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May 09

This day belongs to Katie Mancine.
"Congratulations Sheena, Eliza and the rest of the U.P crew! You did a great thing for the kids AND fashion. I believe seeing this outfit on another blog was what got me following the project last year, love the hat."
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Day 23. Sat, May 23 2009

Under your cherry tree.

Sun hat and bakelite ring from Etsy. Vintage gogo platforms from eBay.


some dude tagged this Sassy

All that's missing are sunglasses, a cigarette holder and a martini.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

tres chic without being pretentious!

heather tagged this Brave

i want your hat!! sensational

shuchi tagged this Batty


E.J.Starbuck tagged this Adorable!

Great hat and matching accessories, that's pairing it down to perfection!

Tina tagged this Batty

OMG....d shoessssssssssss r sensational

boy tagged this Hot


Jeanne B tagged this Cute

Very Audrey

Jenny tagged this Brave

Bold and elegant with a bit of fun. I love it.

Skeeter tagged this Cute

Now this one looks very Chanel to me. and once again, the summer is hot!

Em tagged this Cute

Totally awesome :)

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Love the boldness.

Nabila tagged this Lovely

Classic. I love everything about this outfit. Especially the red shoes and the huge hat!

Olivia tagged this Hot

Wonderful. The most head-turning of the lot!

Beth tagged this Cute


Ellie tagged this Hot

Clearly hits the mark!

kamilah tagged this Brave

i heart this look so much -_-

Anonymous tagged this Hot


imelectric tagged this Hot

always love stockings and shoes in the same color. this look is really something. gloves would be a plus:) www.sitbackrelaxxx.com

Lilly tagged this Brave

and the cherry earrings! :)

Igael tagged this chic!

This is the best one :) (so far)

Anonymous tagged this Perfect

I love this outfit from the ankles up. (I don't really dig the shoes.)


hate the hat.

Anonymous tagged this Elegant

so cute

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

don't like the shoes with this. maybe better with belt or necklace and another pair of shoes?

Addie tagged this IDK

I'm kind of iffy about the hat. It's cute in a couture way. I don't know how realistic for life. It is REALLY big!

Dinky tagged this Cute

Love the hat very Madeline

Anonymous tagged this Classic

I enjoy this one :) Van't go past black and red.

Anon - o - miss tagged this Classic

I enjoy this one :) Can't go past black and red.

Anonymous tagged this Caliente

So devil-may-care.. I have to incorporate red tights in my wardrobe after seeing this. Great use of color - it re-defines the dress and makes it POP.

deb tagged this fave


Bobbert tagged this Afrotastic

Whoah! Is she wearing an afro? Anyway the shoes are okay but she needed different tights. According to my friend, she looks like a goth strawberry, but I have to disagree. You look ok except for the hat.

Ashe tagged this Cute

Love it, escpecially the colours!

Jannie tagged this Tres Chic

Love everything about this ensemble!

Kialy tagged this Cute


Christian (A girl one) tagged this Absolutely Fabulous

This is absolutely fabulous.

G tagged this Cute

The look is great! The hat is awesome and the color scheme is nice. I'm not too crazy about the shoe pattern, but overall, this is a winner!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Channeling Audrey Hepburn.


it would look modern and good. if it wouldn't be this childish shoes..

Aurora tagged this Cute

really cute. i can see a thin, long red necklace of some sort looking great with this, too.

Biankk tagged this fantastic

Incredible must have a lot of creativity, BEAUTIFUL !!! Brazil *-*

rachel tagged this Cute

very lydia deeds

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

I am looking back over each month and picking my favorite for that month. Loved this in May!

Taylah tagged this Cute

Love this SO much! And i want your ring!