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January 10

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Day 266. Thu, January 21 2010

Transverse planes

Back to work in a thrifted purple corset blouse, leather belt, vintage hat and pumps from eBay and slab stripe tights donated by Cat. At least its a short work week :(


deedle tagged this Cute

love the love, & it's a hot trend for 2010. Welcome back.

Mara tagged this Hot

I love the tights!!! Those are amazing. This look is another favorite of mine. :D

christine tagged this hat's off to you!

love the blouse (i'm a sucker for purple) and hats are always funky

Sophie tagged this Magnifique

Superbe le mauve, la ceinture est géniale!

jill Dubin

love it!

sarah tagged this AMAZING!!!!!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )

TJ from NZ tagged this Hot

definitely a fav, good work!

holly tagged this stripes ahoy!

yummy! corset/belt/tights are a clever mix. Love purple.

wasabipear tagged this Impeccable

Dahling, this is one of my faves thus far. The tan horizontal stripes + off-shades of lavender are divine. To top (actually bottom) it all off with the trois tiny holes in your vintage pumps. A triumph!

Janice tagged this Cute

This is perfect! Don't work too hard today!

ammakke tagged this purple magic

I see that naughty smile on your tired face about the short work week..Those tights are amazing & work so perfect with the purple corset blouse& the 'striped' pumps.

che tagged this wowweeeeeeeeeee

love love love. In my top 3 looks!!! Love that the dress looks like a skirt. What are we going to do with out you? 99 days to go. how sad..

scary. tagged this yes to this.

'my mother worshipped at the alter of the accessory' - iris apfel. too epic for words really.

canadiangirl tagged this fan-freakin'-tastic!!

Your triumphs just get better and better! Fab.

Kasey Way tagged this Hot

LOVE IT! My favorite color! I gotta have those tights!!

Miss Piggy tagged this Cute

One of my favorites - I LOVE the idea of wearing a tank over the dress - it's absolutely genious and it looks great!!!

Payal tagged this Cuteness!

What a great way to get back to work...that ought to cheer you up all day! Looovvveee the look...so going to try it!

Stephanie Tanner tagged this Love in purple!

I heart this...just sayin

Mia tagged this Faaaaabulous!

This is great! Love how the vest makes the dress a little more fitted. And the tights and vest/belt combo is wonderful! One of my favourites!!

Jo tagged this Quirky

Love this one!! Maybe it is because I gravitate to purple. Think this is one of my faves so far.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Wonderful! Love the repeated stripes.

Sue tagged this Hot

I love the fantastic use of stripes and colors! But aren't you cold?

gruvee tagged this luve it

absolutely sweet! love the top over the dress with the belt. love love love it

Nadege tagged this cutie-cute


Irene tagged this hint of spring

I love love love this. The stripes and the purple.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Pretty in purple :)

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this I'd totaly wear it

To me the belt and the socks are perfect. PERFECT LOOK!!!

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Yes, I like this! The tights...WOW!

moon tagged this Cute

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG INCREDIBLY CUTE!!!! loveeee the tights, and the top over the uniform. PERFECT outfit.


LOVE the shoes!!!! And those tights are sure eye-catching!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Snazzy tights

X tagged this Cute

LOVE IT!! Great job!!

amelie tagged this Cute

awesome! you rock sheena!

Janet tagged this Hot

Loving the silouette and colour palette! GOOD ONE!

Anonymous tagged this amazing!

i check every day and this is my absolute favourite!

megintosh tagged this Cute

The thigts are so cute!!!

Paris, France tagged this Cute

A friend forwarded me your blog and I'd like to congratulate you on this brilliant idea! This outfit is adorable, but is probably not something one could wear to work ... my two cents! I look forward to seeing your other outfits!

Eithne tagged this Cute

Adorable! I think it would work awesomely with white/beige slouchy suede boots, to match the belt!

vivien_dcosta tagged this Amazing

I love you <3 and those shoes are gorgeous too :)

Julie tagged this Cute

I love corsetry!


What a fun stripey outfit! I like the corset blouse.

Kaitlyn tagged this Cute

LOVE IT! Simple but chic outfits like these are my favorite.


super jolie comme ça, j'aime beaucoup

Peg tagged this lovely

This outfit pulls together beautifully, with the color coordination and the stripes on the stockings echoing the belt.

p.emia tagged this fabulous!!!!

love your blog!!!!! this is amazing!!!! I am going to tell everybody I know!!!!!!!

abi tagged this Cute

love this outfit

madeline tagged this Cute

love the purple and beise combination

monica tagged this Cute

Love it!! :)

Katie tagged this Hot

Love this outfit, it's simple but effective.

Allison Boyd tagged this Hot

minor seizure of adoration!

okaylau tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Sweet... love the tights.

Lilly tagged this Sweet (literally)

Schoolgirl chic. Kinda reminds me of some type of candy. Maybe a purple candy cane?

Tina tagged this Cute

This is perfectly Cute! LOVE the tights!

Anonymous tagged this I Love purple!!

great outfit!!!

Bronwyn tagged this Mesmerizing

Sheena, I love this outfit sooooooooooo much! Definetly one of my favourites!!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

i love everything about this

gruvee tagged this absolutely lovely

me again: this is one of my faves b/c its something I would totally wear (other than the tights b/c I couldn't pull them off). Quite a bit of your wear is more like haute couture, which though I love, I wouldn't have the guts to do it. But this... this I love and would do!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

one of my faves!



Anonymous tagged this Natalie-wearable :3

One of my favourites. I'd wear this if I wasn't so afraid of pastel purple, but you make it look incredible.

vintage girl

love it! so creative.

Sarah Corley tagged this Batty

I have a belt like that in black! Lovely outfit!

Merel tagged this Cute

Love it!

Racheli tagged this Hot

lovin' it! one of my favorite outfits.

Elizabeth tagged this I Love It!

The best one yet!

the knotty hooker

my favorite twist yet! i love the tank style over top of the dress!

claire from OZ tagged this sunshine

I really like this, bright and fresh looking. A great way to start the working week.

sara tagged this Cute

i would wear that one

Mel tagged this Cute

This is so cute! One of my favourites, so simple yet so effective :D


love those tights, they're awesome!