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December 09

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"Happy Holidays"
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Day 239. Fri, December 25 2009

The Xmas Lights of Dyker Heights

Spying on reindeers from the Dyker Heights Miracle Mile in my favorite christmas blouse bought years ago from a vintage shop in the east village, crinoline petticoat and metallic tights from Sockdreams, granny boots from eBay, vintage brooch from tipandfifi.etsy.com and bun fascinator donated by Mary Pattavina of Pretty Good Things. See more of Mary's creations at prettygoodthings.com

Merry Christmas!


kate tagged this j'adore

trop chic!

Emily rose tagged this Fantastical!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Very, very cute, and I love the whole vibe of the outfit!!

Linda from SA tagged this Spirited

A lovely spirited outfit! A wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas to all at the UP and to all of Sheena's fans!


cute! :) happy and fashion holidays!

Anonymous tagged this luminous beauty

You truly are magical!

Heather tagged this Cute

WOW! This has got to be the chic-est Christmas get up I've ever witnessed! Lovely.

che tagged this all out

lovin it

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Awesome! And so festive!

rupiningsih tagged this Hot

Brilliant!!! Go Sheena!! Go Sheena! (dancing)


Love it!! I can see why that's your favorite Xmas blouse! Merry Christmas to all of you!

scary. tagged this offzeheadonxmasspirit!

** wishing you and yours, team U.P and all yiz followers a sparkly, white and stunning christmas..! now over to shakin stevens to tell it like it is- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAEP4GTVJlk&NR=1 **

DubDub tagged this Oh, heavens, no no no...

Oh, God. Why? I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling this one. I was really hoping for something festive, but this is more a miss than a hit. Very sorry to say that! That aside, I LOVE UP and the fashions so far have been mesmerizingly good!

kataay tagged this lovely

happy christmas! i love this :)

Lindsay tagged this Try Harder

I admit this outfit is cute, but I was kind of hoping for something a little for festive or extravagant. Anywho, hope you have a great Christmas Sheena :)

Nadege tagged this Hot

que festive!

Ruby tagged this Hot

LOOOVE IT! Way good.

wasabipear tagged this Sheen-ah

Magical sparkles and bundles of sheen for the holidays, add some crinoline and you're golden ... I mean platinum ;)

J tagged this christmas cheer

You can hardly see the dress.. but adorable nonetheless! The third picture makes me smile. :-)

Sierra tagged this Witchy Christmas

This is so not what I was expecting. Sorry but you blew it. UP had only one Christmas to come out with bells on. Oh well!

prutha tagged this Hot

love the hat and the skirt!!! i still really badly want those shoes!!! merry xmas hunny!!

Britwatch tagged this thought-provoking

People who make disparaging comments on a day like this on a site like this fill me with wonder. Are they a) completely lacking in social graces; b)thoroughly deluded that their minority view supercedes the voluminous compliments to the contrary; c)merely responsible netizens who are selflessly playing devil's advocate; or d)just plain stupid? Your thoughts please ladies and gentlemen. Merry X'mas all round! A round of applause for the U.P. team please!!

merry christmas! tagged this merry

super festive and adorable!!!! :)

new yorker. tagged this the Glitz and the Glam

Très sophisticated! Perfection. @Britwatch, Christmas or no Christmas people are entitled to have their opinions! But remember opinions is all they got, cos they ain't got no style and they ain't got no class... so don't get so riled up, it is Christmas- pour yourself a glass of red and relax like..

holly tagged this oh! you pretty things

Excellent outfit; back to full on style, elegance and sexy. Have a fab day!


LOVE it!!! It's festive without being overdone, classy and beautiful while still being fun. You have such a great eye!

ammakke tagged this Christmassy

Happy & Blessed Christmas, U.P. Thank U & Congrats for spreading the true spirit of Christmas around the globe through this inspiring &challenging project...And U look absolutely festive & adorable!!Stunning outfit with every accessory to be credited..Well done &keep up the good work..

mm tagged this celebramos

love it Sheena!! and love it because it's YOUR individual style. which is what this is all about right? showing the VARIETY of what you can do with the lbd. so of course it's not gonna make everyone happy, but that's what makes this whole experiment so exciting. I suspect there's even days you don't like what you're wearing ;)--just as it should be.

Jessica tagged this Beautiful :D

J'aime ! Si jolie <3 p.s. Happy Christmas

mm tagged this celebramos pt 2

while I'm on the soap box...it all reminds me of the people who write in asking how this many accessories can be sustainable, missing the point that it's an exercise to show what's possible, not a rule book to copy. this is really one of the most impressive creative things happening right now, because it's simply a vehicle to show what can be done--ALTERNATIVES to the (increasingly problematic) norm. which means it naturally won't always appeal to everyone's since of fabulous. but that, my good friends in comment land, is what makes the UP truly brilliant. so how's about we all recognize that brilliance and spread some holiday harmony, feeling thankful for what we got, and doing whatever we can to spread peace and goodwill on earth. isn't that what this holiday stuff is meant to be about anyway??

Irene tagged this Happy X-mas!

I suppose this is okay, but you can barely see the uniform, it's more like it's being used as a shirt to cover up.

Mary P. tagged this Cute

Beautiful! Christmas sass and class...Thank you for doing the Bun-Bun justice. You look lovely, as usual.

jolly M tagged this cute & festive

Merry X'mas to UP family & a special congratulation to "Sheena - Super" who has admirably posted 239 fabulous varieties with her LBD using whatever accessories she owned &gifted with....giving lots & lots of ideas,inspirations and tips to 1000S of fans how to make use of their own wardrobe. Sheena surely deserves few rounds of applause. Well done Sheena,I am glad you look festive and not "superfestive" or "extravagant".BTW, this is my view.Many thanks for posting "Dyker Heights Miracle Mile" X'mas decorations which are beautiful for the eyes but very very very festive & extravagant- worth seeing & reflecting !!

jolly M

Sorry.! I meant 236 outfits. we too mustn't forget Jerry Fuchs (R. I. P)& his bereaving family and friends esp: at this time...


@Britwatch I feel you!!! Some people are plain stupid but it's great to have them in the world, they're part of the eco balance and they make us feel appreciative of who we are and other people!!! Merry Christmas Britwatch, Have one on me! I am in your team xx :)

scary. tagged this sparkles..

ah c'mon people.. no need for backlash, ya can't go calling someone stupid just because they don't like an outfit.. does nobody get the spirit of christmas at all anymore?! peace, love much? -a time for forgiving n all that., so some people don't love the outfit and it would have been nicer had they kept it to themselves on a day such as this, but an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind etc,.. now less on the attack - more on the craic.. cos 'in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy, throw your arms around the world at christmastime..' sheena, ya look completely fabulous loveen, i adore this outfit! love love love.


@ Scary I rest my case! :))


@Anon, may your christmas be magical!

Linda tagged this Hot

Merry Christmas, Sheena! I love this outfit, everything is tied together splendidly and is so festive! :-D

Mara tagged this Hot

It looks so soft and sweet. Merry Christmas!

Myra Winter

Merry Christmas. What a fairy tale background. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas looking so magical beautiful. Wishing you all the strengh and inspiration to end your inventive/creative project. Following you first from Amsterdam now from Paramaribo/Suriname. Brasa

Kyoko tagged this Cute

Happy Christmas!!

abigail tagged this super

gorgeous.....quirky....creative.....perfect expression of yourself.....in short, i love it!!! merry x mas dear sheena!!!

Maedbh tagged this Festive

Ahh I've been looking forward to this outfit for weeks !! Didn't fail to impress :) Loove the background too. Very Christmassy



tabyaby tagged this grand


wasabipear tagged this Word U.P

@Britwatch love how you threw that question out into comment land. Although people are entitled to their own opinion, seems to me that they get scared of what is different. Some of the most gorgeously creative ensembles are also the ones that get the hater comments, because they are unconventional. De-Vogue is not a bad thing. @mm Amen o:)

ol' doc saunders

It's too good.

moon tagged this Hot

such a magical christmas outfit. i'm in love with it!

Zara tagged this Festive

beautiful outfit beautiful photography!!

Dee tagged this Cute

creative...well done.

carissa tagged this Cute

i like it it's festive and fancy

Laura Daly tagged this Christmas Angel

Just perfect! love the hat.I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Bronwyn tagged this Brave


Brandy tagged this Try Harder

I think that the uniform should be the focus of every outfit. This looks like an outfit with the uniform project dress thrown in because you committed yourself to wearing it for 1 year.

Kiwi tagged this Hot

Love love LOVE.

donna tagged this Hot

GORGEOUS in every way!

X tagged this Brave

So chic!!