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May 09

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Day 26. Tue, May 26 2009

Tough gal in spring rompers.

A personal favorite. Lower east side thrift store jumpsuit altered into short rompers. With floral tights + gold pumps.


shuchi tagged this innovative

Who woulda thunk it!

Anna tagged this Hot

you look like a starship captain or professor of the future.

Tina tagged this Brave

Not everyone can carry that outfit with such elan. And awww luv those leggings..........sigh!

kate groop tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I like the project, but I'm not getting how it's "sustainable", especially when some of these outfits could be worn sans The Dress.

mlies tagged this Cute

You are adorable! This is my favorite look on you :)

SLY tagged this Brave

very creative

Jeanne B. tagged this Hot

Interesting lines and textures. Wouldn't expect the floral tights, but they work.

Jenny tagged this Batty

I think this one just has too much going on. The floral tights could be very interesting done in another way.

MarieL tagged this Hot

Love rombers - great idea to alter a jumpsuit. If in doubt make it shorter! he he

Em tagged this Gorgeous

I want those tightsss!!!!

RogueTess tagged this Batty

I love the coat idea generally. This is a little busy for me.

Nabila tagged this Brave

Wow. I like.

Beth tagged this Brave


Not Impressed tagged this Try Harder

I thought the whole idea was to accessorize the dress, not turn the dress into an accessory. Seems contrary to your stated idea/goal, and it's not the first time (like the outfit with the lilac summer dress)

ttt tagged this Hot

Very intriguing. And i agree with Anna's comment:)

Liz tagged this Brave

I love the tights! Where did you get them?

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Whooa!!! Now were talking... I really appreciate this look, BRAVO -_-

Christy tagged this Cute

Love it -- great combination. The subtle tights are fantastic.

V!V!@N tagged this Hot

Those tights are wonderful<3

mein melon tagged this Unique!

you're soo brave to do this project! i'm inspired! this is one unique look from you.. i like the fact that you think of a new way to wear the staple dress..

Annah tagged this Brave

Loving this! The pale tones work really nice with The Dress.

erina tagged this Creative

i like the concept for this, but thought it's a little overdone for the streets. nevertheless, very creative!

Jovana tagged this Brave

I like this combination couse it's very intresting, but I think I'd never wear something like this... Lovely...

elizabeth tagged this Cute

adorable! where are the tights from?

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Brave

1970's Nurse on a smoking break...hehe.

Anonymous tagged this :(

I cannot say how much I hate rompers and slouch socks. Bad form.

maggie thunder

very eccentric

ScarleTT tagged this Brave

I saw this and fell in love. The dress worn as a jacket really makes the outfit pop and create amazing lines that otherwise The white on white would have washed out... I say all that as an art student As a reagular person I wish I could carry this off but my curves would make this outfit too sexy but still I find this look awesome

scarlett tagged this smoking


Mia tagged this Cute

I adore this outfit. The tights are gorgeous. (:

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love your socks and pumps! Cute tights too! I would have never thought of this whole pairing at all.

Yuli tagged this Yuck

This is the first outfit I find plain hideous. Maybe different color romper & socks with the tights or different tights with the ensemble. Also think the black is too starkly in contrast with the rest of the outfit.

Yuli again tagged this Yuck still

I take back my last statement. I think the LBD would work with the rest of the outfit, but with different tights.

Addie tagged this Not Good at all

Everthing is fine until you come to the mid - thigh & down. The tight & sock chioces make the whole thing look washed out.

Anonymous tagged this missing the mark

wow...not so much

rebel tagged this day off yet again

Stand alone outfit with "the uniform" on top of it .... IMHO = a day off ....

Anonymous tagged this Go Girl!

I'd just ignore rebel if I were you. They clearly don't understand what you're trying to accomplish here. Their "humble" opinion is sounding like a busted, broken record. I agree that a couple of outfits have looked "off the mark" or like the dress was an afterthought, but if the dress "makes" the outfit, as it does with this concept, then it's not laziness. Clearly this outfit took quite a bit of thought.

Katie tagged this Fierce

Amazing! This one is my favorite so far.?

Anonymous tagged this Bitchin

Very architectural at the sleeves, pockets, hem.. I am loving the dress as a jacket. And, Molly Ringwald called.. she said, don't I get some credit at least for the floral tights! Hard to forget that opening sequence from Pretty in Pink. This outfit is one of my faves. Nicely done!

Chaz Onassis

striking. great combination You wear it well

b tagged this Cute

...lose the 'ankle warmers' already...

Anonymous tagged this summery

I like this because it's a lot brighter than so many of the outfits. White is a good break from the predominantly black outfits. Love the floral tights with this outfit :)

Anonymous tagged this summery

I like this because it's a lot brighter than so many of the outfits. White is a good break from the predominantly black outfits. Love the floral tights with this outfit :)

ginny tagged this Hot

Really really like the tights, and I'm gonna try the idea of wearing a similar dress i have as a 'coat' like you've done here!

Karen tagged this Brave

Very interesting look.

Johanna tagged this SEXY!

Me and my friends at school think you're gonna raise a million dollars!

Steph tagged this Hot

Love the romper. Brave/fierce tailoring. Want one too.

gudrun tagged this Hot

finally am jumpsuit for Summer!!!! Waited for ages. Well done

Daniella tagged this Wow

Love it!

Aurora tagged this Brave

Fashion = creativity + bravery.

Khalia tagged this Hot


Lynaa tagged this Fantastic

This outfit looks fantastic!!!!