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February 10

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"Just amazing tights."
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Day 280. Thu, February 04 2010

Staple gun

An assortment of some favorite staples that I have owned for years. All of them vintage purchases on eBay - the hat, the blouse, the pants, the boots. And there's that little black dress again.


Marcia tagged this Cute

Totally adore it! =)

Sai tagged this New World Symphony

I love love LOVE how you seamlessly take vintage piece and make them works of art. This is a wonderful outfit!

iuiu tagged this Amazing!!

I love all of those things! Actually I admred each one of them when I saw them before this

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Fantastic! The tiny splash of color on your legs really sets these neutrals apart. What would be an otherwise bland pallet has become exciting and interesting! I love how the blouse layers with the dress to add to the effect.

grandma tagged this all kinds of wonderful

Yay for staples, I have some goods ones in my closet too. I'm on my way to go get them and see what wondeful things I can do with them :)

che tagged this breaktaking

this outfit made me go ohhh, out loud. it totally works, even with those crazy diamond pants. this is in my top 10.

Mara tagged this Cute

Cute! Love the neutral colors and just the little pop of blue. Very sweet.

holly tagged this scroll down trick

Hey, you start at the top and it looks like Audrey Hepburn elegance, only to be tricked by the photo reveal; the bottom half is retro chic. Schizophrenic mix but it works for me!

scary. tagged this pure quailty.

dja know those leggins/trousers are one of my favourite items of clothing ever. seriously. i absolutely adore them. ya know the way a front garden adds vaule to a property, that's how those trousers work with you. yes people the better dressed my friends are the more value I have on the friendship. ;)

abigail tagged this ahh

audry harlequin hepburn!!!

scary. tagged this correction..

q.u.a.l.i.t.y - it's colm's birthday, we're in the company of margaritas. etc., etc., ;)

NoƩmi tagged this Cute

Yes, that's cute, i like it :) You're leggings reminds me Arlequino, Don't worry i love Arlequino, and you wear it so well :)

Britgirl tagged this Lovin the blouse

With all the cold weather, the funds raised box has seemed to be frozen! Lets hope there's warmer weather in the week ahead!

Payal tagged this Old trusty...

There's something very heartwarming about seeing your good ol' classics. It's like seeing an old friend :) Nice look...very clean! As usual, those boots are to-die-for!

Carissa tagged this All in one

THat's cool I would wear it


Classy with a hint of joker.

natalya tagged this Hot

love this, esp those pants and boots!

Tally's Place tagged this refreshing

I love everything you wear. But today, I'm especially happy that you combined things you have owned for a while. We have seen some of them before, but this combo is delightful.

Lindsay tagged this stapleriffic!

Oh, how I adore the boots, the pants, the scarf, the hat...they all flow wonderfully. But I especially adore those pants! They seem to keep popping up everywhere...and they continue to make your outfits look spectacular as ever.

kaity tagged this Cute

Simple and elegant. One of my favorites so far! I really enjoy the fancy top and the turquoise pop of the pants. :)

Sass tagged this individual

This is what makes fashion fun - reusing items to invent a whole new look! This is the message we need to send out to young girls... you don't need to follow the trends and spend money on the latest designer looks, you can look and feel extraordinary by being creative and showing your own personality! Confidence is the best accessory you can own!

christine tagged this diamonds are a girl's bff

this look is harlequin romantic! your old faves beat jeans and sweats anyday.

Laurence tagged this Hot

You are one trendsetting Girl! This outfit has class plus your own touch of flair with the thight pants and boots!

Sarah O tagged this Harlequin Romantic

A lot of strong pieces here - but they don't compete with each other - the grey hues tempering, what could be, garish pants. Pulled off very nicely. A very unique ensemble.

Ladro tagged this New classic

Classic chic with a modern twist in the chequered leggings. I love the way you have brought hats back to everday wear, not just the beach or special occasions. It really polishes an outfit and makes it special.

Pear Picker tagged this Gnarly as a NARWHALE

In this ensable you look as if you are super uber ultra chic court jester from the 40s. However I don't believe they still had court jesters in the 40s...nor were they ever chic...hmmm. Well I dig it man.

kimi tagged this bang bang shoot shoot

'happiness is a warm gun' said a famours quartet. words proved true by by this outfit of staples.

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Absolutely fabulous! Quite possibly one of the best, and certainly one of the most wearable.

Eithne tagged this Lovely

My, what a lovely reunion! :-D

Emmy tagged this !!!!

I think I actually covet the pants more than the dress.

ammakke tagged this Elegantly classy

That's a classy, elegant outfit well assorted from your favourite collection, Sheena.The collar Part of that blouse needs extra compliments.Love the 'melancholy' of sober shades that make that"little black dress"outstanding!

gruvee tagged this cuteness and a half

sweet like a treat so neat UP can't be beat :)

Linda tagged this Cute

I love how seamlessly you make everything work! The neutral tones are great, the harlequin tights add punch and it all looks great! :-D

miniscooper tagged this diamonds are a girl's bf

The diamond leggings, the jabot and the slouchy boots are an awesome trifecta! The mauve is a great complement to the easy-on-the-eyes green.

Laura Daly tagged this Ever Faithful Fashion

I love staples, those old friends that are always true to you. And they tame those newbies in your closet into your particular style.

Austen tagged this Cute

so cute

B tagged this Cute

tres chic

moon tagged this Hot

awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! so classy and chic. my FAV uniform project outfit <3


it's very creative and cute.

yota tagged this blazer and pants ideas

I would love to see you experiment more with the dress unbuttoned as a blazer and with pants. There are so many more ways to use it, even tho i know you like the leggings :))

yota tagged this blazer and pants ideas

I would love to see you experiment more with the dress unbuttoned as a blazer and with pants. There are so many more ways to use it, even tho i know you like the leggings :))

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Wow - this just works!

Cathy tagged this Cute

Love it! So creative... tks for sharing the experiences in INDIA... the project popped! keep up the great work... Namaste!

dellieann tagged this Cute

LOVE it!!!!

Nina tagged this Cute

This looks great!!!!!!

Tati tagged this Brave

Loved the boots!!!

vintage girl

love the creativity!

Anonymous tagged this ADORABLE!

this one is super cute! I'm loving it!!!

sasha tagged this Hot shoes hat and scarf

Love those shoes ill be rockiing them odee3