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July 09

This day belongs to melc.
"This is how I'll be wearing my UP LBD in the tropical north of Australia! Fantastic project Sheena, love your work!"
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Day 80. Sun, July 19 2009

To beach or not to beach.

Summer tank and shorts from Beacons Closet and preowned Dr.Scholls clogs.


Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Cute

I vote beach!

ren tagged this Cute

very beachy!

Deedle tagged this Cute

very creative, and cool

barbara tagged this Nicely done

You stuck to your commitment even though a dress my not be suitable for a beach day. This is an example where a longer dress (the kind I would wear) would not have worked so well. Nicely done, once again!

annie tagged this love it

Yay! I've been waiting to see how you'd wear the dress with shorts. Love it!

CeCe tagged this Try Harder

Sorry, not a good look (except the shoes).

ammakke tagged this Hot

Your style of comb. colours is awesome, Sheena, I love the look of it!!!

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this The Cause

Add-on: I see that your funds raised when over $6,000 today -- congrats!

awer tagged this Cute

luv it. very cute in a i -love-to-wear-pigtails way

@marycray tagged this Summer fun

THOSE are Dr. Scholls? Nice!

Frans tagged this Hot

Very nice & spicy, better after school.

aj tagged this Hot


Sherrie Todd tagged this From the Heart!

I read about this in my local newspaperhere in Myrtle Bech, South Carolina and think this is the most unique fundraiser I have ever seen! I teach cosmetology to juniors and seniors inhigh school and they soon learnthat "black" is my choice of color in clothes and I can't wait to get back to school to share this website with them! I admire your passion for this project.

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Easy brezzy!


Black shorts would have been really cute!

Edith tagged this Genius!

Oh my god! That is genius! I feel really bad for you. You have to wear black in the summer ): What if you want to go swimming?

Jolly M tagged this Hot

smart and cool. Surprised that your thousands of admirers have forgotten about voting for the "NAU grant".It is almost static at 140 & Sheena U deserve much more votes.The website is,www.nau.com. May be Sherry Todd's Cosmetology students could also be inspired to go to this site & vote for Sheena......?

Katharine Tapley tagged this Beach!

Where's your daiquiri? That's the only accessory this outfit is lacking,

Natacha C. tagged this Very Cute!

This is a very cute outfit! I look forward to your outfits everyday!

Heidi Asztalos tagged this Cute

Ain't no stopping ya now!

zimak tagged this Cute

very cute. love the shorts


looks great atop graphic tee

Jadie tagged this Cute

You have turned the dress into a open jacket, well done! The only thing I miss is a broche on the 'jacket.' But overall, I've said it before you have a talent in this and your own unique style. Bravo!

Beth tagged this Cute

You definitely look ready for the beach.

Meg tagged this Cute

Love it. This is the closest I've seen the uniform get to the beach. How about some swimwear?

A Follower

This one seems a bit... discombobulated, or not quite together. It's not one of my faves, but it's still okay. :) The bracelet is cool.

Carmen tagged this Unusual

Everything but shoes. And I love how the upper part looks!

Susan tagged this Hot

Great look

Kyla Roma tagged this Cute

Okay, this one is brilliant. Too cute, love the muted colours!

lalah tagged this CUTE


hhh tagged this Hot

"This is why I'm hot"

rebel tagged this another day off

Sorry ut yet again, the outfit underneath can be worn on it's own -- if you don't NEED the "uniform" to make it an outfit, in my books it's a day off...

Renen tagged this Hot

U R amazing!

Ky tagged this Hot

I love it!

Addie tagged this Hot

I like this a lot because it's so innovative the way you turned the dress into a coat. The T is adorable along with the shorts & shoes.

Sheryl tagged this Cute

This type of outfit might even persuade me to give shorts another try. Brava!

Nikki tagged this Cute

haha this made me forget the dress was even there! cute.

A tagged this COOL

like my tag says

Jordyy tagged this Hot

OMG i actually love this one!!!!! totally chic

chicky tagged this Cute

hey, that's my sig outfit!

crazy*girl tagged this ahmazing!!!!!!!!

omg!!!! i luvvvvv this outfit!!!!!

nobody tagged this Hot


Lucianne tagged this Cute

My favourite one in july....


Could you be cuter?!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

simple. adorable.


Refreshing change to lighter colors - you look great in short shorts haha.


Really cool clothes


Very summer-ish =]

rahul patel tagged this abcdef



VERY cute.

becsta tagged this Hot

really love the casualness of this one, the dress goes so well as a short sleeved shirt over the singlet and shorts. fantastic!