ???????!

I hope I got the rating right. Does that say gorgeous?

Katharine Tapley tagged this Gorgeous

So hindi type doesn't carry over, eh?

Lorelei tagged this Cute

Glad to see you looking a bit better! I love those earrings. Very pretty!

Irene tagged this beautiful

Simply gorgeous. I really love the earrings.

Ni tagged this Brave

I love this look, truly moving.


best one yet. cheers.

bezajel tagged this stunning

Love it!!!

Anonymous tagged this Brave


NN tagged this Batty


Marie tagged this AWESOME!

Hey, I have a question. Do you really wear these awesomely eclectic stuff around or it's just for the pics and you get back into something else later?

shelby tagged this Hot

I love love looove this

mm tagged this dedicated

@marie she wears 'em. i've seen her multiple times in my neighborhood. then i check. she hasn't "cheated" yet. or at least i haven't caught her "cheating" yet.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


Zabette tagged this Hot

Wonderful!! This is one of your best. Hope you're feeling better.

francy tagged this shalini


fleurette tagged this one classy broad

nice use of the gold earrings! Though maybe just a touch too ethnic, (just kidding).

rosalafae tagged this Beautiful

Really lovely and highly appropriate. =)

Deborah tagged this Beautiful

You are so BEAUTIFUL! (inside and out!)

Louise tagged this a feast for the eyes

I love this. Really elegant and beautiful colours. The shape of your hair is perfectly accentuated by those earrings!

Katrina tagged this wow!

SO gorgeous!


I hope you were able to wear this to a great Independence Day celebration!

czarina tagged this Hot

I adore this outfit!

Natasha tagged this Indian beauty

This is NOT to ethnic, just perfect enough to send the message of an Indian touch :] WELL DONE, rep your country!!

theGoldenChild tagged this C'est génial! J'adore!!

I love this! :-)

Quantum Machina tagged this Pretty

Wow. Best so far


LOVE IT!!! A bit of culture and a bit of the hippie in me :)

kristina tagged this Brave

I think you're great and original.Your idea is realy an inspiration :)) Thank you :))

Robin tagged this Elegant

So nice to see the longer length - and those earrings are gorgeous!

BethBG tagged this lovely

I cannot even say how much I love this! XX's

m.sue tagged this Hot

oooh la la tres exotique!

Justi tagged this Batty


Dipika tagged this Hot

I've just gone through your blog and I'm so impressed with all your outfits! This is so gorgeous and elegant. Happy Independence Day!


Ficou muito chique!

Hanna tagged this Cute

I love this one. Gorgeous and exotic but not so far from my style that I'd have to be quite brave to wear it.

Barbarella tagged this Hot


Keira tagged this Terrific!!!

Terrific!!! One of my favorites!

Laura Daly tagged this Mataramarvelous

My pick of the week. Love the pose! Great day, great outfit, great cause.

ifanhour tagged this Gorgeous!

Love it!

baglady tagged this Hot

i can't believe my eyes-you'are gorgeous!

kiki tagged this steal-able

Too fun, I love it!

BellaG. tagged this Hot




Karen tagged this Hot

Wow - this is really incredible - it looks so different to your other looks - wonderful...

Luciana Falcão tagged this Brave

Beautiful the style!!!


this is great.. you must do more with the beautiful sari components or look... the colors against the black and the way you will know to display it... also, don't be afraid of some make-up!!

Kate tagged this gorgeous

Truly elegant, keep up the good work!

camakazi tagged this Desitastic

Love <3 Vande mataram

ines tagged this Hot

wow! very different from the other looks that i saw!

Brynia tagged this Lovely

It's hard not to love this twist on the sari. Absolutely gorgeous.

Nina tagged this Gorgeous

This is absolutely gorgeous. But what does it look like viewed from the back?? :-) (curious)


India! I love

Molly tagged this Gorgeous

Beautiful and unexpected again, but in a different way. One of my favorites!


Very elegant

Vivi Delvequio tagged this Brave

Simple and strong! Lovely! ^^

Sophie tagged this Cute

i love th e indian look. Rapidshare movies

akeelah tagged this Cute

i like your hair style