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June 09

This day belongs to s. macalester.
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Day 49. Thu, June 18 2009

Summerless newyork.

Vintage blouse and Laredo boots from eBay.


NemoNesciat tagged this cool

or is it cold? No, definitely cool.


Love the collar

Juneau tagged this Cute

Love the vintage rose and blue combo. Nice!

Kristen tagged this Cute

I love that blouse!

Anonymous tagged this so creative!

you are absolutely insane and i love it

Katharine tagged this Hot

I love the color combinations here. This is very ladylike yet funky.

Britwatch tagged this well turned out

hey this one is really cool, we likey we likey. Is it a bit chilly out there then?

JackP tagged this urban retro

Great, great idea... you go, girl!

shuchi tagged this Hot

lovely color!

RDL tagged this Cute

Love the blouse.

Miss Jane tagged this Cute

Excellent blouse!


britwatch, yup. Dismal weather in new york.

mads tagged this Hot

i luv the top!!!

Dennice tagged this Urban Hip

I love the neckline detail of the blouse, and of course, the boots with the legwear.

Cris V. tagged this Cute

I loved the blouse. Perfect combination dress + blouse.

Darcey tagged this Cute

this is so much fun to follow. My associate Jessica Vaughan is only shopping her own closet for one year, from Earth Day to Earth Day. This definitely takes it a step beyond. Nice work.

PassionatelyPink tagged this Brave

This project is not only brave, but Genious!! I'm sooo inspired to be more creative with outfits and to shop my own closet. The blouse is to die for!!

Di tagged this Cute

I love this combo as well as the whole concept of your site. Your layering has inspired my outfits, however I need several more considering I am in mid New Zealand winter! Keep them coming!

Jane tagged this Brave

Love the pleats on the collar and jabot, and the teal/dusty rose combo!

Catalina tagged this Perfect!

The boots are awesome! Gorgeous collar on the blouse...

cwhf tagged this Classy

Very elegant

Anonymous tagged this Batty


lisa tagged this Hot

You amaze me! Love the colour combo. love the blouse which shouldn't work but really does.

Eri tagged this Cute

I love your challange!! from japan^^


creative and refreshing. love the colors combi!

Faira tagged this Hot

this is gorgeous!


I am convinced you can pull off any look! This outfit is chic in a very sweet way.

nav tagged this Cute

so much fun!!

Shalini George

Sheena, this is such good fun to follow. Loved the colour combo.

ANONYMOUS tagged this Cute

this is amazing you should join lookbook.nu you may get a lot more fans and donations =D

Chumbequedemango tagged this Cute

Linda blusa.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great blouse! I'm still gushing over the shoes.

Anonymous tagged this Genius!

PERFECT! My favourite!!!

poplob tagged this Cute

so cute

eleanorhope tagged this interesting/ladylike punk

very pretty and interesting combo.

Nadia tagged this SUPER AWESOME!

My favourite so far! That blouse is amazing.

ET tagged this Nice on top

Shirt is very elegant. Would have preferred daintier shoes and tights.

Rachel tagged this artsy-beautiful

Just read about you on Glamour.com! I think you are so cute! Way to take on a cause you believe in and make it fun/challenging!

clare tagged this Cute

this might be my favorite one so far!

WhiteHeartsWulff tagged this Awesome!

This is so funky! I wish I could coordinate like you do!

jen@flowerdancer.com tagged this Funfunfun!

I wore these blouses in the eighties, so according to the rule I'm 'not allowed' to wear them again (thank heavens) but it sure looks great on you!

Nicole tagged this Cute

I REALLY like it :)

t-kay tagged this Hot

love the blouse!

lorna tagged this secretary-cool

happy birthday to me :) love this. especially the blouse!

aino tagged this Cute

brilliant colour combo - inspired!

maggie thunder tagged this Batty

@#$%^&* this is simple at its best

Fabiana BF tagged this Lovely

Lindo, muito romântico

maj tagged this Cute

the top looks flowy, i like it! not so much on the blue stockings though...but i like the boots.

Supermophed tagged this Batty

a little crazed but i do love the puffy sleaves and the neckline

Sara tagged this Cute

Amazing! :)

Arwen521 tagged this Brave

Incredible shirt!

Addie tagged this Try Harder

I really don't like this at all. Those shoes are not good & the shirt is a statement peice so it should be worn as the focus of the outfit.


try harder for the shoes.

Anonymous tagged this gorge.

Very Edwardian.. LOVE the ruffled detail at the neck. Simply lovely.

Amy tagged this Cute

Lovelovelove this one! Definitely one of my favourites so far.

Nikki tagged this Cute

Somehow it works! well done.

Cecilia, age 12 tagged this Sweet

I only learned about the uniform project a little while ago, and I think it's very cool. The blouse is really nice and I adore your boots! Overall great outfit.


Oh, that's great. but one small note, it would be better with high-heel shoes


you are the most skanky ] ]#'/

Kiefer tagged this Urgh


Cat Young tagged this yummy

The blouse is lovely! The pleats make it extra feminine!

Pear Picker tagged this LOVELY

thats and ultra uber chic blouse