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June 09

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Day 48. Wed, June 17 2009

They long for dandy, dandy.

Vintage bow converted to necklace made by Charissa Chau. Pay her a visit at purple-bliss.blogspot.com. Thanks for the donation Charissa! Embroidered cardigan and my scuffed up pair of vintage oxfords from eBay.


Marie tagged this Hot

Geek Chic!

slim tagged this Cute

i'd be interested to see this paired w/ sougwen's glasses :)


Again! I LOVE your socks!

Fashion Speaks tagged this Interesting

Interesting...this kinda reminds me of many of the looks seen on the Sartorialist--check his Governor Island pics...if colors were more vibrant..then would love it!

Juneau tagged this Cute

Great bow-tie necklace. Creative!

Britwatch tagged this Hot

Decidedly dandy! Too cool for schoolma'am!

Dennice tagged this Completely Charming

I love everything about this ensemble. It's pure enchantment.

Beth tagged this Cute

Nice and simple. The use of the bow tie is interesting.

aj tagged this Cute

i dig the bow, shinnajoy:-)

SFLAG tagged this Cute

Just found this site via Threadbanger. It's absolutely brilliant. Kudos to you for ALL the messages you're putting out, and hot damn you know how to accessorize!

CK tagged this Lovely

Very nice! ;)

Chiada tagged this Cute

I really love the sweater vest with the floral detail.

Modelmental tagged this Cute

Love your socks!

Camilla tagged this Cute

Very cute. Modern preppy! Love the socks!

Amnesia tagged this Batty

Don't like the vest but love the tie and socks

Anonymous tagged this Super cute!

That vest is great! I love the color. And nice shoes too. I guess I'd say the the thing I like the least, is the socks. I feel like the focus should be the necklace and vest, but the socks are kinda distracting. But overall, great ensemble.

Sacha tagged this Cute

Adorable like a friendly grandpa!

Sofie tagged this Confused

will you make more money for charity than you've spent on accessories??

carolina tagged this Hot

beautiful vest, and the socks compliment so well

Jennifer Sawyer tagged this nice

You have influenced me to see the world around me and not worry about what to ware all the time. You look so adorable , great!!!

Shay tagged this Cute

Love the bow tie-esque bow!

Jigisha tagged this Cute

Love it.

tara tagged this Cute

love it! really well put together!

Flá tagged this Cute

So adorable!!! I want this dress!

Shuchi tagged this Cute

Lovely! great to see that you're using your beautiful and chic hair as a part of the look now! looks great!

Bruna tagged this Cute

So cute! Good project, congrats!

Taylor tagged this Cute

I love this one!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Very cute! The socks are awesome.

fleur tagged this barely legal

you looked too young to get into the bar today, otherwise I like the outfit

Nabila tagged this Cute

OK, so this is super adorable. I love the whole ensemble. Especially the vest and the bow :D

mama tagged this 1128


Faira tagged this Hot

the bow makes this outfit one of my favourites

char tagged this Cute

nice bow-tie :D you totally rocked it!

hhh tagged this Cute

yes yes yes! I didn't even recognize the dress - my attention was brought to the vest first.


also - do your hair like this more often. it's cute.

jenae tagged this Cute

this is my favorite, completely. from the cardigan to the necklace to the oxfords, so cute

Lindsey tagged this Cute

LOVE this look! My fave so far -- do you wear the outfits all day or only for the photoshoot??


Lindsey, I wear it all day. To work and to dinner. :)

Sneha tagged this Cute

Love your bangs pulled back! And of course the bow/necklace!

Jojo tagged this Cute

Loving the socks and the shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Professor Heartstarter!

This look would get any professor going va va va voom! Love the cardigan!

caroline tagged this Cute

love those shoes...

Asha tagged this Cute

Very cool. Love the detail on that sweater vest.

Joanna tagged this Cute

very cute. Now all she needs are a pair of oversized spectacles....

Anonymous tagged this Cute

like the mustard brown.

krista tagged this Cute

oh you're amazing. :)

mads tagged this Cute


julia tagged this Cute

Great sock/shoe combo! Bowtie necklace is genius.

The Subtle Rudder

I love this project, and wish you'd adjust your RSS feed so the outfit shows, instead of making people click over. I want to see what you come up with every day, but tend not to click on RSS links...Thanks! Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the bowtie.

Britwatch tagged this swimmingly good

Demanding, these Subtle Rudders eh? C'mon fella, go the extra nautical mile.

mary mcbride

you are so inspirational! i love what you are doing, brilliant! keep up the creativity :)

growch tagged this Cute

Cute bow tie. Clip-on?


you are an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k tagged this Cute

Super cute -_-

Mariana tagged this lovely

love the colours and the feel to it <3

Sydne @ ThinkThruFashion tagged this Brave

Just discovered this site and I think what you're doing is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

jen@flowerdancer.com tagged this Absolutely Charming

Who knew a bowtie could look so cute?

Bonnie-thesockboutique tagged this Hot

darling! I love it!

diya tagged this Cute

very preppy

bibi tagged this Hot

i love this one.

erina tagged this Cute

totally school girl! im on for this look!

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Cute

That vest is amazing for the uniform, and that bowtie necklace is just amazing.

Karen tagged this Try Harder

Ok...when I heard of this, I thought, "Wow, what an idea"...but when I saw the pictures, she isn't REALLY wearing this dress every day....she is just having a photo shoot for 365 different costume ideas....BIG difference.

Erin tagged this Cute

this is super cute!

plainbeautiful.etsy.com tagged this Hot

love this!!!

maj tagged this preppy

this is preppy to the core. i wish this was our uniform back in highschool.

Sara tagged this Epic!

Aw! actually, maybe this one is my favorite! I love the bow and I love the cute, cute vest and socks. This looks like something I would love to wear. You are totally inspiring my outfit for tomorrow, girlie! :)

Addie tagged this Quirky

Love it. The colors have a fabulous vibe going on.



A Follower tagged this Cute

Ahaha, this reminded me of a classic schoolgirl. I especially love the socks. :) Keep it up!

Anonymous tagged this sweeeet

So cute. Very granny-chic with the bow tie - but then you throw a curve ball with that little hair barret and school girl knee socks!! Great oxfords - so versatile.

Nikki tagged this Cute

awww love this!

Marama tagged this Hot

I absolutely love your style!! All the best for the project!

Aurora tagged this Cute

You are the only person I've ever seen pull off a bow tie and sweater-vest at all. and you just nailed it.

zoe tagged this Cute

enchantingly impish!

ariele tagged this Cute

it's the outfit of my birthday !! so cute :)

Manon tagged this Beauty is called Sheena

Where doyou take this photos anyway ? I love them. You lookso beautiful !

Jen tagged this Cute

Love the neatness and simplicity of this and how some old-fashioned elements combine to look current.