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December 09

This day belongs to dnanerd.
"My B-Day - A bit more bold than my usual taste but who knows once I get the dress!"
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Day 236. Tue, December 22 2009

The catatonic kitten tee

Upcycled t-shirt turned into a tunic top, from last night crafting session at Etsy Labs. Thanks megan for all the great tips! Vintage hat from Treehouse, socks from Sockdreams and vintage Laredo boots from Bay.

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che tagged this Brave

topshop like

crushing on gavin tagged this needs some help.

ew.what was soo bad with the cat shirt to have to rip it up like that? The whole outfit looks just ratty today. no offence

Mara tagged this Hot

Love it! The cat is captivating. Very cute.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Yowzers! This is so punk rock and I LOVE it!

Courtney tagged this Cute

I'm a little bummed that you cut up a Mr. Mittens shirt, but other than that, I dig this outfit!

babz tagged this Sensational!!

I look at this site every day. Today an involuntary WOW came out of my mouth.

mm tagged this cat scratch fever

i like how your eye makeup matches your tee. no detail is left undone.

scary. tagged this T as in TASTIC.

there better be one of these waiting for me when i get back to new york. that's all i'm sayin.

Irene tagged this Laser Cat

Strong and edgy. Too bad for the shirt, but it looks really cool like this.

melissa tagged this Hot

Fabulous take on a great punk rock look, love it!

kiera tagged this Brave


Janice tagged this Brave

Absolutely love this look!



carissa tagged this Try Harder

Um I don't like, it the shirt is abit out there.

abigail tagged this wowwwwwww

looks fantastic ~ sorry i missed etsy session ~~~

jewgold tagged this Abusive


holly tagged this One word: WOW!

Oh, and there's those yummy boots again. How long till you reach $50,000......?

dabuka tagged this Brave

Wow! The combination of the t-shirt and the dress looks so fresh and punk-ey. Checking your blog is one of the most favorite parts of my day, really.

cindi from Tally's Place tagged this Hot

Very hip! The Etsy lab session was great. Thanks for doing it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very punk rock!


grooving on the arm warmers and the boots, natch.

md tagged this The Boots, The Boots!

Please, please tell me now....what size are those boots? Will they be part of the final divestment of accessories? Can I please bid on them (if they fit??)

Nana Soma tagged this Cute

Love it! Fairy tale like! I am just curious about how did you do the scarf made from the back side of the T-shirt?

mackeyblue tagged this Ambitious

Keep it up! I made an Xmas donation! Merry Merry!


gosh, I love this. Though it is sad that you had to cut such a lovely shirt.

Linda from SA tagged this Beyond my dreams

Hip...funky...modern! Just love it!

Payal tagged this Punky Brewster, twisted

I love it! It's such an easy, wearable look! Def in my top 10 (more like top 200 now!) Took me a while to figure out what you did with the Tee. Got it now! Missed the lab...damn time difference! Hope you've got a good holiday planned!

Monica tagged this Brave

Congratulations on your hard work and contribution to those less fortunate that we are.

Maryjohn tagged this superfunk!

I love this! You carry it off with style.

Chanique tagged this Creative!!!

No CATTY remarks from me today! Ha-ha! Can't picture the same impact if the T-shirt was only a bold colour! I love the whole idea.

Anneke tagged this Cute

Where do you get your ideas from?! I just love your creativity! You really inspire me.

Teenstyle tagged this Magnific

OH WAOUH!! I love!!I'm french,I look your dress averyday(sorry,I don't speak english very well!!^^I"admire" you!!

KitsuneFirepaws tagged this Brave

I love it and will be trying a variation myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Maedbh tagged this Batty

Wow, 132 kids in school.. Thats incredible, and its all thanks to you. You should feel so proud of yourself. The time you put into this project is not going unnoticed. Loving this outfit. Must. Have. Those. Shoes :)

Kelly tagged this Too Much

Sheena, I don't think I like this look at all. Definetly not one of my favourites. Sorry. :( :( :(

scary. tagged this jealousy.

no actually i'm saying more.. i think this is my favourite thing in the world right now. seriously.

gruvee tagged this Brave

way cool

otter tagged this fun fun

hey, that's a tee from threadless.com! cool!

Beth tagged this Brave

Hey, I'm wearing that shirt right now! Well, not with the rips in it... If it still glows in the dark, you should take some pictures of that!

Betty Anne tagged this Awesome!

Awesome awesome awesome! This is amazing! Love the whole works - even the silhouette on this one is awesome!

moon tagged this Batty

so punk rock!!!!! rockstar mode :)

ammakke tagged this colorful cat

Nice color combo.can't wait to see U on X'mas day, sheena.Looks like we are getting white X'mas here..

DesertNana tagged this Brave

so whimsical and vibrant!

Faith tagged this yikes

i like the socks?

Mariam tagged this Brave

love love the grunge look -- you manage to pull it off!

Sarena tagged this SKoW

Some Kind of Wonderful!!!!


How fun & edgy! Megan certainly inspired me - I'm making the boa from 3 different colored t's! Fun "talking" to you & Eliza on Etsy, too!

Yoshi tagged this Hot

Uwaaaah I love this, mainly because I own the shirt and I got it in a size that's huge on me... I wear it as it is and now I'm having to resist the urge to cut mine up as well!

lulu tagged this Cute

Miaow! I love it.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

sweet! helps to ahve a great tee to begin with!