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August 09

This day belongs to VivianaDL.
"I love everything about this outfit. The necklace, the socks, the boots...the hint of white...very innovative and chic!"
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Day 148. Fri, September 25 2009

This wilderness up in my head…

Hello from a little town in Scotland. Hand crocheted necklace donated by Cristy Rowley. See more of Cristy's yarn creations at tossedcookies.wordpress.com. Vest from Salvation army, leg warmers and vintage suede boots from eBay.

Our CNN interview at London Fashion Week aired this morning, click here to watch. And yes, I now realize April does not have 31 days. :)


HelenG tagged this Cute

This is terrific! Great color on you, and I love the leg warmers.

Beth tagged this Cute


Mariah tagged this Hot

Wonderful! The lines. The colors. Legwarmers (re texture). Chunky necklace. Just wonderful!

Scully tagged this Cute

Great Combination! Nice location too!

Ri tagged this Cute

I would not think to pair those legwarmers with those boots, but the colours really work.

Katie tagged this Awesome

Not so sure about the outfit overall, but the leg warmers are ADORABLE.

ammakke tagged this city girl in countryside

You do look cute from that "little town" in Scotland-the most beautiful small country in the world-That necklace is interesting

Kay tagged this Cute

I approve! It feels very Fall to me. If you ever find a leaf beret you should wear it with this outfit :) Also, I'm so jealous you're in Scotland (my people!)

Jo tagged this indigenous

Like the rustic combined with the crafted. So appropriate for Scotland.

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

i love the necklace


Contender for one of my favourite outfits. I love everything except the vest. But even that I don't hate.

Jessica tagged this Bonkers...in a good way!

Did you ship things overseas ahead of you? I guess the picture of you on 9/3 features just your two carry on bags, what size was the luggage you checked!

tina tagged this Cute

I can never wear white tights... but your little legs look great. :)

Bianca Babcock tagged this It's all about you!

Get over yourself. And soon.

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

Cute! I love the layers!

Lauren tagged this Cute

LOVE your boots!

Lauren tagged this Cute

LOVE your boots!

morgan tagged this Cute

so weird to see you talking after seeing your picture everyday. you are so cute i expected you to have a really high pitched voice. you seem much more adult than i imagined!

Socal Rachel tagged this Cute

Love the look. Love the white shirt with the white tights, pulls it all together.


You do look like a Scottish Lass, indeed! Which wee village in Scotland?

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Coordinated

Love the way you have married the circular necklace with the circles in the leg warmers. It gives a very coordinated and unusual look. Even though there are many browns they also work.

Carole tagged this Brave

This is great! And loved the video, you have a beautiful speaking voice as well as fabulous fashion sense!

AMM tagged this A Great Role Model

It was great to hear you talking about the project so enthusiastically and eloquently. When do you think people will realize it is about sustainability and education and NOT really about these comments about your boots or leg warmers? You never seem bummed that people forget to donate. You are a great role model for the kids for whom you are raising money.

Cristy tagged this Cute

Haha, my necklace! I'm glad you could use it! Also, I've never seen anyone look more comfortable and warm in tights. Cute, with a dash of daring!


@bianca: don't visit this site if you're tired of Sheena. I think this is a site for positivity and creativity. Your comment was neither. I visit this site daily and I am always inspired. Oh, and I HAVE DONATED!

holly tagged this Super!

LOVE it, everything here is working, echoes of colour and layers

Mary Ruback from Brazil tagged this Cute

Dear, I am going to US on vacations and when I came back I promisse to send you some acessories I know you will like a lot! Kisses. You are always cute!

Irene tagged this Cute and artsy

I really like those leg warmers. If you had given me that necklace, I would have no idea what to do with it.

Mariah tagged this Kash for the Kiddos

Congrats on passing $14 K today!

Angelica D. tagged this crazy and coordinated

You must get tons of comments telling you to get over yourself, when what you are doing it for charity! I would never be able to do this, each outfit is never alike, which is amazing. You come up with things I never would have thought of before! Very nice outfit, the colors and pattern coordinate, but the necklace adds a "whacky" touch! Very nice, as always!


Love it!

Kweli Walker tagged this Brave

This is a great movement. Please manufacture that dress( and add women's sizes, please)in a few solid colors so we can take your movement to a higher level. Maybe a contest?

Michele tagged this Brave

Congratulations on your CNN coup! Love the outfits!

Esther tagged this Hot


kandis tagged this Cute

Where can you buy the dress????


Really loving this outfit - from head to toe!

crystal eve tagged this Brave

I like the colors, and the layers


who cares how many days are in April -- great job with the interview and awesome cause. thanks

Britwatch tagged this Brave, very brave

Sheena be careful no sudden movements there is a big caterpillar on your neck!

katie.s tagged this celticish

oh my! one of your best efforts, since the india day one....

hhh tagged this hoorah

I loved the interview! now I can put a voice to your pictures. that sounds weird, but it's really nice!

Le Journal de Chrys

BRAVO ! ! ! J'ADORE ! ! !

elisabeth tagged this Brave

crazy necklace - rustic charm for modern girl.


love the recall of the scokes and necklace. wow


Pretty girl! Just would have ditched the vest to highlight that magnificent necklace!


Gorgeous! Love the vest color on you.

yobe tagged this OK

Socks are cute, colours work well, and the blouse is good underneath, but don't like the necklace (too chunky)

Amanda tagged this Radlicious


Janie tagged this Hot

Fab fab fab

sinacall0624 tagged this Brave

The mod combo becomes u

Helen tagged this Cute

Colours are striking but cosy at the same time. Sassy cute!