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February 10

This day belongs to acmoseley.
"Love the accent of stripes on the scarf that compliment the psuedo stripes on the tights...funky!"
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Day 299. Tue, February 23 2010

Tears for fierce

Some favorite staples for a rainy day. An old striped scarf, vintage cropped jacket donated by Cat, ripped tights and my favorite vintage Laredo boots from eBay.

StyleLikeU also caught up with Eliza in January when she was full on ready to pop the biscuit. But as you will see, nothing can slow down this style maven. Fairy tales, Joanne D'Arc, love birds and healing stones...
Watch Eliza on StyleLikeu >


Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

hey first again!!! I really like the up part in this outfit, it's kind of chik and rock at the same time...


It's simple, and great. Everyone's a winner baby!


the shoes and the headpiece are okay, the rest is in too many pieces!

christine tagged this you reign on my parade

befitting tights and jacket the colour of a steely gray-blue sky

Big Fan but... tagged this yuck

I am a huge fan of U.P and I have never doubted your style before but... What were you thinking? Did you go to the dump and salvage peices of old smelly clothes that people threw away? Dissapointment...


Love it - I'm having a flashback to the 80s, when Tears for Fears was one of my favorite bands. Love the combo of striped scarf & "striped" tights. And the blue of the tights brings out the blue of the cropped jacket. Your messy hair looks like you just got back from a rave!

annie tagged this perfectly balenced

I love the contrast of the stripes up top with the rippes down below. Watched both StyleLikeu videos and enjoyed learning more about you and Eliza. I feel like such a groupie!


So, with Eliza's interest in crystals, why haven't you ever worn one of her pieces of crystal jewelry? Maybe it will bring more $$ to UP (the right kind of crystal, that is)....

lostinnotation tagged this Hot

Those tights are awesome, what a good way to recycle holey laddered left aside hosiery. Love the messy hair and headband as well

em tagged this Try Harder

Eccentric but cool is one thing, and just throwing together all your favorite clothes that don't match is entirely another. You have teh awesomeness to do better.

Beth tagged this Punky Dory

What's not to love about that stripey scarf and the slashed tights?

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is really cute. I like the contrast of the tights with the striped scarf.

Sumayya tagged this Hot

It all works so well together!!

sophie B

Fantastic visual

abigail tagged this gr8

perfect for me.....this is comfortable, effortless.....this is close to my own vision but i don't look as fabulous as you......that's OK....we have to be comfortable with ourselves!

Pear Picker tagged this spiffy

Elegantly disheveled do? Dig it man.

Janice tagged this Warm

Scarf and tights are perfect together. The whole ensemble is just right for a rainy day. I hope you enjoyed a nice, warm cup of tea today - that's my rainy day staple!

Ladro tagged this Same old ...

Yawn. Comfy looking but boring. Losing interest.


You ought to go abroad more often....I like a lot of your pieces, but for some reason it seems as if all of the outfits you wore while in other countries were just so much more creative and vibrant.

Irene tagged this Hot

stripes! 'nuff said.

Hair.ti.culture tagged this Hot

It's hard for me to want to cut your hair when you look so g d CUTE all the time!!! XO

moon tagged this Hot

meoooowwww....cheshire cat

Julie tagged this Cute

Something I would totally wear. I'm not brave enough to try your really out there ones.

Rach tagged this Cute

Love the jacket, and your hair - it's super cute mussed up and with the hairband.

Claire tagged this grrroooowwwl!

I don't care what anyone else says, I think this look rocks! Rock chick-tastic! And anyone who wears battered old boots and mussed up hair wins in my style stakes any day, ner ner ner :)

Maylis tagged this Cute

love the look! Even if Im not that enthusiastic about the rights, I lvoe the shoes and the coat! Totally something I would wear in Paris

cheetah tagged this navy

It seems like your haire was done by sea breeze

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love love LOVE the little plaid jacket! :)

ammakke tagged this black'n stripes

Love the striped scarf well matched with the "striped" tights...Some 'understanding ' between the Jacket & the tights as well..Enjoyed Eliza's visual, well done!!

Linda tagged this Cute

Love it! Those boots are very like my Ariats! The striped scarf echoes the ripped tights, and both work with the plaid! :-D

Adelheid tagged this Batty

I have just recently returned from a tour of my great grandma's and grandma's attics, where I scouted all sorts of funky stuff to go with this dress. Now, I am anxiously waiting for the UP dress to be for sale, so I can see those visions spring to life. And inspired by the UP, my new shopping provision is to double every dollar I spend on a new piece of clothing and donate it to charity, forcing me to cut my spending and look harder for stuff that is already there!

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Adelheid again tagged this Brave

While a lot of the comments here target the non-matching colors of today, I just feel like the ensemble deserves credit for the composition of structure, which gives it fantastic shapeliness and structure and the variety of pattern and fabrics featured!

Noémi tagged this Cute

J'aime x10000 :) You seem like a little blue fairy, Fly, Sheena, Fly! You're the sun in a rainy day :)

Annette McBride tagged this Groovy

I'm diggin the tights with the dress.

gemimamama tagged this Hot

i;m loveeinngggg your hair like that and the tights are incredible

ana caguin moseley tagged this Cute

I love the psuedo stripes on the tights that compliment the stripes on the scarf