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September 09

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Day 161. Thu, October 08 2009

Tea with Jackie.

Vintage dolman sleeve blouse from eBay seller Hi Vogue. Vintage embroidered gloves from Old Hollywood Brooklyn and 60's pumps from eBay.
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Love the look - especially the shirt ... not sure about the gloves but cute overall.

Mariah tagged this Totally Mad (Men)

Love it!, esp. gloves/pumps combo. Totally early 60s, but works now. Fun!

Ruth tagged this Brave

I like the colors.

yobe tagged this Dressy

Everything above the hemline is great - love the collar! But don't like the white tights, they thicken the legs, even on super slim you

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it.

plainjane tagged this Worth my $1 donation

White tights, white gloves, white shoes, with black & gold 1960's print?!? How unexpected, risky but I love it! Go girl. Did you guys donate your dollar at eBay? I did. Finally, a way I can donate, even though I'm broke!

Kay tagged this Cute


kaity tagged this Cute

I love the top the pattern is funky and with the accessories it's Very Jackie-O!

iLsEoRt tagged this Cute

...missing street pics...


can you do closeups of the shoes too?


@jeanine – you can see close up of these shoes if you go back to Day 28, May 28. Enjoy!

Lindsay tagged this Hot

This is a lovely transformation of the dress.

Mariah tagged this A Fashion Education

Congrats on passing the $15K mark today! That's education for just over 41 children for a year!

Tanya tagged this Hot

Sure...I'd wear it! 25 years ago....*L* Seriously...its adorable!

Anna tagged this Cute

Great outfit! I tried to join Green team numerous times today to support your project but no luck :-( just wouldn't let me submit..

Darby tagged this Cute

Love the gloves/tights/shoes, but the top is a bit tacky...

Marília Lacerda tagged this helegante

you are fabulous !!

cecilia brandao

They are copying you here in Brasil in "Globo TV" in "Fantástico" a sunday night show, did you know? By the way, please could you tell me what eBay is? Thanks Cecilia

holly tagged this Retro

Love the patterned shirt. Now, off to check out the eBay site, another way for me to donate.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Fabulous! I love the contrast of orange/black and white. Wonderful gloves too.

Luana Magalhães/ Brazil tagged this Hot

so sexy huney


So Chic, and the perfect title!

@marycray tagged this Cute

a very Gwen Verdon look.

Fashionista_84 tagged this Try Harder


Payal tagged this Classy

The shirt absolutely transforms the dress. Lurve the gloves! Whilst I do get the white pumps, leggings...wondering if it could've been better. But either way...great job! And YYAAYY! 15K! Good on ya!

melia tagged this Hot


Payal tagged this P.S:

When you wear the dress with the buttons on the backside...could you show us how it looks from the back as well. Just curious about how it falls! Cheers!

Casey Blue tagged this Cute

This outfit is so cute it's making me look past my negative connotation of orange+black with halloween. Also, your hair looks absolutely fabulous today.

Navina tagged this Hot

Very nice!


gorgeous! you definitely look like you're going to have tea with jackie o.

Tara tagged this Hot

Yay! You made it past 15K. That's great... but now everyone has to seriously up the ante and get that number way up there. Imagine if everyone who visited the site pledged just $1 a day!!!?

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

no one on the corners have swagg like us!!!

Sara tagged this Hot

This is my favorite outfit yet! So cool!

Jolly M tagged this Cute

fabulous look, sheena.I like today's hair style.Anna is right. I had right user ID & password, but nothing happens on clicking submit!tried many times.

Anneka tagged this Brave

Can't get the green team to work - will keep trying though!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Brave

Seasonal colors!

kimi tagged this Cute

sheena, congratulations on crossing $15k. love the project. miss the outdoor shots though. hope you can bring them back.

MS tagged this Eh

It looks a litlle 70s flight attendant for me.

Vanessa tagged this Hot

I really love this look! One of my favorite so far. You look very Mary Tyler Moore!

Claudia tagged this Hot

Very lovely and sexy!

Irene tagged this Hot

Very classy, and the shirt transformed the uniform.

Danielle tagged this Brave

Love the shoes! Not crazy about the ivory & patterned top combo--but you go girl!


LOVE IT! So retro!

BethBG tagged this Cute

I love this, but think it would look better with dark tights and your blue boots :=D XX's

Cynthia tagged this Hot

most excellent!

gruvee tagged this Cute

tres chic

tiger stripe tagged this Brave

It looks very different!

Beth tagged this Cute

A blast from the past.

Cecilia Almeida tagged this Brave


Kiwiken tagged this magical metamorphosis

If this blouse doesn't transform the dress, then I don't know what does!

Dinah Sanders tagged this Hot

Love this one!