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February 10

This day belongs to Bonnie.
"Thanks for turning fashion on its head - the LBD never looked so good! I'll be wearing mine with pride in Sydney Australia. Much love xxx"
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Day 294. Thu, February 18 2010

UPFW, a sunny adieu

Last day of U.P.FW, featuring SNOOZER LOSER. Jacket made from vintage italian upholstery fabric with self-covered buttons and a vintage cotton trim necklace with sanded wooden beads.

Who is Snoozer Loser?
Sonia Tay, the woman behind the label and artist collective Snoozer Loser doesn’t believe in designer profiles. But this video should give you a pretty good idea what she's all about. Watch video >


wasabipear tagged this Hot Like Mustard

Found a secret portal out of a 15th century Venetian flea market into the big city. Gorgeous wooden beads make their own beat down the paved street.

holly tagged this snoozer = winner!

Love the jacket, necklace, shoes. all great elements on their own. once again you pull of an eclectic mix and make it yours!

Charlotte tagged this Sunny

WOW! What a great way to end an awesome week of U.P! You look like you belong in the sound of music with that jacket:) definitely a favourite, and I shall be donating asap X

Sumayya tagged this CHIC

You look amazing head to toe!!

abigail tagged this Brave

sheena, u r always beautiful......i don't have any specific feelings about the garments.....but i feel the total vibe.....what does that mean? probably that i'm exhausted from long crazy travel today.....but i hope not......


Oh my! I'm ready to undress a chair to make myself a wonderful jacket like yours! Bravo Snoozer Loser! Sheena too!

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Payal tagged this It's true...

...what they say: you can wear a bedcover and make it look good!! Love the cut and style of the jacket, but still looks like upholstery fabric! But yes, you make it work, girl! I'm still reeling for the gorgeousness of yesterday's jacket.

Sophia tagged this Cute

too cute! i love the proportions and those colors are amazing as well <3

christine tagged this just missing a wand

you look like a pixie godmother about to lift right off the pavement! so cute!

Janice tagged this Cute

Those shoes are INCREDIBLE! Love the whole look, really fun!

Daisy tagged this Oh the Shoes!!!!!!

How could this be a loser? It's adorable! I love the way the tights and shoes look together. And I like the way the hood thing matches the shoes... I really love the shoes...


You look very peaceful.


Love the jacket; necklace is.... interesting. Is the UP dress getting shorter? :-)

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

I loved that this week week featured a few cropped jackets (at last!). This one, especially, is exquisite.

moon tagged this Batty

fashion-forward females from Avatar

Irene tagged this no snow, time for sun

I'm gonna miss U.P.FW. Fantastic jacket. Reminds me of an Eskimo. Simply exquisite. Snoozer, like all of this week's designers are simply amazing!

JP tagged this lovely

This is gorgeous. it actually is.

Maire tagged this a legend

there has been an evolution over the year with clothes becoming more street, more ethnic and more sustainable and downright sassy. As well you are supporting a development project in India and acknowledging birhts, deaths and the quiet achievers. You are so a force for good and look wonderful everyday. uberfantastic. Keep the footage for the next generation.

ammakke tagged this perfecto..

The best thing in today's outfit is, the "balance" between the gorgeous footwear & the unique Jcacket..Also ,very interesting videoclip.Welldone,no better way to wind up the F.W...

gretchenpearl tagged this Hot

LOVE the brilliant blue tights! Dazzling shoes, too!

me tagged this cute


Linda tagged this Cute

Wow, Snoozer Loser is awesome! It's fun to see her wearing the same necklace.


what about those shoes?

lottie tagged this WHAT THE HELL

that is the most hideous outfit i have ever seena nyone wear. ever!!!

Deepa tagged this Cute

In the Sound of Music, Maria made curtains into dresses. Sheena, you make this more wearable, and modern! Great JOb!

elisabeth (the bore) tagged this no rating

channelling lottie - will be glad when fashion week is over and we can return to the more mundane, everyday, kind of out-there.

Tito Jong/Prahjeks.com tagged this Perfect

ThoseShoesJacketandNecklace...are just perfect

Beata tagged this Hot

perfection. Bravo Snoozer Loser! I love it. That necklace is an absolute winner.

QQQ tagged this eyrich proposition

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