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October 09

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Day 171. Sun, October 18 2009

Sosuke's Sunday

Wool sweater donated from Google accessory drive. Vintage blouse donated by cat and Edwardian era pumps from ebay. Happy birthday, mm.
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scary. tagged this reykjavík calling..

the style capital of the world requests your company...


fresh and wearable. a winner. watching that total snowball...

ammakke tagged this smart

that looks real smart...Black & white & u know what??

Mariah tagged this Stunningly Simple Sunday

Nice! Great balance of color. Adore the pumps! And like that you used the Uniform's pleat in front to add visual interest. Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute


Anneka tagged this Cute

Liking the cardigan!

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Very nice =) So elegant

Domino tagged this lovelovelove


Payal tagged this Cool & classy!

Love this look...so casual, yet elegant! Sheena, how did the meeting with Google go...what's happening there?

Anonymous tagged this Cute



This is so cute. I love the combination of neutral colors!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love this! so simple but cute. I would wear it [=

awer tagged this sweet

nice i like the scarf.

@marycray tagged this Cute



The best look yet! Girl, you go it goin' on!

regin tagged this Cute

Very elegant and cute!

emily tagged this adorable

it made me aww :)

Steph tagged this Hot

A definite favourite! Very demure and sweet, but sophisticated. Well done!

buhdoop tagged this adorable

Good luck! It will be fun to check in and see your different looks every day.

mm tagged this aging gratefully


Irene tagged this Cute

aww, you looks so cute warm and cozy.


So very classy! ;)


My absolute favorite yet!!

Rachel tagged this Cute

So simple and so elegant.


Hi, I´m Rakel of Spain. Can I donate one bag for your projet? www.mimegusta.com info@mimegusta.com


This is so sweet!

céleste tagged this Cute

i love how the tights look on you !! really cute outfit once again !

sarahJ tagged this Cute

really like this one, and love those shoes

yobe tagged this demure

Subtle colours, very muted and respectful. Love the shoes

EmilyKennedy tagged this stylish

This is really adorable. I love the way the multi-color sweater only shows at your elbows and neck.

Darby tagged this Cute

This is cute! :)

scary. tagged this ch-ching!

p.s .. also i see you've raised over NINE GRAND in 8 days... legend!! style and brilliance! no wonder you'd fit right in in reykjavík.. the most brilliant and stylish place on earth - i can't stress that enough! ;)

Beth tagged this Hot

I love the top, sweater and pumps!

Mara tagged this Adorable

I want this! So cute, snuggly. Looks comfortable.

Jessica tagged this Cute

Nice ... Its very cute

Sophie tagged this Cute

That outfit looks so adorable

MLF tagged this Cute



I love it!!!!

Alice tagged this Cute

that is gorgeous!

Kyoko tagged this Cute

I like this!

bob tagged this Cute

really cute, would wear anyday

Joel Patrick tagged this Hot

let's pretend that ur a college girl

uniformfan tagged this Super Stylish

i LOVE this. one of my favourite outifits possibly? beautifully put together.

Ellen Huang tagged this perfect

It's true, I saw you wear this incredibly cute outfit. But I thought that was Saturday night.

Tabitha tagged this Cute

Love it! Super cute :)

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it. wish your outfit wasn't vintage so I could buy it!


Shoes are strange. Looks like from Adamson Family

IssyR tagged this Cute

I actually love the dresses and think maybe at the end of the project you could auction them off as a last bit of fund-raising?

donlad tagged this Cute

Great outfit. http://www.rapidsloth.com