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December 09

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Day 218. Fri, December 04 2009

Twiggy comes to town

Vintage quilted vest donated by Siri at Treehouse Brooklyn. Visit her store at www.treehousebrooklyn.com. Vintage faux fur hat from Beacon's Closet and pumps from eBay.

Our Holiday Drive:
eBay will match every dollar you donate during this holiday season up to $15k. If you've been waiting to donate, now is the best time.
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Kate tagged this quiltissential

I'm first!!! almost at 100 kids! hooray to fun fridays.

wasabipear tagged this Everything Is Illuminated

This is a very premium look for you today.

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Love the colors head to toe, but just not feeling the shape (or lack of) the vest . . . But hurrah for 99 kiddos being funded for education!

Plainjane tagged this Vogue can't touch this

That VEST IS AMAZING!!! And I'd bet that most people would take one look at it and think, my grandma would wear that. And here you are rocking it like Vogue-don't-know-how-to.


Stop with the hats. What are you? An 80-year-old woman coming home from the salon?


The Austin Powers theme song is going through my head now...

Ann Marie tagged this Gp\oal-Oriened

GREAT to give us a goal of $63,000. I would be sure to post that on the site so people can see the goal number! I will donate now!

Mara tagged this Cute

So cute! Those quilted vests aren't usually something I look at and go "ooh, adorable," but you have made this one just that- adorable.

Dee tagged this Cute

Perfect title for this outfit! I'm glad that hat is faux.

bb tagged this Cute

I really like those pumps and that hat. So cute. A belt around the waist would have made this outfit, though, in my opinion.

katie.s tagged this Try Harder

sorry not up to your normal high standards.

anneka tagged this Batty

hmmm....I am really sorry sheena but do you have a muffin on your head?

new yorker. tagged this work it.


Sue tagged this Try Harder

That vest was created for someone twice your size, and it does not make the grade.

ammakke tagged this Cute

Love the clourful vest but agree with Maria that it is spoiling your lovely shape, never mind ...let the money come in & meet our target for those poor kids.

abigail tagged this Brave

only u could pull a look like this off.....and bravo sheena!!

Irene tagged this Brave

I would've put "Try Harder" except I just got back from a World Music Day event, and I'm getting some of that vibe from the thing on your head and the vest that creates a horrible silhouette. Love the tights and shoes though.


Like the tights & shoes, but sorry: not the rest.... I donated anyway.

scary. tagged this nice one.

100 kids !! wooot! congrats loveeens!

The art cupboard tagged this Brave

you are to cute

the art cupboard tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this chevrons ahoy!

crazy get up! OOOH look at that total growing... excellent

holly tagged this Batty

sometimes I think you are completely kooky! 100 kids think you're the tops

Payal tagged this 100!

A 100 children!! Wow...hope you're partying tonight. Very, very proud moment. P.S: not loving the vest. Loving the numbers!

Claire tagged this cutish and colorful :)

congrats on 100 kids in school!


I looove the multicolor top !! and the tights.. still great I love that pink idea :)

Linda tagged this Cute

The vest reminds me of those chains we would make out of gum wrappers! The hat is a bit dowdy, though.


keep breaking rules, sheena ~ it's refreshing ~~~

tabyaby tagged this Try Harder

aaargh, no I didn't think I'd ever say that: But I don't like this at all...

Scheherazade tagged this Muffin Head

From the neck down it's really cute. I disagree with some of the negative comments about the vest--I think the "V" shapes add geometrical interest and the colors with the pink tights are great juxtaposed against the plain black dress. What I HATE HATE HATE is that atrocious hat. Ugh. Please, get it off of your head because it isn't cute or hip or anything else. It just ruins the look.

che tagged this Batty

um, no.

moon tagged this Batty

TWIGGYY!!!! omgggg very twiggy!!! lovelovelove. i wish the hat was white though :)

barbx tagged this Batty

Not feeling the vest, but the hat is MONEY.

Heather tagged this ICK

You are adorable, as usual, but this is too yucky

anonymous tagged this Try Harder



Really good job, I always love the tights, not fan of the hat though. Regards Como ganar mas dinero