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November 09

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"Balance and sway."
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Day 170. Sat, October 17 2009

The festival of lights

Silk embroidered sari from Chennai, India. Hand-rolled scarf worn as choker donated by my little sis. Vintage gold chain worn as bracelet from eBay. Happy Diwali!
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Claire tagged this Cute

I love it!

che tagged this Cute

Happy Dawali!

Anna tagged this Classy!

I like them all, but this one is very nice! :)

Meena Kadri tagged this Hot

Exquisite! And am loving the sense of a 'new year' in this Diwali image: http://bit.ly/1zxD5c

prutha Raithatha

love it!!!!!! happy diwali.... am on my way to dressing up in a 2 paloo saree in a few mins tooo...hehe...love diwali!!

ammakke tagged this Elegant

Hello Miss Elegance!!gorgeous!! The transformation of the scarf is amazing!!Your lil sis is going to be delighted to see that.Happy Diwali, U.P!!& all "our Kids"in Mumbai!!

Stacy J. tagged this Cute

This fabrics are gorgeous. Love it!

ammakke tagged this patriotic

U happy Spardha?? Happy Diwali!!

abigail tagged this gorgeous

wowwwwww......love this very much.......hand rolled scarf as choker is brilliant......deep brown/burgandy with saturated blue hue stunning.....u r gorgeous!!

tlr tagged this magnificent!

Love it!

Jolly M tagged this pretty

Happy Diwali Sheena, I'm glad U have dressed up for Diwali which infact is the remembrance of goodness (Lord Krishna) winning over the evil aptly known as "the festival of the light". You are looking tall & pretty in the sari. Well done


Happy Diwali Sheena,may all lights shine for you babe,doing so well.looking better by the day.

Cris V. tagged this Hot

You are gorgeous! Happy Diwali.

Casey Blue tagged this Hot

You look absolutely GORGEOUS. diwali mubarak!

Mariah tagged this Elegant

Happy Diwali! Besides a stunning transformation of both the sari and the Uniform, the color combo is beautiful!

scary. tagged this diawalitastic!!!

sweetheart you look absolutely fuckin fabulous. classsssss !!!

céleste tagged this Hot

perfect. congrats !!

Betty Anne tagged this Gorgeous

Gorgeous! :O This is one of my top favorites! Great job! :D <3

emmysmiles tagged this love love love

Ooooo...Sheena, you look beautiful! And I love the hair!

Jordan tagged this Try Harder

Wow, where are her legs!!!!

hollyexerts saemy

LOVE it! Who would have ever thought the traditional and the modern could blend so seamlessly, and successfully.

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

welcome to India!!!

Cynthia tagged this Nuevo Sari Savy


Isabelle tagged this fashionista!

fabulous holiday wear!! gorgous scarf and sari!!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Stunning

Very beautiful.

Payal tagged this Indian kudi!

Pheeeeeeet Pheeeet! (Indian whistle...haha!). Damn hot, Sheena! Crazy about the choker. I wore a sari too, after ages! Love them! Happy Diwali!

Anne Boyd tagged this Fantastic!

Charming. Fitting. Great!!


How beautiful!

Irene tagged this gorgeous, stunning

You look so beautiful. <3 I LOVE the fabric. Happy Diwali!

Helen + Dom tagged this Hot

Happy Diwali Sheena! You look gorgeous!!!


Happy Diwali Sheens! Love your outfit today...beautiful saree.

little sis tagged this CLASSY

i was curious how u were gonna use the dupatta chech, but you're the best! i wud've never thought of a choker

Tina Sequeira tagged this Innovative

Innovative all the way! U luk very chic! Happy Diwali

Mansour tagged this Hot

Such a fitting design for this special day. Loving the progress of the project ...

Scout tagged this Cute

veeeeeeery nice ;)

Kiwiken tagged this Beautiful

Beautiful combination of colours!

katie.s tagged this Brave

happy diwali! love the turquise and rust colouring on anyone else the scarf would look like a bib but on you faboulous as always!!!!!


Ahh.. beautiful. Happy Diwali.

Deb tagged this Cute

absolutely beautiful!

Scully tagged this Wonderful!

Stunning! The choker is amazing! and the colors of your sari are my favorite!



Durga tagged this Hot

Soooooooper saree. Sooooooper ponnu ;)u know tamil rite? haha


I love the outfits, like this one, which crate very different silhouettes than the dress by itself has. It's very dramatic. Looks like a modern take on a traditional sari.

Dani tagged this Traditional and beautiful

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renata Arruda

Parabéns adorei sua iniciativa sucesso beijos Renata http://fuxicosretalhos.blogspot.com/

Grace Dalton tagged this Stunning

Love this one : ) Really beautiful.



Joel/ The Hague tagged this Hot

Very ,Very Beautifullll......Love It,

Jennifer Rose tagged this festive

lovely colors for the holiday!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

Absolutely Gorgeous

me tagged this beauitful

so lovely!!


I have a thing for Saris and Indian clothing; this ensemble is AMAZING!

yobe tagged this swish

I don't think I would have chosen to put those colours together, but they look suprisingly good. Happy Deepavali to you too!

gilly tagged this Hot

your hair is super cute... i wish you would wear it like that more often! :)

Sarah tagged this Beautiful

This is so beautiful! I love it.

Beth tagged this Hot


Reema tagged this Brave

I simply love this :) gorgeous.

Mara tagged this Beautiful

Absolutely stunning! Love your hair, by the way.

=] tagged this love it!!!


Erin tagged this Gorgeous

SO lovely!!

Mayrenne tagged this Cute

This one looks great I rate it cute. Mayrenne

Ri tagged this gorgeous

I love this look, and the colours are beautiful together. You've made it seem so effortlessly chic.

Tree tagged this Very Pretty!

LOVE this. You look beautiful :)

Sammy tagged this indie chic

slightly indianesque but very cute.

Swati tagged this Cool!

I never imagined this combination!

Casey tagged this Hot

Fabulous!!! Beautiful modern twist on the saree. Love it!

Lala_rissa tagged this the best oufit until now

QUE LINDOOOOO! I mean, THAT'S GORGEOUS! I'm in love with your style. I must say your cause is honorable.

Peter tagged this Hot

The best so far. hot. Como hacer dinero rapido

jin tagged this very nice

nice, nice outfit.but after this, what will happen to all the stuffs you've accumulated( e.i. accessories for this dress)?

Kim Pearson tagged this Beautiful

I love the chunky jewelry, and how the colors link up. This is a wonderful shot, too.

Khalia tagged this Hot

Just awesome!!

Gabrielle tagged this Elegant

Ahh Beautiful

Leni tagged this Elegant

The blue in this is beautiful! I salute you.

akeelah tagged this elegant

this is so chic, definitely inspired me!