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March 10

This day belongs to AlisonG.
"I love the simplicity of the two layers of black with the flash of red on the shoes. Gorgeous!"
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Day 326. Mon, March 22 2010

U.P in Oz

Vintage Karl Lagerfeld pleated skirt, thrifted belt, tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.

U.P Party in Sydney!
My ever enterprising brother and Mr. Marathon extraordinaire recently moved to Sydney and is now organizing a U.P party this Sunday to kick off our grand finale. If you are in Sydney this sunday, do stop by!

Get party details >
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Hannah tagged this Awesome

Sheena, you look AMAZING. So regal and powerful, what an awesome way to round the corner into the final stretch of U.P. Everything about this, your bearing, your hair, the incredibly refined sense of style, have great ping.

Sai tagged this Number one Stunnah'

Gurl, I dunno but you look STUNNING in this picture. Seriously, like AWESOME!

charlasu tagged this

my question: where be them there shoes from?!

Elissa tagged this Radiant

You look absolutely stunning today! Not sure if it's the outfit or if you just got sunkissed outside, but you look like you're glowing today!

Julie tagged this Cute

Your hair looks great!

becsta tagged this Hot

What an awesome and simple outfit, i love what you did to your hair as well, and those shoes are fantastic! yay for the party in sydney! i'll so be there :)

hannah tagged this disgusting

Sheena, you look DISGUSTING. So old and fat, what an bizarre way to round the corner into the final stretch of U.P. Everything about this, your bearing, your hair, the incredibly weird sense of style, have bad ping. Sorry.


I like the pleated skirt & tights, but the shoes are too clunky for an otherwise elegant outfit...


And I love your hair like that! Never mind what those others posted - I certainly hope they're JOKING!

nellie tagged this Wicked

even Glinda couldn't beat that.

hannah tagged this Hot

sorry, i was joking, don't take it seriously, you look stunning


You look hot, I personally don't like the style love but think you are brave for wearing the same thing.

Payal tagged this Hot

UP in Oz! It's sounds like a fun musical and you look like a part of the fun! I hate that I can't attend it - but I've started spreading the word!

ammakke tagged this siblings special

Absolutely stunning !!Isn't that wonderful The siblings share some thing in common, a BIG heart?Wish I could be there too for the Oz fund raiser party...Well, all the best Big brother!!Those pumps are the best tonight..

abigail tagged this Brave

love it!!!!!

o. tagged this Try Harder

sorry, but the socks and shoes don't really go with the other part of the outfit. it also looks a little boring, i must admit. but i like your hair and make-up


How exciting that UP is coming to Oz! I was in Sydney this past weekend but now back in Melbourne :( I'll do my own Sunday session to celebrate! hehe

Tori tagged this pa-chow

You look so awesome today! And those platforms are crazy-awesome.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

this is a big hit - its simply simple and stunning - yes yes yes - and love the ''do" topping it all off. Awesome to hear you're in Sydney - my, that is only a 10 hour drive away (much closer than the other side of the world!) I'm on my way!

Malinz tagged this Styley

What an awesome bro you have Sheena, obviously runs in the family. Sydney is closer but not close enough to NZ.

Beth tagged this Seuss

Well, it's very inspired as usual, but the darlingest bit is that Cindy-Lou Who curl in the second picture.

Ann Marie tagged this Pincesss Hair and Pleats

...love the skirt and as always you and your fab family have let us join in on the fun! And your hair is the BEST ever! Just landed a job and will be donating next week when I get PAID! That was a promise I made to myself ages ago! Happy to share the wealth!

Irene tagged this Princess , try again.

Weird, but somehow quite regal. Maybe because you look really tall? Love the skirt and your make-up, not so much the shoes.

holly tagged this meshes dee

one sexy mamma in crazy shoes - I wish I could say I'll be in Sydney but am currently on a ship in the middle of the pacific - maybe I'll make it back in time!!!

ruby tagged this Hot

love the hair - tres chic today, very sexy!

Adelheid tagged this Hot

I like what's going on 'down under' (your dress there)...haha, very subtle, I know...Delighted to see so much world-wide enthusiasm for UP!

Darby tagged this Brave

Love the outfit, but the shoes are waaaay too chunky for it!

Linda tagged this Cute

So cute! I really love your hair, too!

Grace Dalton tagged this Cute

Love this one : ) And the hair!

patricia tagged this Hot

Who is this moron Hannah?

Crazy bunNy)) tagged this Brave

I'm incredible girl...

Britgirl tagged this Windswept

Whoa! You look just like you stepped out from a tornado! Have fun at the party!

christine tagged this life of the party

oh, how i wish i could be in oz...maybe if i click my platform heels together? best wishes with the party!

moon tagged this Hot

loveeee your swagger!!! and love the two-tiered dress!!!

noa tagged this Try Harder


gruvee tagged this Brave

You've pulled off the skirt, dress & belt - but the shoes and tights don't rock it. I think a sexified shoe/tights would have been better.. or maybe different tights. Otherwise, very interesting & yet again you manage to pull off what could be a horribly frumpy pairing.

mimi spencer tagged this Cute

wow! love love LOVE the shoes! this works so well


I like your outfits. But would it hurt to show a big wide smile once in a while...?

Laura Daly tagged this OZ via the Rabbit Hole

You still seem to me to be more like Alice than Dorothy, but have a great time down the yellow brick road.

Arsvita tagged this Wonderful

I think this outfit is amazing!!


Brilliant. Love your hair too!!

re tagged this Hot

your hair looks SO good.

Mobina tagged this Elegant but clumsy shoes

Love the skirt under the dress and the waist belt - makes it look like an extended dress. But the tights and shoes aren't doing it for me. Black sheer tights with pumps would've gone much better. Sorry.

kiera kristinsd├│ttir taylor tagged this superb

One of my faves, right up there with December 30. :-)