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May 09

This day belongs to Julie.
"Can't wait to get the LBD!"
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Day 06. Wed, May 06 2009

Tangled up

Fabric necklace by Etnyk paired with a thrifted cherry blossom top, metallic socks and vintage clogs.


Miss Yvonne tagged this Perfect!


nioivo tagged this Cute

yes, 1 dress but many other things

Jenny tagged this Hot

LOVE this! Idk about the piecy necklace, perhaps a cute scarf instead but the shoes are perfect with the print top.


One of the rate choices should be bold. This is certainly bold.

ninh tagged this Cute

my favorite for may

Victoria tagged this Fantastic!

Love it!

archi tagged this tangy!!!

love the fabric necklace!

RDL tagged this Cute

The necklace is fantastic!

ttt tagged this Hot

love it, especially the color matching with socks, shows, top. I'm actually not big on the necklace, though.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i love where your mind is going

celine tagged this Hot

the right mix of unlikely elements

mrsknielsen tagged this Hot

I love it. Finally a little bit of color...not much though.

Hannah tagged this Cute

Love the necklace and the socks over the stockings.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is like the cute little Artsy/hipster/indie girl thing. I can dig.


The necklace is a safety hazard. You could get strangled.

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Hot

this project is really original! Great idea!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

i like this. the style is brave but the colors are simple

Bri tagged this Hot

The necklace! I <3 it!

mariana pimentel

love that!!!!

laney tagged this Cute

top half=cute...nix the shoes and/or socks

Aricia tagged this Brave

amazing!!! love that dollie look... but the shoes....not really!

Vinicius tagged this Cute

Hi Akanksha, I'd like to write a article about your idea for a newspaper here, in Brazil. could you write me back for this adrress vinicius.martelli@grupofolha.com.br? tks


Well done! What a great idea and an even greater execution! May many follow your wonderful initiative!

Jannie tagged this Adorable

I love these colors on you.

BellaG. tagged this Hot

Really really cool! Love this necklace!!!

Me tagged this Hot

The best outfit so far! Love the neckpiece, and you color-coordinated perfectly :D

coconaut tagged this Hot

Oh hells, yes!

Sarah tagged this Try Harder

This is a fairly dark ensemble. I love the basic, yet popping colors.

SINACALL0624 tagged this SWEETNESS

Where the h**ll have I been all this time!!! ;-) Can't believe I missed out on something so unique...now that I think of it I think I erad bout this in a magazine..possibly NYLON??!!?? newho I have ALOT of catching up 2do!! guess I will b on the PC all nite checking out these sweet ideas!!! I AM ALREADY INSPIRED!!! Cant wait 2 c the rest!!

Irene tagged this Hot

I like the scarf. This is so much chirpier than what you had recently :)