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June 09

This day belongs to Cecile.
"Love it !"
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Day 91. Thu, July 30 2009

Topical Tropical

Thrifted summer tank and wooden bangles from the Dumbo flea market. Lace footie socks from Sockman and vintage pumps from eBay.


PL tagged this Cute

one of my favourites! so cute and unusual.

ehmulsion tagged this Brave

Different. I like it =] (especially the bangles)

prutha tagged this Cute

this is a really cute outfit..just overall...i like it a lot!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

like the shoes


Les souliers sont fabuleux...

ammakke tagged this smart

very elegant look! keep going,my girl!

steph tagged this Hot

very summery and chic! love the look of the uniform in this one.

mb tagged this Brave

Who knew a popped collar and lace footies could look so cool!

Jannie tagged this Hot

This one really speaks to me on this hot summer day!

Rachel tagged this Cute

Bravo Sheena! Breezy and casual at its best.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Some days simple is the most stylish! Adding the footies is an unexpected flair. Nice!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love it!

shuchi tagged this Bhaigiri

so nice! ekdam bhai style! love it

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Love the bangles with the tank. And the shoes look like they were made to go with that tank! I too think the black lace footies are a neat touch, tying in the color scheme nicely from head to toe. Very chic!

Sofía Aldea tagged this Cute

Hi, Im a jounalist from chile (Paula magazine) and I'm trying to reach you because we want to talk about yur project in our magazines. Please contact me al sofiaaldea@gmail.com


I really like the footie/pumps combo!

helene tagged this Hot

tu as le look plateau mont-royal

che tagged this inspiring

Sheena - please tell us how you are feeling about the project. Are you feeling like you want to wear something different? Is it getting easier or harder as the days go on? Do you have lots of combinations prepared in advance or do you take it day by day? Checking your outift out has become a my daily routine for me, so thank you for the daily surprises. It has inspired me to think out my outfits more creatively.

Irene tagged this Hot

it's really different. I like the bangles and shoes.

Alice tagged this Cute

Adorable shirt.

abigail tagged this rich

simple, rich.....i love it.....

Britwatch tagged this a la JosePrakash

@che: I think she decides in the morning, what to wear for the day. I would like know her answers to ur other questions too! Hey Uniformproject, why topical- is it warm in NYC?

Molly tagged this Cute

I am 52 and you inspire me. But I can't wear short skirts. I wonder if you would think about accessorizing this as if you were a rounder 50-something for a few days? Also I liked your tribute to Canada on July 1 and USA on July 4. In this vein I want you to know that Women's Suffrage Day is August 26. That is the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920.

czarina tagged this Cute

definitely tropical. love it.

cass tagged this Hot

this outfit makes me want to swap cold melbourne for sunny nyc!

priya tagged this Hot

love the look sheena!

Julie tagged this not my cup of tea

love the shoes


@che – I don't really plan ahead, mostly take it one day at a time. Tthanks to all the donations that are flowing in, there is plenty room for spontaneity. The dress is slowly becoming part of my skin and I still love it. @britwatch, yup hot and humid in NY.


Hmm - Love the shoes and the print, but the top itself doesn't work for me.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Nice

It's a nice look, but I fear I have come to expect a lot more from you. Ridiculous of me, since you're doing all of this with ONE dress!

fauxsleep tagged this topicaljealousy

feel like swapping cold melbourne for tropical nyc? love it.

fauxsleep tagged this topical-jealousy

feel like swapping cold melbourne for tropical nyc? love it.

fauxsleep tagged this hot tropics

let's swap icy melbourne for tropical nyc...

pinry tagged this Cute

inspiring project and great styling here! love the layering of the footwear - would never have thought of that!


@che – I don't really plan ahead, mostly take it one day at a time. Tthanks to all the donations that are flowing in, there is plenty room for spontaneity. Don't mean to be rude but this makes it sound like you're using donation money to buy clothes and accessories. That's not the case, is it?


Sorry, messily formatted comment. The first half (upto spontaneity) is a quote from sheena, replying to che. Rest is me. Cheers..

Britwatch tagged this Mugambo Khush Hua

Hey Vir, I reckon she means the bits and hand-me-downs that people give her - NOT donated money, that'd be seeeelly, you're right. And wow, fauxsleep REALLY wants to get out Melbourne eh!

lily tagged this perfection

gorgeous! i LOVE the whole look. we've not seen anything like this previously. well done!


seriously Tapori-chic! i like!


@vir – I strictly meant the donated accessories. All cash donations go to Akanksha's school fund for the education of underprivileged kids in India.

lesley kucharczyk tagged this Try Harder

Bland ,boring, no style no effort....I would bin this...

Isha tagged this Hot

Nice legs!

growch tagged this Cute

I think a pair of maracas would make this complete. The world needs more maracas.

brandy tagged this Cute

how is it going with the heat we've been having here in nyc?

Georgia tagged this Schlick!

Very nice. Simple. Smart.

tara tagged this Cute

adorable! how do you remember where everything came from!?


Color coordination is fantastic. Just little peekaboos here and there. Even the footies at the right touch. The dress designer is beyond!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute, but not my favorite

m tagged this tacky tourist


Alexa tagged this Hot

Very together, but not boring - snazzy. Snaps for this one.

Svanhvit tagged this Brave

Like the shape of the tank but can't stand the print or the mustard and brown colours!!


nice, accent waist

Amy tagged this Boho

looks great on u! i think this is ur style!

awer tagged this Cute


Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

July favorite