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March 10

This day belongs to missrousehill.
"I love the shoes with this outfit! I can't wait to have the LBD of my own."
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Day 328. Wed, March 24 2010

Thrifted and lifted

Thrifted scarf, vintage corrugated belt from eBay, printed tights donated by Catherine Cogorno and pumps stolen from Scary's traveling suitcase.

If you are in Sydney this weekend, stop by the U.P party on Sunday!
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the shoes remind me of my jellies from the 80s :).

Payal tagged this I'm going to say it...

...Scary has the best shoes ever! I'd steal them permanently if I were you! Love the shoes and that belt just breaks my heart! Speaking about heart break, I hate that I'm only a 2-hr flight away from Sydney and won't be there. But I'm getting the word out! AND 60K? WOWZA!

gruvee tagged this Cute

other than the tights & shoes (b/c I couldn't pull off that look) - this is something I'd totally wear.. love the uniform, scarf & belt! OH! and LOVE YOUR HAIR


cute scarf


Yeah, love the bump up in donations! Wonder what the catalyst.

Brigid tagged this Hot

Oh, so sunny, joyful and chic! Perfect, as ever! Sheena, would you be willing to tell us how old you are? You dress yourself with equal measures of sophistication and whimsy, an enviable combination that, when mixed with your tiny frame, could put you anywhere between 17 and 32. Your older fans, like me, can't pull off such a range, though we can do our own creative thing...just not as, um, creatively as you. You continue to amaze us all! We're going to miss this fabulous project when it's over.


I really like how you wore your hair the last days.

Judith tagged this Spring transition

spring is creeping up your legs! Love the shoes almost as much as I love the belt.

Sue tagged this Cute

I am so pleased to see the money for Akanksha moving slowly upward the past few days! I like the snug plaid scarf (it's still chilly) and the yellow shoes (but the daffodils are out!)

rachel tagged this I WISH I HAD THIS

exactly perfect outfit for march 24th!! adorable!!

on.n.off tagged this Cute

you're adorable!


grrrrreat legs!

Kristers tagged this Cute

Coveting your tights and shoes.

arden tagged this Sad

i really will miss UP when it's finished.

sarah tagged this springtime feeling

agreed on the hair front! plus those tights are spring, spring, spring embodied in hosiery form. which is much needed, at least in my neck of the woods, where it insists on being cold all the time.

o. tagged this springish

love the look! just got some tights that are very similar to your - wore them with pink balerinas and my lgd (mine is grey) - felt so inspired by you! got a lot of interested looks and some people smiled looking at all those colours. and smiles is what we are all looking for, aren't they - either the smile of sheena on the picture, of someone on the street or the happy children of akanksha who will be able to go to school next year thatnx to this amazing girl! you rock!

Irene tagged this Cute

It's cute, but the shoes don't really seem to fit. I love your hair when it's in messy curls like this.

anneka tagged this Batty

Oh I wish I could come on Sunday _ please have another one soon, so I can put it in my Diary - I would absolutely love to be there!!! xx

stoffie tagged this Cute

it looks very cool & great love the shoes

noa tagged this whodathunkit?

my dad was looking at the site the other day, and he said "oh, look, they're not really making any money. still only 155 kids in school!" i just want to point out that: a) 155 kids in school is an incredible feat. just think about how those kids' lives will cahnge! b) two days from then i went on the site and WOAH!!!! 12 more kids in school and you broke 60 thousand! i hope you continue at this rate til may. p.s. i ? your tights.

noa tagged this p.s.

that ? was supposed to be a heart.

ammakke tagged this Welcome spring!

Wow! that was a smashing jump in the Donation column...fantastic!!Bet the Sydney Party is going to be "significant" & promising to The Akanksha Kids..Love those "spring"tights.

Tara tagged this Cute

Love those tights, and I'm soooo ready for Spring!!!

Linda tagged this Cute

The tights are Spring personified! :-D


does sheena wear the outfits all day?

Joy tagged this Cute

Looking back at the earliest outfits, it seems that you've become more at home in your uniform dress in the last ten months. The outfits seem much more natural now somehow. (The beginning styles were great, don't get me wrong.) But they somehow looked more like you were pretending to be something/someone else. Now, you look like it's all you.

Anonymous tagged this cheap

Even a bag lady wouldn't do this to herself

anna tagged this the bees buzz

You look like you're blooming down under with pretty feet flowers. I bet they smell great too!

Anonymous tagged this Ouch!

Give back the pumps and donate the printed tights. This outfit makes my eyes hurt.

hannah tagged this Brave

luv it. fierce

a British fan

Sheena, 'fraid I'm not liking this one at all. But on a more positive note, there are loads which I think are amazing. I was wondering, will we be able to cast our votes on our faves when the 365 days are up? I'd be voting for Aug 29, Oct 15 & Nov 19 so far. Although I love July 6 & 21 too, so it would be hard! Keep up the wonderful work.

anonymous tagged this spring sunshine!

I love the bottom half of the outfit. The floral tights and yellow sandals go very well together, as do the blue socks. Top half? Too dark for my liking though I do like the belt ;)

moon tagged this Cute

awww it's like a love affair between a winter and spring outfit!

Mara tagged this Cute

Cute shoes and tights! I have to say, though, your hair looks really cute when it's messier like that.

A Random Fan tagged this Brave

I was wondering why I love this outfit so much when it hit me: Your hair! GORGEOUS! I love it!

christine tagged this love what i see

congrats on the new digits up above! amazing!

Gella Witzgerald tagged this Cute

OH ME OH MY BABYPIE are those flowered stirrups?!?!?! how absolutely darling :) i think shall donate today.

icky* tagged this Batty

oh you look so springy :)

maria tagged this gorgeous

love this so much! the scarf and tights are my favorite. you rock it

sarah tagged this awesome!

i am absolutlely in LOVE with this outfit without the shoes though...

sarah tagged this Cute

so jealous of those tights and btw you look really pretty 2day!