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November 09

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Day 197. Fri, November 13 2009

Starting again gently

Today we recommence our dailies with deepest regard for Jerry Fuchs and his loved ones. Moving forward should in no way suggest a diminishing of sorrow or respect. While fashion may seem frivolous at a time like this, it has been our vehicle to advocate positive change in the world, and we hope the money we've raised for the children of Akanksha is a testament to this mission.

Many of Jerry's friends helped orchestrate our fundraiser event and our sincere gratitude and sympathies go out to all of them. We will always be here for his friends and family and available to speak if they have any questions.

And we thank you, our supporters, for your understanding and your compassion. You are a great community to be a part of, and it is our hope that our fans and critics alike will understand the best of intentions and deepest of respect with which we move forward.

- Sheena


chris k tagged this good to be back

Well said above. Good to see you back Sheena.

Dee tagged this Cute

Glad you're back. I like this outfit. The tights look perfect for the current weather.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

May Jerry rest in Peace and I am sure he is looking down on you with his gentle eyes and is happy you're back on! thank you for what you're doing! thank you for the children and thank God for you!

Mara tagged this Tasteful

It is very good to see you're back, and anyone who would criticize you for returning... is... mm. Don't listen to them.

julie tagged this Try Harder

Having read the tributes posted about Jerry, you not continuing with your project would annoy him greatly. I'm sorry for your loss. Celebrating a life lived is the best tribute, especially if it involves great accessories, maybe a feather boa tomorrow?

yuliya i. tagged this inspired

Your work is uplifting and inspirational. Continuing with this project, though with the memory of such a loss, is courageous, and it truly brings a smile to my face to see your image in front of the white background again. This project stood for a lot before, and it stands for so much more now. I applaud you for all that you have done and will continue to do.

Judith tagged this Brave

One foot in front of the other. So glad you are back and you are right to take it slow.

Linda tagged this Brave

So glad you are back, Sheena. Your efforts do make a difference, every day! I feel sure Jerry is watching down with pride. :-)

jen tagged this tasteful

I'm soo glad you've started again. I think that continuing this great project in the hopes of bettering a life, for whatever amount of time one has here on earth, is a most respectful thing to do in Jerry's memory.

Josie tagged this appropriate

Welcome back, I missed you.


Wonderful to see you back!

shen tagged this Brave

We all must carry on despite grief. Your response to Mr. Fuch's death has been both kind and respectful. We need his kin, the artists, to carry on. Your means of self expression is no less profound than any other art form. And when you are ready to express joy, that will be OK as well, for the living dishonour the dead by wasting the opportunity to really live.

Mariah tagged this Respectful

Welcome back. Take your time easing back into it.

Sue Yurick tagged this Respectful...

I think this project is about a lot more than style/fashion. Raising funds so kids can go to school is laudable in itself, but your re-use of so many thrift store finds is a testament to keeping things with a purpose rather than filling landfills. Each time I go to a thrift or consignment shop, I mention your project! Waiting for the longer, plus size pattern!!

ammakke tagged this gentle

With deep respect to Jerry's loved ones,It is a great relief to see You, Sheena Back in action slowly...

Wendy tagged this sincere

I can't say it better than your commenter, Jen: "I think that continuing this great project in the hopes of bettering a life, for whatever amount of time one has here on earth, is a most respectful thing to do in Jerry's memory."

Tara tagged this Brave

Welcome back. I think you handled this tragedy with grace and sophistication. I don't think anybody can criticize you for continuing and thinking of the children. I commend your work and your efforts. While fashion may seem frivolous, it is the message that is important. (and on a personal note, I missed seeing your face everyday!)

Ann Marie tagged this One day at a time...

As always Sheena, you are classy and appropriate and such a lady. I am sure Jerry is smiling. One day at a time for you and his family and friends...

Jen O'Malley tagged this strong

Happy to see you Sheena. Sending you all strength and love.


Welcome back



Jessica Mehrtens tagged this Brave

Perfectly said, I think you have conveyed that your intentions are true and sincere. RIP to your friend.

Kim tagged this Brave

You did the right thing xx

Irene tagged this tasteful

Welcome back and well said. While I miss looking at the amazing accessories, I think this is appropriate with the current situation.

Hanna tagged this Brave

It's so good to have you back, dear Sheena, I missed you but you did the right thing. Take care.

beck tagged this Brave

it's so good to see you back again. my prayers go out to you and Jerry's friends and family. thank you for being brave and continuing your project.


Despite my comment yesterday about taking all the time you need, I'm glad to see you back again Sheena :)

Britwatch tagged this Apropos

@Shen: thank you so much for your eloquent comment. I am delighted both to see the Project back, and to see the profusion of support on this forum. It's truly heartwarming under the circumstances.

abigail tagged this not frivolous

i'm deeply moved by your words.....u r an inspiration to all of us......and sheena, you look beautiful........

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Glad to see you back Sheena. I know you'll take it day by day and we'll continue supporting you.Our thoughts & prayers continue to be with all those who are affected by this tragedy. affecte

gruvee tagged this Brave

Definitely well said. Very respectful and good to see you back with this worthy cause.


Welcome back. Perfect way to "restart" the project, in a respectful manner for Jerry. Missed you!

amelie tagged this Brave

welcome back and thank you

Janice tagged this Just right.

Welcome back. It's good to see you continuing with the project.

emphatik tagged this Hogwarts at it's best

Blessed are those who mourn.

Maryjohn tagged this Properly somber

We do indeed understand dear Sheena and we support and applaud you. There is nothing trivial in your creative approach to sustainable wardrobe, fashion, and your worthy project of the Akanksha Foundation. I feel confident that Jerry is cheering you on from his new perspective! God bless you dear one.


Also glad that you're back.

Penny tagged this Brave

When I rate brave, I mean that it's very brave of you to get back into it all. Keep on keeping on :)


a very most respectful "yay!" to see you back here. can feel the tears and grief, but lovely to have you back.


You have handled this situation with sensitivity and grace. Just as you phased out gently, perhaps you could phase back in just as gently. Today is a good beginning. Many thoughts and prayers for Jerry's family and friends.

Shannon tagged this Nevertheless

I would encourage you that your mission honors, not disrespects, the memory of Mr. Fuchs--aside from the money raised, the UP inspires many to reduce waste, to value our planet's resources, to be wise with budgets, to simplify creatively. Many lives are improved in small ways here!


I remember the days, weeks, and months following 9/11. Being an artist at that time felt so meaningless. There were a few shows that I got to be a part of that were either about 9/11 or benefits and I was so glad to have something meaningful to do. I want to remind you that what you do also has a lot of meaning. You are benefiting the schools, you are inspiring people about reuse and good stewardship of the planet, and you are doing this with so much art and flair that it makes people happy. Coming here has become a daily ritual for me because it is such an inspiration..I have even been paying more attention to putting some creativity into my clothing choices instead of just my art. Sheena you are an inspiration and this is a good thing! That said, grieving is an individual thing and it is just a little more difficult for you because you have this audience to deal with. I hope you know that we will accept your grieving in whatever form it takes.

holly tagged this Brave

I was deeply moved to read this post. I trust a light continues to shine for you and yours in this dark hour.


Well put, Sheena.

Shevonne tagged this well said and done

So proud of how you handled these tough days... You're the best Chech... Take care and good to have you back..

Tunet Jordaan tagged this happy and exited.

I understood the reason for delaying posts. I just felt a bit dissapointed, as I am such a big fan of the site.

katie.s tagged this Brave

good on you. lovely to have you back...

Alianna tagged this Cute

simple, you could do better !

tash tagged this Brave

so glad to see you back again. just remember what a great cause you're doing this for x

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute


Dom tagged this Classy.

C'est super. Welcome back Sheena. You rock.

Ciara tagged this Hot

Am so happy to see you back. You bring a smile to my face every day :-)))

MBT tagged this Brave

You were missed and are now hugged...

Kim tagged this Just right

My thoughts and prayers have been with you and all of Jerry's loved ones this past week. I am glad that you have decided to move forward, and this outfit is just right for your first day back. I wish you all the best.


Sheena, Thank-you for your courage. You have lightened, brightened, and enlightened my life from day one. You and your efforts are by no means frivolous, and no one should judge them as such. You are as darling and droll as a puppy or a fairy princess in a child's dream, and I wish I could carry you in my pocket and comfort you as you have done for me. Bravo to you, and so many thanks for all that you do. For all concerned, I am sorry for your loss.


@ taru, how lovely, thank you for such kindhearted and beautiful words...

Payal tagged this Brave

:) I can't even begin to try to better the love on the page. So I'll just add to it. Ditto.


Excellent articulation of your and your team's thoughts.

abanana tagged this Brave

sheena, i was talking to my mother about your project and she commented that whenever someone has some success others are mean and try to bring the successful one down. you are doing great things. keep it up!


Glad you're back.

Mia Norris tagged this Cute

Hey! I realy like these white stripes. Even though I'm not sure about those tights! Nice that you're back!

Jane tagged this french (and fantastic)

oooh! this is so cute. you should go to my school. we all dress in neutrals and pretty simple things. this is a great project, by the way :) bisous

andi tagged this Try Harder

it looks a little bit like a nerd or so