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March 10

This day belongs to iisisy.
"This dress looks great everyday! Can't wait to have my own LBD :)"
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Day 334. Tue, March 30 2010

Starfish and Coffee

Printed tights donated by Amy, vintage velvet collar and pumps from eBay and hand painted bangles donated by the children of Akanksha. These bangles will be up for bid in Wave 2 of the Auction that will hit next Monday.
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Anneka tagged this mine, mine!

ooooh when can I buy those bracelets!!!!

ZS tagged this nice

Have been greatly enjoying your site for months; likewise wondering if a pattern could be made available for those of us who sew.

Amy tagged this Swirly

I love the contrast of the simple black dress to the colorful tights and bracelet. I'm not yet daring enough to wear printed tights but this outfit makes me really want to try it out! Also, those bracelets are beautiful. The kids painted them?

sarah tagged this Hot

those tights are mindblowing.

scary. tagged this the artist.

maple syrup and jam.


oh, and also^ starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam. Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham! (love that song to bits and pieces)

holly tagged this hot legs

I am quite inspired by the variety of tights & socks you have worn over the year. Autumn is here; I'm looking forward to trying a bit of leg wear experimentation with the cooler weather.

Mara tagged this Hot

I am so in love with those tights and shoes!!! Love, love, LOVE.


beautiful beautiful bangles.

Ryley tagged this Beautiful

I love the colors... those tights are so cute!

becsta tagged this retro

those tights are awesome!

Payal tagged this Cute

This outfit makes me happy. It reminds me of what I would've said no to before, but now just can't wait to try! And those bangles are just precious. Loving the auction, btw! Good job UP team!

Payal tagged this 30 kids in 3 weeks!

Am I seeing things or did we just go from 156 kids to 186 kids in about 3 weeks? KUDOS UPers! GREAT work UP team! * moment of pride *

christine tagged this groove is in the heart

love the bangles because they were made with love. and some of the most creative things come from children's minds. plus they look wicked cool with the tights.

Beth tagged this Woohoo

How exciting to see the LBD on all those amazing (and lucky) women on the Get-the-Dress page. And soon they'll be all over the place.

Kaity tagged this colorful!

Those tights are amazing! Also, I will definitely be bidding on those fabulous bangles! Great outfit today! So colorful and happy on this rainy, gloomy day! :)

kelseykh tagged this oh la la


Sass tagged this fabulously colourful

I've placed my bid on Wave 1 accessories, hope to own a piece of UP! woohoo! love the bangles and love the tights! One month to go! So sad :-(


Btw - can we fit in one more LBD day around the world before the end of the project????

Irene tagged this Hot

Fun and loving today's outfit!

Payal tagged this @Sass

Let's do it right after the Auction. So week commencing April 12th? Maybe that Friday - April 16th. So the UP team is not bogged down with LBD day and we can keep the last month excitement going! What say?

ginnylin tagged this Hot

LOVE those tights and the way they blend in so effortlessly with the shoes!


do dupy z tym badziewiem i jeszcze ta stara baba a o w?osach jó? nie wspomnie wygl?daj? jak po wichó?e


$30 going to Akanksha from teh sale of the dress. Where is the remaining $150 going?

Linda tagged this Cute

So excited to see the LBD is available! Kudos to everyone involved to make this a reality! Would it be possible to release a pattern for the seamstresses amongst us? Sad to think there is just over a month left!

mandy tagged this Hot

you might like this: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Search&Key=CAP/2009/09/12/39/Ar03900.xml&CollName=TOI_DELHI_ARCHIVE_2009&DOCID=153285&Keyword=(mandvisharma)&skin=pastissues2&AppName=2&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T

ammakke tagged this spring spring sprung!

I am struggling for words after paying a visit to your auction site...awesome , organized ,real hard work & PERFECTION is the word which can do some kind of justice to complement on this endeavour & BTW those floral tights are sheer smartness& well suited for this time of the year.So pleased to see the funds raising ...Shall we hit....k???

Sass tagged this @Payal

Great idea, it can be one last send off to the UP!

moon tagged this Cute

the first thing i thought of when i saw the tights was "the earth" then after looking closer it was flowers and designs...accented so nicely with the bangles...somehow it all tied into the concept of sustainability and how awesome you are sheena!