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December 09

This day belongs to Hannah.
"I chose this day to commemorate my birthday. This outfit is so comfortable and adventurous, ready to travel the world. Here's to many adventures to come in the UP LBD!"
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Day 229. Tue, December 15 2009

The cowl up

Hand knit cowl donated by Marcia Barrow Taylor at mbtfinearts.com. The green suede pedal pushers are an old staple, worn with legwarmers and vintage pumps from eBay.

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Annabehl tagged this Cute

this looks cozy!!


I looove your pants. I've seen them on you before I think, but they're still awesome.

annie tagged this stunning

I love the way you look in the fourth photo...so beautiful!!

Anonymous tagged this So close

I love the pants. I was with the outfit until the leg warmers. You're too broken up with the dress and the pants and the warmers.

Judith tagged this Adorable

This is adorable -- have been wondering though about the long sleeves under the dress -- long underwear? arm warmers? Please advise!

holly tagged this Batty

Never tire of seeing your ideas. Can't wait to see what will you do christmas day???

e tagged this Cute

love this one! such a rad pair of pants, and gorgeous cowl. cheers!

ammakke tagged this Begum Sheena

Great people think alike, annie, I totally agree with you that the last picture (esp.) is adorable!Love that amazing cowl, total cozy look!

che tagged this Cute

how did you think of this? in theroy it doesnt work but once again you manage to pull it off. keep up the great work.

beck tagged this safari fun!

this is gorgeous! such warm colors, and the silhouette is fantastic. :) nice to see a bit of a change up from the typical tights-under-the-dress look. love!


Would love to see the pumps alone (or at least what they look like without the leg warmers on them) b/c they look cool....

mm tagged this strummer-worthy

Viva la Sandinista! very Combat Rock of you to drop the Clash reference (the call up) for the freedom fighter fatigues look. so clever with the play on words. you need to have a chapter in the book on all your eclectic bits of cultural inspiration for the project. titles, styles, inside jokes in the comments section. there's a whole world of ideas in this project that i fear lots of people are missing, and they deserve to be brought to light. the book will need to be thick, but not for the thick.

Laura tagged this Hot

that cowl is gorgeous, but I LOVE the legwarmers. I would love to dress like this everyday - but I'm not sure it would go over well in my small town.

abigail tagged this cosy

cosy cowl, beautiful warm cosy colors.....i think mm has some fascinating book ideas.....

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Wow! I think I have a new favorite!

Susan Cushman tagged this very Bohemian

Love the project. Love this outfit! You go, girl!

it is i tagged this Try Harder

cowl lovely legwarmers not so good

it is i

you really are beautiful it the 4th photo


Love this outfit. And nice post on etsy, you ladies look beautiful! Thanks for the shout out. http://www.etsy.com/storque/craftivism/accessorize-this-the-uniform-project-6476/


yipee - another great outfit!

Ann Marie tagged this Brains and Stylish!

MM is right....you have the brains AND the stylishness! I often wonder if people are too wrapped up in the wraps to get the play on words! I appreciate them too!

Carole tagged this Hot

One of my favorites!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This looks like a fun and cozy outfit :)

modernfigurative tagged this Hot

Fun Fun Fun! I love it when it is fun and gives me ideas!!

modernfigurative tagged this Hot

Fun Fun Fun! I love it when it is fun and gives me ideas!!

modernfigurative tagged this Hot

Fun Fun Fun! I love it when it is fun and gives me ideas!!


oops sorry I didn't think it posted..


LOVE this look. every item is perfect and it's perfectly put together.

laura tagged this Brave

I love the cowl/dress combo! It looks very cozy and laid back. The pants and legwarmers are a cheeky pair. It looks like it'd be fun to wear. =)

gruvee tagged this God I love it

How how HOW do you do it? Wowoweewah

Mi Young Kim tagged this Cute

Awesome! :)

Annette tagged this Brave

I love your creativity, commitment to sustainability, and improvisational style. However, could a curvier girl pull this off? Or many of your other variations for that matter?

Irene tagged this Hot

Cute and snuggly. The legwarmers don't exactly go with the shoes though.

yuri tagged this Hot

cooool . i reeached the prject that it's first time. it's an un forgettable.! i'll drop into here, every day!?

yuri tagged this Cute

cooool . i reeached the prject that it's first time. it's an un forgettable.! i'll drop into here, every day!?

yuri tagged this Cute

cooool . i reeached the prject that it's first time. it's an un forgettable.! i'll drop into here, every day!?

yurl tagged this Cute

cooool . i reeached the prject that it's first time. it's an un forgettable.! i'll drop into here, every day!?

Tina Sequeira tagged this Classy

Sheena Chechi...U luk beautiful today....and the outfit's strangely classy..the cowl,leg warmers n yes, the pants r simply fab

san.gri tagged this Cute

Wonderful colour combination! Looks very warm!

Oré tagged this Hot

I just found your site and your project. It's great! The idea is great, the dress is great, your outfits are great, ...

sarah tagged this Cute

i <3 this outfit! the only thing i don't care for are the leg warmers and the shoes, but i Love the tights, shorts, the cowl, and the long sleeve!

Ida tagged this Hot

I love this look! but I would've worn it without the leg warmers.


Really like the cowl, leg warmers are fun, but a bit much together, for my taste.

Bobbi tagged this Hot

Great look, needs closer fitting leg warmers. Though you could also wear on your arms. Hmmmm, liking that last bit.

Lisa tagged this Cute

Totally love every aspect of this outfit. Classic and comfy looking at the same time. VERY NICE !!!!

Nina tagged this Cute

You're always so adorable. Keep doing that way, thumbs up for the project! Best wishes


Love the outfit! but sorry to be cheeky.... Lose the leg warmers. It would be heaps sharper without them.

jolly M tagged this Cute

cosy cowl & comfy pants.... I love those pictures esp:4th one...Totally agree with mm that you ought to have a book at the end of your project which would be very popular - with all those styles , fashion,inspirational- intelligent-humerous & challenging play of words in your daily titles. Ofcourse, with all the daily comments and any chapters added, we will have a feast on that thick book... hmmm I can't help thinking - What would be Sheena's title for her future book ?

swiss tagged this right on

my favorite!! yeay pants and i like the leg warmers with the shoes

megintosh Italy tagged this Hot

Awesome and very European ;)

Kathryn tagged this Untidy

I really dislike this. There are too many bumps and frumps your pedal pushers. This outfit doesn't flow together at all.


Top half is so cool.

ol' doc Saunders

This This This

arre tagged this Hot

I love it!!!!

Meemu tagged this Cute

I love this. You look warm. x

Anonymous tagged this So Flippin CUTE!


Zara tagged this Cute

Is this a new dress? It looks a different colour!

JessicaR tagged this post apoc chic

Love this, I see this outfit and I picture a character from a movie a no nonsense badass making her way through the ruins of New York.

Maarit tagged this Cute

I love how eclectic this outfit is, very much what I would wear. Keep up the amazing work.


You rules !


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James tagged this Brave

This is adorable, have been wondering though about the long sleeves under the dress long underwear? I seen the pics http://www.rapidsloth.com and im not quite sure about it.


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