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June 09

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Day 43. Fri, June 12 2009

The uniform travels down south

Off to Charlotte for a wedding. Vintage fedora from eBay, vintage black velvet flats from Etsy and my well traveled leather bag bought in Mumbai in 1998.



Traveling this weekend. Promise to respond to all your emails as soon as I get back!

Anonymous tagged this Brave


Sacha tagged this Batty

The polka-dotted...um, thing, isn't flattering.


Looking forward to seeing what you wear for the wedding! Also, I'm sure packing is pretty easy with this project... Hehehe

miley cyrus tagged this Try Harder


Erin Marie tagged this Try Harder

Where did your body go?! ladies are not rectangular!

Karolayn tagged this Try Harder

I don't like the idea with polka-dot cami top...

Parlan tagged this Try Harder

sorry but, this look so regular... i mean, "uniforms" not have to be regular. still you may use some creativity... and additionally add it some pockets for example, to make it more "usefull"...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is what einstein did for his whole life. identical suits so he didn't have to spend anycreativity on getting dressed in the morning and save it for other things. it would be a nightmare!


very cute, full of character! I am emulating your visionary approach to wearing clothes. I have one black dress and decided to dress it out with every piece of clothing and jewellery I have, so thanks for the vision!

Jam tagged this Cute

the shoes, hat and bags go well. It's unique!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

love the bag

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

The polka dot top would look better if it were taken in on the sides, to be a more flattering fit. Too rectangular as it is. Just hangs there, instead of accentuating your slim figure!

Ian Sohn tagged this Batty

This is an absolutely wonderful idea for a good cause. Look forward to tracking.

Alexandre tagged this Cute

:-D I love it, and I am a huge fan of the bag!!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

A bit off-kilter-- not sure about the indigo cami/tank, but it's kooky, too.

Nina tagged this You are my hero

You are my hero

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not liking the half smock blue-polka dot

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Overall I think its pretty cute. Personally I'd have picked maybe a tighter fitting poka-dott top or I would have dichted the poka-dotts. I love your bad, hat, and shoes tough!!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

agree about polka-dot...

Jenny tagged this Try Harder

Oh the polka dot thingy is just shapeless it ruins the outfit.

eldub tagged this Cute

so fun!

Crystal tagged this Interesting

Love the hat - love the shoes. The polka dot thing? not so much.

cat tagged this japanapolkadotastic

Okay so I'm the only one.. but i LOVES the polka dots AND the bag.

saneTV tagged this Cute

Adorable and comfy!

emiwee tagged this Batty

hm. yuck. super frumpy.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not as good as the others

rosalafae tagged this Cute

Cute, but the cami isn't flattering. The bag looks AWESOME though, I'm very jealous. Also, have those headphones - aren't they just the best?

Em tagged this Brave

I agree... I think the polka-dot cami is not such a good look. I LOVE you hat though!

RogueTess tagged this Brave

An ... interesting look.

z1b1 tagged this Cute

me like. looooove the bag.

z1b1 tagged this quirky and cute

want to change my rating.

Kati tagged this funky

Call me crazy, but the polka dot top is fun. It's okay to have a different silhouette occasionally. Girls don't have to be curvy all the time.

Anonymous tagged this AWEFUL!!!

That polka dotted thing looks like a pillowcase w straps

cruz tagged this Batty

not your kind of hat


Boy, they really wanna "hang the DJ"... hehe.

hhh tagged this oh dear.

it might have been a good idea, but it seems overdone. get rid of the headphones and maybe wear a belt at your waist or something. love the shoes and the bag though

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

well, it does look comfortable for traveling!

Lisa tagged this Batty

dont like the vest or slippers :S

maggie Hawk tagged this Cute

I'm diggin the polka dots, but definitely not the white socks!!


I actually love the camisole. I see with the fedora that you are going for a menswear look so the boxiness of the ensemble fits.

Lisa Webb

Your so skinny i would have cinced the waist

maggie thunder tagged this Hot

i like your bag :)

lotta tagged this Hot

this is so cool project

rain tagged this Brave

I looked @ this outfit and thought you put that blue shirt on just to get ppl riled up... which makes me like the outfit

maj tagged this Try Harder

i like the fedora hat, although i'm not crazy about the polka dotted blue top. i think it will look fat on me. haha.

Mosley tagged this Messy

i now its hard to put outfits together every day, but this just doesnt work for me

Sara tagged this Brave

You're such a hipster.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like the polka-dotted with the outfit, but the shape of it leaves much to be desired. I really like the bag and the fedora though.

Addie tagged this Chic

YAY!!!! It's chic again!

cookie tagged this Try Harder

aoutch !

MK tagged this Cute

A bit Androgynous meets Granny. The bag is fabulous!

Sarrah Hyndman tagged this Cute

The day my first was born - Lyla Grace Carmody. 8lbs 2oz. Love the idea. Sa (NZ)

Anonymous tagged this kicking back

A hat box!! I love that you're bringing that down south. Can't wait to see them! I am guessing that you're also carrying other accessories in there - maybe a couple of pairs of tights or socks?


So, you have seven dresses that are all the same? And then you try to make the look different? Why not have 7 different dresses?

Sarah tagged this Try Harder

Ew, im sorry but its just to boxy, you know?? not loving it...

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

This stinks. You have absolutely no figure in this outfit.

Freya tagged this Brave

Sorry, the polkadot singlet makes you look really.. lumpy. :)

Anonymous tagged this Batty



what is it?

justine tagged this Cute

Love it