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September 09

This day belongs to ckant.
"Who could resist being inspired by Sheena?"
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Day 131. Tue, September 08 2009

Tshcüss Linz. Hello London.

Summer tank donated by Eliza, vintage suede bow from Treehouse Brooklyn, vintage belt from Etsy and slouch boots from eBay.


ammakke tagged this charming

Welcome to London Uniform Project! Enjoy Your stay ...U look nice'n simple in today's outfit

Scully tagged this London Calling

Beautiful! I love the red door as your accent. Outfit is again unique, intrepid yet subtle.

Beth tagged this Cute


PL tagged this Cute

Welcome to England! I'm so glad you're in our timezone (: I love the socks.

Katrina tagged this great

Very elegant!

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi sheena you look simple & elegant in this outfit. You both are very welcome to England.Hope you 'll enjoy your stay & that our "weather" 'll give you a better treat than today!!

@marycray tagged this Cute

LIKE this combo. Love the belt.

annie tagged this one of the best

oh wow...this is my new favorite...love all the blend of neutral colors. Bravo Sheena!!

sara tagged this Cute

i love the bow, very discrete!

Scotsman tagged this Cute

Greetings to Sheena & Eliza. Great to see you both in London. Wish u a successful mission. Really nice outfit today.


Sorry, I can't see the summer tank, unless it's under the dress and the collar is showing. Is that it? Love the belt, socks, and boots. Also, it has been nice having different colorful backdrops - enhances the beauty of the outfits.


Okay, you are ah-dor-able! No matter what you wear you'll still look pretty.

Mariah tagged this bronx tunes

Terrific blending of accent colors and textures.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Oops . . . put the CAPTCA in the "rating" box. Rating was "CUTE" -- not "bronx tunes."

Darby tagged this Cute

I love this! the socks are a nice touch.


This may be my favorite thus far :):)


neet,very slick. I like it!

Stella tagged this Try Harder

la berraquera

holly tagged this sweet'n'saucy

My web browser opens each morning to your page; I love the anticipation of what you will come up with. This is lovely. Keep rockin!


I enjoy potatoes

abigail tagged this nice

natural.....looks fab on u......

Anonymous tagged this Adorable

This is absolutely adorable!

Austen tagged this Cute

this outfit makes me happy :D well done

Anonymous tagged this Cute

First of all, I love this blog. But I'd love to see more close-up photos. The detail on this tank and the bow look cute from here, but I really want to see them up close. maybe some more close-ups to come?

Mariah tagged this Donate!

$13K !! Congrats on the milestone, re helping more children.

Katie tagged this Cute

Aww, sweet!

Irene tagged this plain and simple

I really like that belt. I feel that today's outfit just doesn't stand out, but it's still nice. Oh and I really like how you have the red door to make all your light neutrals stand out.

Payal tagged this Hot

Knee socks with boots...you're awesome! Love the look...so effortless and classy!

Krystyna tagged this Cute

Oh to be this slim, cute and exotic. Love the boots and slim belt

theinstitute tagged this institutional

lovin' the shit out of it. xx

elizabeth tagged this Cute

way cute!

yobe tagged this OK

I like the boots but the whole is no greater than the sum of its parts.OK but not great

Ln tagged this Wow!

I love how you adapt your look to the place you are visiting! These last few looks were just fantastic!

illustratrix tagged this Cute

Totally addicted to your site for two weeks now! Love the concept, love the fashion, it's a big round of applause from me. Right I'm off to donate...

miranda tagged this Cute

love the socks and boots combo. the pretty little collar sticking out gives the dress a little extra femininity uumph.

Karina tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Hot

effortlessly cool. love it!

Sam tagged this Cute



love the elfin look. and the background. great colours today!

hhh tagged this Cute

I love everything about this. Not too sure about the socks though - they're cute and the color is nice, but they look a little stretched and worn at the top. Nice outfit though otherwise

megintosh tagged this Cute

So cute, totally my style and very European! The tiny belt and stocking are perfect... looks like you're ready for an Shakespeare poetry lecture.

Cynthia tagged this lolita grows up, a little

ohhh sweet!

Cassy tagged this Cute

Wow! this outfit is really nice. it has that vintage cutesy look to it and its just adorable!

Lindsay tagged this Hot

I LOVE those sluchy boots.

?? tagged this Cute

good ideas??

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love it.

Coco tagged this PERFECT

It was my 20th Birthday and i like it very much! YEAH

sawa tagged this Cute

love da socks and da bow!!!


So Beautiful! Really like this one

Manon tagged this =)

London... <3


Love the look. gta rapidshare

Fiona tagged this Cute

Cute. I love your socks.


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