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November 09

This day belongs to fotina.
"Only the knees know where the legs will go, underneath the black curtain that hides us so. "
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Day 201. Tue, November 17 2009

Tangled up with you

Scarf donated by Christina Ooi. Vintage hat from treehouse brooklyn, tights from Sockman and staple shoes from Alter.


Carolyn Elliott tagged this Brave

Brave is a good description. Avant-garde is another!

mm tagged this !

was feeling under the weather. now feel better. thank you ms. matheiken.

wasabipear tagged this Two-to-Tangle

A wintery perk!


Lovelovelove - especially the hat and the scarf.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great scarf!


It was a grey weekend in NYC (I was there for 2 days), but am glad you're adding color again to the UP! Love the scarf!

Mara tagged this Snazzy

I always adore your tights. And the little bowler hat is so cute.

Scully tagged this Wonderful!

I LOVE that scarf! You are looking great!

holly tagged this Cute

Dear Sheena, you are looking lovely, if tired. I trust you are taking care of yourself. BTW, cute outfit, I have enjoyed some of the simpler looks of late.

ammakke tagged this "cozy"

love the "tangled' look,Sheena. The socks&the scarf are lovely.


Those stockings are so nice! I want them!! Scarf is beautiful =)

Christina Ooi

Yay!! That's my scarf!! :) I'm so happy! http://www.blogger.com/home

anneka tagged this the hat is so....

Charlie Chaplin!

David tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena,here's the bag by RHC, "http://bit.ly/3iLC7r" that we would like to donate to your cause, let us know how to. thx.

Chloe tagged this Underwater Goodness

Ooohhh the scarf reminds me of a jellyfish

Ana tagged this Cute

Loved everything, specially the hat...

Tmyntmyn tagged this Cute


Payal tagged this Cozy!

Love the tights! Gorgeous look!

Dee tagged this Cute

I like-y!

Juanita tagged this Try Harder

Like the tights, but it looks like bandages unravelling around your neck.

hhh tagged this Hot

I LOOVE THIS!! this look makes your legs look a mile long. adorable outfit.

Rebecca tagged this Hot

Hey I'd love to make myself one of these versatile frocks! You could sell the pattern on here!!??

???? tagged this hot

??? ????? ???? ??????

Bianca tagged this Cute

I loved the outfit!

Claire tagged this Mighty fine!

Love the tights. I always love the tights!

SGB tagged this Hot

Love the scarf!

nini tagged this perfect

can we a close-up of this scarf? it's beautiful!

megintosh Italy tagged this Cute

A clockwork sweety ;)

Louise tagged this A Great Mix

Some of your tights are just to die for. Like these. Paired with the hat scarf and shoes it's just... the perfect balance.

Dakota tagged this Hot

My favorite outfit so far!



Samantha tagged this Hot

Sheena, I love this outfit. The tights and that gorgeous scarf pull it together.

Jane tagged this Cute

awesome <3

georcut tagged this stilye

wow I like it

Miss Green Tea tagged this Cute

Love the whole outfit, but especially the boots and tights!

Mandy Moo

Sweet little outfit to hang out with your mates in...x