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November 09

This day belongs to Corina Ryf.
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Day 198. Sat, November 14 2009

The monochrome set

A grey weekend in New York in vintage sweater from ebay, thrift store belt and wool argyles from Sockdreams. Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of support as we move forward.


ehmulsion tagged this cool

I like those argyle socks. A nice, conservative look for Fall

Mariah tagged this Bravely Back !

Terrific low-key Saturday outfit. Glad you're feeling up to taking a step forward in those amazing socks . . .

Mara tagged this Comfortable

Love the socks.

Mistinguett tagged this BCBG

Sheena you look taller!!! so cute and so elegant, I love the grey black combo, such a classy (French) colors, love the socks and sweater and like the dress better shorter it shows off your thighs!!! Lady you looking more beautiful than ever!!!

J tagged this argyleriffic!

stepping out, looking great!

MBT tagged this Sooooooo perfect!!!

This outfit is so perfect. The socks say all - we're back in the saddle but moving ahead slowly...

ammakke tagged this simply elegant

Hello My sweet yet brave gal ,makes me proud & thank Heavens for keeping your chin up ..Feel so obliged & grateful to the massive number of supportive comments ....give me the Peace that surpasses understanding!!Trust in the Lord & grow strong day by day!!!

Ciara tagged this Cute

Tres Rive Gauche :-)

holly tagged this simple

Your outfit reflects your mourning; dignified and restrained. Welcome back

mm tagged this poise

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ouBnu9AQcU standing tall and always apropos. how you've graciously dealt with the last few days has been instructive to us all.

gruvee tagged this Brave

more support being showered on you, the project and the loved ones

joy tagged this yum

excellent! so glad to see you back! love the cardi. x

Irene tagged this Brave

I don't find it as amazing or as elaborate as before... but it's not a bad effort, and it looks laid back comfortable.

seb tagged this Chic and respectful.

A great look to come back with and still respectful too. Your good work continues.

Britwatch tagged this Fit for purpose

Miserable weather here too U.P. Chin up!

Elena tagged this Brave

Beautiful. Stunning. One step forward.

Tina tagged this tasteful and elegant

Hi Sheena--Welcome back. As usual, you look beautiful.

Cynthia tagged this Off to Oxford!

Cool, my two fav. colors. This outfit would also look great w/o the belt & the vest buttoned a little, and perhaps a crochet beret for good measure.

Amy tagged this Cute

Is it honestly "sustainable" fashion if the majority of your "accessories" are not repeated throughout the days? I think it would be quite wasteful and not sustainable if everyone dressed in this way -- with new accessories for virtually every day. Downsizing one's wardrobe and making the most of every piece is, I think, the way to go. In any case, best wishes for your project.

Sandy tagged this bon courage

Nicely done. Welcome back.

Zabette tagged this Cute

Classic & cute! So glad you are back after the terrible tragedy. As you move forward, you will carry your friend into the future in your heart.

Sue Yurick tagged this Dignified yet fun

Vis a vis Amy's sustainability comment: Perhaps Sheena keeps much of her wardrobe "on the move" as I do mine: buy consignment/thrift, wear briefly, return it to thrift, repeat. Small closets and bureaus require it! Love it, wear it, then gift it after awhile!

iamindistress tagged this suzanne the

When are you guys going to start selling the dress? I looked in my wardrobe earlier and I wished I had the dress today so I've decided I am not buying any more clothes untl that dress hits the shops.

Josie tagged this lovely

Love the look - great socks - waiting to see your beautiful smile again

Kaelqu tagged this Pretty

Very nice =)

Sallie tagged this Cute

Sheena, I love this outfit so much! Especially the vest.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Fabulous in its understatement!

Mark tagged this Hot

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Jack tagged this Try Harder

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