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June 09

This day belongs to SMason.
"So simple and cute. Love it!"
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Day 58. Sat, June 27 2009


Caitlin Kuhwald Owley necklace designed and donated by Gretchen Diehl. See more of gretchen's lovely work at gretchendiehl.com Vintage Huarache sandals and Bakelite belt from eBay.


Aj tagged this Hot

Really dig this look shinnajoy; crisp is what it is. C-R-I-S-P. Lovely.

dearilou tagged this Cute

Ah! Love that necklace!

Jess tagged this Cute

Is there any way you can include pictures in your rss feed. I'm really enjoying your pictures but sometimes I'm too lazy to click through!

Britwatch tagged this Winner

sunny here too! Have a good wknd uniformproject!

Inspired by The Project

Hot look for a summer day!

Anonymous tagged this Cute



i'm really impressed by how one single dress can look that different every day. i think you're doing a great job.

Edith tagged this Cute

I love the necklace and headband. Your going to be hot in the summer with that black dress on! I can't wait to see what your going to wear on my birthday (the fifth of July)

Edith tagged this Cute

P.S. This is so inspiring to people all around. I love the idea of this project! You do you ever wash the dress?

Katie Sue tagged this Cute

<3 the subtle braided headband. you've inspired me to only buy sale, ebay, or thrift finds and focus more on accessories than all the clothes that are out of style in a month. i feel more like me! thanks!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Super cute necklace!

Sarah tagged this Cute

So simple, so sweet. What I keep wondering as I look at this site, though is... where can I get one of these dresses, too?!

julia tagged this Cute

You are awesome :) Have you made that dress by yourself or have you buy it somewhere? :) I would like to have dress like that! <3

Carmen tagged this Cute

i just love the necklace.

Anonymous tagged this summer chic

Perfect for the hot days of summer

Anonymous tagged this Cute

It's cute but you should have black shoes.

Rachael tagged this Cute

Nice and simple.

Shelby tagged this Try Harder

A little uninspired..

Noelle tagged this Brave

it's good but I might have liked it more if the belt matched the shoes?

Juneau tagged this Cute

Yes, simple for summer. Nice . . .

Kristy tagged this Cute

Love the owl charm.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the look plain and simple, nice necklace, not sure about the shoes...nice thighs!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Simple, but stylish.

caroline tagged this Cute

i like the hairband.

gretchen tagged this Cute

that little owley and the rest of my jewelry is posted at www.birdqueen.etsy.com! thanks for sporting it! you look so good!

Marita from SNT48 tagged this Hot

wow, I just discovered the Uniform Project and I'm hooked. What a great idea, what a great outfit!

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the accessories.

Creatipa tagged this Hot

love everything about this outfit!

Sara tagged this Cute

Ooh, I love that necklace! I totally wish you were my neighbor or something so we could got shopping together cuz you've got amazing style! Love it!

Keisha tagged this Cute

I am in love with that necklace! This outfit is simple, but very well put together.


simple and super cute : )

Addie tagged this Hot

Love the necklace!


lack of inspiration, we know the belt, seen to often.

another watcher

love this

Nikki tagged this Cute

A little too simple, but it's still cute.

Aricia tagged this Cute

basic...but lovelly!!

vinamarata tagged this Cute

the necklace is ohh-soo-pwetty!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is very well put together love it!



Steph Jay tagged this Cute

Aw, this outift is adorable. I like the belt.


HOOT, Shhen, this is an amazing one, fantastic, just fantastic. Como hacer dinero