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May 09

This day belongs to Sai.
"So excited that we could start our life as a couple this day and I'm so happy I could celebrate that by sponsoring this day! Happy Anni Husbando! "
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Day 03. Sun, May 03 2009

Sunday best.

Shoulder capelet put together from a pair of removable ruffle top collars. Vintage ladybug cloche from ebay. And my favorite pair of Laredo lace up boots.


oraia tagged this fantastic!

love the collars/capelet!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the shoulder accessory


what a lovely pious and innocent flair, I love it

Jenny tagged this Cute

very cute concept, I almost think the color would be cuter in a darker color of some sort.


love the boots and the very bold capelet!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great color. I want those shoes!

Nabila tagged this fabulous

I am in love with those boots!

ttt tagged this Batty

Not really feeling this one (which is rare). I think it's both the hat and the capelet. The capelet reminds me of puritans. I do like the lower half though.

Salina tagged this Cute

Very cute. I dig the capelet.

kim cee tagged this Cute

ohmilord - where did you get those boots?!?!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute, but I don't think I can wear it like this though..

Meena Mathew

Woooow Sheena Chechy!! This one is too goooood... :)

vst tagged this Brave

I love every outfit that I have seen so far. You are so creative

Cherrygirl tagged this Cute

Cute !


Gorgeous boots x

Jenna tagged this Cute

I really love that hat!

Jodi tagged this Cute

Love the colour of those tights - cute!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

would be better without the collar, but i like the rest of the outfit

Dawn tagged this Cute

Love the cloche

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love your boots too!

Aricia tagged this Cute

ohhhh!!! i loved that hat!!!! so cute ;)

Ashe tagged this Cute

Love the hat

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Love this

Anonymous tagged this Cute

oh wow! So much of this outfit I love!! The shoes and the ladybug hat! I would love to own that hat! Have you thought of selling some of the accessories to raise more funds?

Katie tagged this Cute

That hat is adorable!

coconaut tagged this Cute

I'm not really a capelet person, but this works for me. Just not ON me.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Whimsically elegant.

Sarah tagged this Cute

You know, I was just thinking, it's got to be fun to wear a dress everyday. I love dresses! (And that hat is the cutest)


Juste une idee pourquoi ne pas commercialiser ce modele ; un seul , l unique .. je pense que pour beaucoup de monde cette robe ne sera pas qu un simple accessoire mais un symbole , porteur d une idee avec en fond pour les fashionnistas une facon de participer au project. Une robe dont la commercialisation sera au profit du project. Just an idea

Francine tagged this Hot

I love your hat and I love this look!

Josephine tagged this Don't try so hard!

Don't like the cloche or the collar. Nice boots/tights combo, though.

Gabriel? tagged this compulsive

unbelieveable. I would like to look as you

eowyn tagged this Cute

love your boots