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August 09

This day belongs to Spunkdust.
"Sheena, I love this and, frankly, all the other outfit combinations you have conjured up for The Uniform Project -- which is the most brilliant and creative fundraising scheme I have ever come across!! My (donated, thrift store) hat is off to you and Eliza and the UP Crew for finding such a playful way to help under-privileged children in India."
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Day 135. Sat, September 12 2009

Speak less than thou knowest

In Ireland for the day for a Uniform Party fundraiser – the first of its kind, thanks to Mary Nally and her friends. Dressed as a Corkonian Court Jester for tonight's costume party. All proceeds from the party will go to the Akanksha funds. Read more about the event here.

Vintage hat found at a Pennsylvania auction donated by Sandra D. Jester socks from Sockdreams, and red dahlia felt brooch donated by Leslie Yang from www.feistyelle.com


Carole. tagged this Brave

My first thought, "hmmmm, I hope that's for a costume party..." and it is! So, Brava!

Chicago tagged this Hot

Costume or not, you still look fabulous. You'll be the star of the party.

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Zanny

Love the way you have combined the lacy look of the brooch, sleeves and even the hat. Its only the makeup that turns it into a costume. Love it.

Nick B tagged this Brave

Nice Outfit! We miss you at work!

wasabipear tagged this Queen of Hearts

The perfect ensemble for painting the roses red, or perhaps, Crimson. Have fun at the party ladies!

babz tagged this Cute

Marvelous!!! especially love the makeup and the saucy smile.

vinamarata tagged this eeekkss!!

not so cool. this kinda reminds of the joker from the dark night!

m tagged this Brave

love it!

Mara tagged this Adorable!

I adore this! Absolutely gorgeous. Love the red accents on the mostly black, and the stockings... so cute!

Jo tagged this SUPER

The BEST!!!! My favorite colors. The tights and hat...oh WOW!

Elisabeth tagged this Coolz!

I love the socks!

BethBG tagged this Cute

I collect jesters so I must have those socks! You're looking very festive, have fun at the party! XX's

Kim tagged this Funtastic

Simply adorable. The socks rock. Party on!

melia tagged this Hot


holly tagged this Hot

so clever

celine tagged this :)

you look like a lawn gnome - and quite a good-looking one at that! can't say how cute this is

Hianna tagged this ugly


mm tagged this child of paradise

movie references. i know... but so adorable. any one of these outfits, closing of the lids and instantly i c cinematic classics. your birthland should be proud to have you back for the visit.

Mariah tagged this Serious about Education !

Made me laugh -- in a good way! Great transformation of the uniform into costume !!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

you are AMAZING.

elizabeth tagged this WONDERFUL!!!

funny in a shakespearean kind of ilk - whimsical and strong at the same time.

eliot tagged this Try Harder

it could be alot more creative..

Brimel tagged this Cute

This is such a good costume.

mm tagged this spell check

Try Harder @eliot. 'a lot' is two words, not one. if it's too hard to remember just right click mouse then click "check spelling". it's easy.

AMM tagged this Céad Míle Failte.

ah sure I hope my Irish relations will greet you and make you feel welcome....Céad Míle Failte.

Rameshwer Nath Sharma tagged this Cute


scary. tagged this CRAIC.

miss ya stóreen!

Ammakke tagged this Hot

Nice to see you in great form in your birthplace Sheena! All the best!

Britwatch tagged this funky

Chin up ol boy, Eliot. We gotta get you up to three syllables soon. Just stick with the project you'll go places.

Nina from Slovakia tagged this Hot

It is crazy :D

Jolly M tagged this Cute

you look cuty & funny..... I am happy you were invited to Ireland ,your birth land-good old ireland.. I hope younboth enjoyed the interestying B'day party 7 the fund raising.

Jolly M tagged this Try Harder

@Hianna "ugly" What a shame you didn't have any suggestions with your comment-may be like you organising a fund raising party,inviting U.P & may be giving them your "valuable" suggestions !Think hard you may get few more creative ideas or ask sheena

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the tights, hat and brooch.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Smashing!

Thank you for letting us know about sockdreams. The dress code where I work has recently changed, and I cannot wear many of my bolder, colorful pieces. The new guidelines, however, say NOTHING about hosiery!

hhh tagged this aww

I like these backgrounds that you're working! just judging from these pictures you seem like you're in suck a good mood :)

hhh tagged this oops

*such... not suck... my bad.

hhh tagged this eeep

one last thing. where did you get your shoes?!?! I've always wanted a pair like those :(

Anonymous tagged this Sinister

Like the joker in The Dark Knight...you could be his sister-in-law!

the knotty hooker tagged this FAB u LOUS

a beautiful outfit for my birthday! you shouldn't have!!! xo

Payal tagged this Cute

Way to class up a clown!

Alexa tagged this Brave

This is amazing. One of my favorites so far.


I love the jester socks!


This I truly love!

yobe tagged this Leprechaun look

Now this is a demented pixie look! What fun!

Sue Yurick tagged this Cute

It doesn't hurt that you are a real cutie! This is a marvelous idea, but must you spend a lot of time in a robe while you launder your one dress? Could you design one for stout older women?

Sara tagged this Cute

I LOVE this! :)


so criative !

ines tagged this Play!

love the playful attitude!

Marie tagged this Genious

Why doesn't everyone do that???

Sandra D

Awesome Sheens!!


Huh, I dont think that I would wear this in public...

Cathy tagged this Brave

so original.... love it.

belmis dorbignit tagged this Brave

i think this clothes are so awesome and you really inspire me because i want to be a fashion designer some people would get on this website and think " is this girl crazy why would she waer this" but hello this is fashion so keep up the good work and iam only twelve years old you are so inspiring and if you can please contact me in the weekend at this email its my friends email that intrduced me to this website she is so awesome her email is jessamineinburma@gmail.com

kieres tagged this Cute

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