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June 09

This day belongs to SarahDee.
"This will be a perfect day - I guarantee! How funny it will be so see somebody else with the UP LBD - all wearing the same but being so individual at same time! "
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Day 33. Tue, June 02 2009

Trilby and Gold.

Vintage trilby hat from eBay, neckwear from Etsy and gold over bronze bracelet donated by Judith Haas. Check out more of Judith's jewelry.


crazyHorse tagged this Cute

damn, that bracelet is HOT!


That leg action is kinda dirty.

jamisonlowell tagged this Summer Scarf

Stop posting anonymously James



Shuchi tagged this Hot

Love the shoes too!

Dana Starbuck Dubay tagged this Very Cool!!

You rock!!




This ones good, it's simple but has many details.

Elena tagged this Brave

Love the shoes, the scarf, and the leggings. Excellent!

YO! tagged this Brave

Love the scarf thing!

Jenny tagged this Try Harder

I like half of this. Just nothing below the knees lol.

eldub tagged this Cute

stockings as short; awesome.

RogueTess tagged this Brave

Love the accessories but the legwear bothers me.

Kati tagged this Try Harder

I don't like the striped shorts with everything else. Show a little more leg! Neckwear is very fun!

kate setzer kamphausen tagged this Cute

oh, the neckwear is THE YUM.

hhh tagged this Batty

it seems like you tried a little too hard, maybe


This is really cool! I like it.

jenae tagged this Cute

those booooooooooooooots!

k tagged this Cute

i like the shorts -_-

Lilly tagged this Cute

judith has excellent jewelry


Hey! Great idea! how about posting the pictures to mailing list's contacts? I don't mind be the first one to get it! Shellymiller@012.net.il


Hmm, don't like the two kinds of legwear. All over the striped ones, would have gone without the other ones. Otherwise, awesome.

Sara tagged this Cute


Chelsea tagged this Hot

I seriously dig this :)

Debby tagged this Hot

Damn -- love the boots!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

a little too much leg detail i think.

Addie tagged this Cute

I like everything but the shoes.


where does one find shoes such as those?

Molly tagged this Necklace steals the show

Love the necklace. Who made it on etsy?(I want one). I love it with the dress. The rest of the outfit is a bit too funky...


wow! what an imagination! Very cool!

Kátia Hardmann

Congratulations!!! Your blog is just amazing! Since yesterday I couldn't stop seen it. I've liked all your looks: I think I will copy most of them!! And sorry for my terrible english... I'm from Brazil.

BIGFAN tagged this Original

I absolutely love that necklace! Every costume looks so amazing when you add that!!

Eliza tagged this Cute

love your boots!