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December 09

This day belongs to Rachael .
"Love this project! I'd like to rock this look in Chelsea (NYC) at some Winter gallery openings ... it's super fun and funky, plus keeps your knees warm! "
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Day 240. Sat, December 26 2009

U.P and the Purple Crayon

Vintage velvet collar and granny boots from eBay, suede belt from Etsy, purple knee highs donated by mom.


ettagirl tagged this knavish

broad round collar, belted tunic and heraldic-checker-patterned socks make you look delightfully medieval.

moon tagged this Cute

love the checkered socks and belt! simply cuteeee!!!

wasabipear tagged this Wino's Jubilee

In agreement with @ettagirl as usual, you look like a mischievous court jester with that bordeaux sparkle in your eye.

kate tagged this Cute

love the belt with knee highs, less the velvet top.

kc tagged this coordinated

Soooo cute. Best in a while, I think!

Nadege tagged this nuevo classic

on point - lovin' the purple.

Mara tagged this Cute

LOVE. Very cute. The socks and belt, especially. :D

amelie tagged this royal purple

Another great outfit! Bravo!

DubDub tagged this Tre Cute!!

You look absolutely precious in your getup, love! How I wish I was a skinny as you-- I'd rock that in a second! You get snaps in the z-formation honey, you are stylin'!

Linda from SA

It was with growing interest that I read all the comments of Britwatch and the others. I personally feel that the UP team has created this platform for our opinions and yes, we are free to use it responsibly. But really, this is not the place for personal attacks...let's use it for the purpose it was attended for: comments (either positive or negative) about the oufit of the day or the project in general. Even negative comments can inspire one to try harder: it is all in the WAY you say it! Let this be a challenge for all of us in the new year...no matter where we are in with whom we converse! By the way, I like today's outfit...demure, and not over the top.


@Linda from Sardinia, you rock!

higfive tagged this Unbearably Gorgeous!

You lookin gorgeous everyday, whatever you wear, it's getting on my nerves..easy for you..I tried to wear a black dress with jumper underneath and fake egg around my neck I couldn't breathe.. and looked like a sausage unevenly stuffed; the most stuffed part being the middle part. I suggest every day you manage to look this gorgeous you write an apology to all the fat and ugly people out there; thank ye.

pop. tagged this Cute

I don't like the belt :(

Safali tagged this Cute

you look kinda midcenturian! I would add purple apple on your head with a purple arrow in it. nice outfit still unfinished - with a space for fantasy. PS.Great pleasure to look at all what's done!

new yorker. tagged this Royalty.

@Linda from SA, exactly. @highfive, no you rock. that's the funniest thing I think I've ever read. Hysterical!

Nicole tagged this Cute

You are rocking this belt, girl!

Dee tagged this awesome

Beautifully done!

Chanique tagged this Hot

I spy with my little eye, a celebration and re-invention of late October accessories! Check socks - Dec 26th and Oct 30th. Velvet collar - Dec 26th and Oct 29th. Vintage brooch - Dec 25th and Oct 29th. Crinoline petticoat - Dec 25th and Oct 29th. Metallic tights - Dec 25th and Oct 30th. Was this intentional? You have a super duper combination today! Just enough repetition to make me smile.

therese tagged this makes me happy

Hi I'm from Sweden and recently I found your blog and I must say that I love it! Please continue with some similar project next year.

scary. tagged this up with the kettle.. ;)

belated happy st.stephen's day loveeeens! all you need is a hat with that outfit and you'd almost blend into this crowd of irish old school st.stephens madness.. check it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WvhPtiarW4&feature=related .. how're your aon, dó, trí's? ;)

ammakke tagged this Lady in purple

Totally agree with Linda..Let's take some "New year resolutions"?U lookas cute as ever with a twinkle in the eyes.,Sheena..Hope U had a wonderful X'mas . ..yes,Scary belated St.Stephen's day (recollecting good old memories of our 9yrs' life in that beautiful country that owns some of the greenest dairy lands in the world.)


Move over Harold

abigail tagged this awesome

awesome.....purplelicious.....mom has class i'd say!!!

Irene tagged this purple blocks.

Love the shoes.

san_san tagged this Cool

Love It

Danyella tagged this Purple Gorgous

Sheena, so cute and adorable! Love the checkered knee high socks so much! The belt is adorable and I love the website Etsy as well. I shop there sometimes. I know the person who owns the website! BTW, the black sweater is the bomb!!!!