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September 09

This day belongs to Aimee Nicole Lee Lee Monihan.
"As this is the day I celebrate my life (my birthday), I'd like to also celebrate you Sheena, for all you've accomplished. With much admiration!! Props."
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Day 124. Tue, September 01 2009

Springing to Fall

Thrifted blouse from Beacons Closet, printed tights gifted by Cathy, Vintage shoes from eBay. Hand-crocheted sterling silver necklace donated by Siri of Treehouse Brooklyn.

Thank you all for voting us into the top finalists for the Nau Grant for Change. We will be posting updates on the final results on the U.P Blog.


Irene tagged this Cute

I don't know if anyone else would ever look good with this combination, but you look cute in it. I'm a little bothered by the shoes though.

yobe tagged this Cute

Very demure. Love the tights, they're gorgeous! I'd ditch the necklace but overall I like it

MaryRuback from Brazil tagged this Batty

Sorry, I didn´t like.

ammakke tagged this flowery

those tights give us the freshness of spring indeed!love them..Hearty congrats to Sheena & Eliza on qualifying as one of the top finalists!!well done, the competition was very tight,glad u made it.

siww tagged this Try Harder

These are starting to look a lot alike. i like the white under shirt. I heard someone say try some different things with pants i agree. i still love your sense and this project. Way to go!

Wendy Toth tagged this elegant

I love the shoes and tights (and necklace and shirt). I've never seen loafers quite like those and I consider myself a loafer aficionado.

Elena tagged this Cute

Another great back-to-school look!

Grace Dalton

Personally, I'd save the necklace for another outfit. LOVING the shirt and leggings! Haircut? Looks great!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the tights!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Summer-y, and very balanced (floral tights with phoofy sleeves). All very retro school-girl-ish, in a fun way. Great necklace!


Great outfit, I especially love the tights and poofy shirt.

Nina from Slovakia tagged this Try Harder

i don´t really like that tights

Gabrielle P.

did you get a haircut?? i like!


@Gabrielle P - Nope, just pulled it behind the ears.

KT tagged this Cute

Cute, but too many differences - black, white, brown, floral, silver. If you would pair this blouse with the white dress from August 2 (with black dress closed), you could have a "Heidi" look - or Little Bo Peep look. The lace from the white dress would peek out from under the black dress and this blouse would provide the puffy sleeves. Wearing a front corset-type top over the black dress and little black ankle boots with a solid color pair of tights would complete the look - unless you have a shepherd's crook lying around somewhere! LOL!

doobedoobedoo tagged this Cute

The tights are so fab!

m tagged this tomorrow will be better

this is ok... i don't like the white top but the rest is cute


Very "romance" inspired! I like it...

Deb tagged this digging it

Great palette of hues and shades in today's outfit - muted but wonderful. Also, digging the necklace-blouse combo.

Payal tagged this Fresh!

The floral tights are such a burst of freshness! you've really made it work - good on ya!

Luana Magalhães/ Brazil

Girl, you have the most awesome ideia that i've ever seen before. You're an inspiration to me, an ideal of creativity. Congratulations, your work is wonderful

tee tagged this get the word out!

Hey everyone, let's spread the word about The Uniform Project out by nominating Sheena and Eliza for the HuffPost Game Changers awards. Link here: www.tinyurl.com/huffpostnom

Molly tagged this Cute

Those tights are FANtastic


Adore the delicate necklace and the sweet blouse.


love the stocking, I don't think that the necklace is a must. I would have put something red instead.

mariel tagged this romantique

I like this look. it has this romantic renaissance-y feel to it. the puffy sleeves are a great touch. xo

Beth tagged this Batty

the tights are nice but that's it

holly tagged this Brave

I love those shoes, the patterned tights, that shirt and the necklace - but - all together ?

steph tagged this Hot

So adorable! This looks great!

Fiona tagged this Cute

Amazing, love the tights

bree tagged this victorian

i love your tights! not sure about the shirt with this though still lovely :) theartcupboard@blogspot.com

Justi tagged this generally nice

I would chose another tights

Kate tagged this Cute

Love the tights!

Lauren tagged this Cute

LOVE the tights!!!

Moritz tagged this Cute

i think you look pretty cute in that and i love the leggins! very good idea the whole thing!

Sammy tagged this Cute

LURVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hhh tagged this Hot


Tree tagged this Brave

LOVE the blouse and necklace...the tights...not so much.

supergirl tagged this Try Harder

very bold and brave!

HCT tagged this Cute

It's funny...I perused at least a month of these, and it just now dawned on me (in spite of the blatant signage to this effect) that this is the same dress each day! I love the thrift! And the creativity!


shoes & tights - yes! blouse - no!

Megan tagged this Brave

Way to ugly!

willow* tagged this LOVE

those shoes and tights look amazing together!