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February 10

This day belongs to DMae.
"The red platforms and the red tights are so wonderful! Just need a red hat to polish the look. DMae"
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Day 297. Sun, February 21 2010

Strawberry spring cake

Picking up some old favorites this weekend... printed blouse and vintage platforms from eBay and tights from SockDreams.



love it :)

Jezz tagged this Cute

strawberry fields forever ?

noa tagged this TALL

wow! are those shoes hard to balance in? have you twisted your ankle yet?

lostinnotation tagged this Delicious cuteie pie

This looks brilliant, reminds me of spring being only just around the corner. Shoes are fantastic

wasabipear tagged this Presh

Is that a braid in your hair missy?

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cuuute! I love the colored outfits that pop against the dress.

eryn tagged this Cute

I've been waiting 297 days to see what you would wear on my birthday! I'm so excited you gave me a cake!

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ammakke tagged this "adipoli"

Fiery, fabulously fantastic Outfit, Red Girl in the ring...Reflecting the bubbly mood????!!!!!!! The classy blouse sharing some secret with the stunning shoes?...Simply hot & smart.Love it.

che tagged this cheer

where are you taking this fab outfit to?

monica tagged this Hot

love it!!! :)

holly tagged this brilliant!

Oh my goodness! How fantastic is matching shoes and blouse as an idea? You look great; excellent old favourites to own.

christine tagged this spring's in your step!

the amazing UP platform is reflected beautifully in your sole

ivygail tagged this Simply Charming

I love this outfit. I have never liked shirts with that type of collar but us would totally rock it this way. It just makes me saty How Sweet!



jolly M tagged this perfecto

wow.....Fabulous outfit ... & yummy..yummmmy strawberry ? I can't help it...I-scream..I-scream "where is my Icecream"?

Helena tagged this Cute

Great colors. Just curious, 297 days into the experiment with seven dresses, how's the fabric holding up, and what have you learned, if anything, about taking care of fabric? Are you washing them or dry-cleaning? Iron straight or using something like a handkerchief over the fabric? Other tricks? If we're to be more creative with our clothes and keep them longer, we (I) need to learn how.

Deepa tagged this Cute

Strawberries fields forever! I love it!

shanshan tagged this Hot

love red and black. sweet and sexy at the same time.


WOW - did those platforms come with the blouse?! They match perfectly! Love the red! Those are the highest shoes you've ever work during the UP!

Irene tagged this okay but could be better

cute blouse! But by the time I get to the shoes, I'm sick of red. But then again, I was never really a fan of those platforms.... Or maybe it's because I've been seeing red literally everywhere recently.

lillian tagged this Cute

i want to be driving down the rode in my old blue pick up and see you at a roadside strawberry stand and load as many strawberries as i possibly can into my car and make pies forever

Emily Kennedy

Freakishly adorable.

Zaza tagged this Hot

I am in love with this outfit! You look adorable in it!

Heidi tagged this Red hot

Those shoes are amazing!

Payal tagged this Redelicious!

Berry sweetness with just a minty twist. Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

So cute!

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Queen of Coordination

How did you manage to get shoes and shirt matching. Nobody could feel glum wearing this outfit. @ Helena. I'm with you. I'm washing some things less or by hand and it seems to be working but tips please Sheena.

Calochortus tagged this Cute

Seriously too adorable!

Mathi tagged this Cute

Strawberry cute! I love the red tights and the neck!

safali tagged this super-duper!

so fab and glam and sexy! high fashion! love it love it love it!

lovesonic tagged this Cute

Nice! love the matching fabric...


Beyond adorable. The red is gorgeous and the blouse and shoes match perfectly.

Linda tagged this Hot

Wow, it's so bright and cheerful! Good for what ails you! :p

Anonymous tagged this Hot


bowo84 tagged this Cute

very useful for us...thank you, home improvement

Eithne tagged this Red Hot

Just plain WOW. Red never had it this good.

Yelle tagged this Cute

Nice and simple. :-)


@Helena, @beinzstalk – I handwash the dresses by soaking them in gentle detergent for 10 minutes, and then drip dry them. There's a little bit of natural fading, but they've held up really well so far!

moon tagged this Hot

this is what i would imagine the "lady in red" wearing

Samantha tagged this Ravishing!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful This is my favourite outfit so for on U.P. The shoes are incredible especially paired with the blouse Keep it up!

em tagged this Hot

I just let out a mental squeal. The shoes and tights are soul mates, made for each other. Love it.


this outfit is gorgeously sweet.

Lisa tagged this Cute

I love the shoes!

ANONYMOUS tagged this Brilliant

Heart the shoes, heart the leggings, Heart the red...OH it's just gorgeous all over

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I love all of this red, your legs look endless!


?????? ?????!!!

Chtite Cousette tagged this Grooooooovy!


Nicole tagged this fabulous

LOVE this one. the shoes are awesome.