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September 09

This day belongs to Sofie.
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Day 178. Sun, October 25 2009

Sunday blues

Vintage pillbox hat donated by Louise Goldsmith, thrifted blue scarf and vintage pumps from eBay.



I love the blue and black combo, such a nice pop!

isa tagged this brava

so chic and simple

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the blues

mimi tagged this Cute

Pretty blue!

Daniella tagged this Try Harder

Cute. Just lose the hat.


need a hat closeup

Anonymous tagged this adorable

love, love, love!

Deb tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this frohman event

Thank you for getting up early today. I'm addicted to your website and can't go to bed before I've seen the newest outfit. And that's sometimes pretty late here in Switzerland :-( . But today is perfect and again I love the combination. So elegant and clean.

Anonymous tagged this Cheer up!

You look amazing, get rid of those blues!

kc tagged this Perfectly Matched

How did you get all those blues to coordinate so well!?

trisha tagged this sweet and demur

love it

Anonymous tagged this Cute

stellar hat!

Irene tagged this Cute

I love the shade of blue. But I don't like the shape of the hat.


Love the scarf c:

Whitney tagged this BLUE!

Love the pop factor of this one.

Mariah tagged this Stunning Simplicity

Nice to have the focus be on the terrif hat (!) and pops of blue for accent. Like it!

Rafa Gil tagged this Cute

Soooo Cute!!!

czarinakathryn tagged this Hot

gorgeous blues.

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

interested hate

Tami tagged this Cute

I wish I had had this to wear to church, today! too cute!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Long and clean line.

Kiwiken tagged this Try Harder

Love the blue, hate the hat.

holly tagged this smart

Isn't it getting cold where you are? The uniform dress is holding up well; almost half way there!

Jose tagged this Cute


Edward tagged this Cute


ammakke tagged this Cute

simple & yet so sweet. that hat stands out special & the scarf on U gives a cozy feeling.

meg tagged this Cute

very cute!

emma tagged this blu-tiful

love the blue, looks gorgeous on you.

Betty Pape tagged this Cute

We like the blue color coordinating with the black stockings! Pert!

Mara tagged this Adorable

Love the blues! The hat is great!

kiera tagged this nice!

great scarf; the hat may not be the *ultimate* in greatness, but it works.


I like the hat, contrary to others. It looks wool, but need a close-up to see better. Blue is my fav color, so love the different varieties!

Ana tagged this Cute

These shoes are incredible :)

margo bowers tagged this Cute

the "Style Boomerang" love that Hat !!

Payal tagged this Oh-so-cute!

Simple, classy and cute! Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Classy

Very classy! I love the simplicity of the chic. Makes a nice Sunday dress.

johngood tagged this Cute

Cute, love the hat.

jess tagged this Try Harder

SOZ BUT ITS ALL NOT VERY COLOURFUL but next time put more colours in there because most things go with black i mean come on try one everything

ammakke tagged this Cute

sorry, couldn't catch up with u on saturday, but paid a visit to350.org< amazing , awesome !!Wish more people get bothered about such a significant matter..

yobe tagged this Electric blue

Simple but effective. Love that blue!

Dee tagged this Cute

very cute and quaint

Electro Geisha tagged this Cute

Lovely outfits, and the project. i was really thrilled with the idea, so i spread the word and made a feature about your project :) keep on with the same sparkle :) http://geishatrysfashion.blogspot.com/2009/10/one-dress-for-365-days.html


LOVE the hat!!

NCVapor93 tagged this Cute

Love the blue/black combo! Will the dress be available for sale at the conclusion of the project?

Tita tagged this Cute

Just found out a couple weeks ago the project! Congrats for this great attitude!

Jasmine tagged this Hot



oh, thats's nice. modern

Cynthia tagged this Cute



so chic. love the hat.



akeelah tagged this Cute

i like the hat!