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August 09

This day belongs to Mikimoo.
"This is sooooo cute. Funky, girlie with a vintage twist. I can't wait to play with this dress. "
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Day 136. Sun, September 13 2009

Sunday Tea

Vintage carpet bag hat from Cobblestone New York, Salvation Army vest, brass brooch donated by Siri from Treehouse Brooklyn and vintage suede pumps from eBay.


chikks tagged this Cute

first comment for the day :) lovely hat,never seen anything like it... n the brooch... overall adorable!

Deb tagged this classy

Beautiful combination of colors and textures. Loving it!

Celia tagged this J'adorable!


Mara tagged this Cute

Love the shoes!

Mariah tagged this Perfectly Brewed to a T

Very Jackie-O-goes-global. Understated, slightly prim, but daring/bold for the 00s. Pumps are tied for # 2 on my UP fav footware list . . . Great!

Irene tagged this Cute

I'm not a fan of the hat but, everything is really cute.

Sam tagged this Shoelove

OMG. Those shoes I am in love


i'd love it without the vest


no one else could pull wearing off those 80s shoes with such style!

Maria tagged this Asian

Asian-inspired...maybe it's the hat or the shoes...idk but it seems like the outfit came from Turkey or Uzbekistan


Those shoes are great. Love this look.

Kendall tagged this Cute

I absolutely LOVE what you're doing! Keep up the fantastic work!


I literally gasped out loud at how lovely this is. You're doing great work; I really admire your project.


I love it - Although not sure about the hat :S

Payal tagged this Niiicccee!

See that's why you're so cool! I never in a million years thought a black dress with white tights could be played around with any colour other than red! P.S: I reinvented my wardrobe for a party on Saturday, and then for another one on Sunday - let's just say, it's as gratifying as shopping!

SP tagged this Cute

I totally love the shoes and the pin on your vest!

m tagged this Cute

love at first sight. beautiful

Cynthia tagged this hot-flower-hat-lady

ohmygosh -luv the pumps!

Never gonna kno tagged this Cute

I assume you won't be donating any of your acssecories to your commentors, if so...CAN I HAVE THOSE HEELS?????

@marycray tagged this Cute

Love the shoes.

Emily tagged this Try Harder

I don't like the vest much, but the hat is cute :)

pixelated tagged this Cute

I love the outfit, great shoes but I am starting to get very sick of the warm warmers

ammakke tagged this adorable

I love that hat very much, adds style to your outfit ..looks great on U.Those suede pumps are gorgeous.


Lovely, very Jackie. Don't like the print of the hat, it looks like poor Eastern woman going to church.


does nothing for me...

Beth tagged this Cute


vintage girl

hat & shoes make the outfit work. Love your creativity!

yobe tagged this Cute

The hat is fun - bet it was warm! I quite like this - you look like a pixie child

vanessa dg tagged this perfect!

perfect! love ur outfit totally!!!

Roberta tagged this Breathtaking!

This is just so beautiful it took my breath away! Fabulous!


Also love the shoes! I've been away & am just now catching up - great variety!!

Derek S. tagged this Cute

I know nothing about fashion. But I know something about cute. This is cute!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Perfect outfit, in love with the hat.como hacer dinero en internet