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February 10

This day belongs to theresa.
"Pants as a wrap. Now how sassy is that? Thanks for being wildly inspirational in so many ways, Sheena. I have enjoyed the journey!"
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Day 314. Wed, March 10 2010

Soot sprite

Inverted harem pants worn as a batwing shrug, vintage tie and a Susuwatari pin donated by Susoke, soybean tights and glitter socks donated by Tara St.James and vintage pumps from eBay.

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Sai aka Maya Suri tagged this Peacock Rock Start

O-M-G! What a wonderful use of the tie! And...365 dresses. Must. Own. Dress...

down under tagged this Brave

you look like your ready to take off! love the look.

Jesse Benjamin tagged this ghibli

I'm wracking my brain for a Totoro joke that won't reveal me to be the secret anime nerd I am. Ill just say, great outfit!

pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

Wow ....what a fab outfit!!! I can't wait for the dresses to come out...I've ebayed and thrifted some really cool pieces to go with it and can't wait!

miniscooper tagged this Die Fledermaus!!!!!

Quite simply, so fly!

ammakke tagged this the harem magic!

The second picture looks so sweet..love to see more of those glitter socks. The tights & the tie have a great "tie" between the two..lovely.

moon tagged this Batty

wow...looks so effortless but brings out your unique style...really makes me wonder how i would imagine your "real life" personality!

Me tagged this Ew

God awful. Just god awful. Really? Really? Why did you fail us now???


So excited about the dress sale! I've really enjoyed following this project and have been inspired to be a little more creative with my fashion choices! I'm getting a little sad as 365 days closes in!

annie tagged this Yes!!

I've been waiting for you to reinvent those pants as a top...you did it brilliantly!

Irene tagged this cute & funky

While I like how the harem pants are worn as a shrug, I'm not so sure if I really like it with this outfit.


I don't know if you've increased the res on your photos, but the Uniform definitely looks more faded and shorter... CAN'T WAIT for the dress to be ready for sale!! Love the tights, too. Did you cut the feet out, or are they footless?

em tagged this Batty

Fly away into the dawn, little bat!

Payal tagged this Glitter bug!

Those colours look so beautiful! But the harem pants/ shrug steals the show! UPers - GET THE WORD OUT! LBD Friday coming up soon!

Payal tagged this P.S:

LBD...I want!!


some very funny uses of jumpers as pants on regretsy.com - you've gone the other way, and very successfully. Tie pattern echoes the tights, very clever.

scary. tagged this likes this.

are you wearing my trousers as a jacket thing?! too much. love it. i was just thinking about stealing them back today an all.. leave them with ya another day or two i guess.. ;)

rachel tagged this Cute

how much will the dress cost?

Kristers tagged this Cute

Interesting use of harem pants. A back photo of this outfit would be nice.

christine tagged this beautiful butterfly

ingenious use of pants as shrug! it looks like a cozy cocoon. you never run out of ideas to keep it interesting.

emma tagged this SO EXCITED!


Britgirl tagged this Batty

51 more days to go! I remember when I started on Day 73, the 'Russian doll situation" You know what they say! Times flies when your having fun1

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Rebekah tagged this Tied Right!

Neck ties are my favorite accessory. I wear them uncollared, or collared, clip-on's, bows, minature sized for little boys...pinned... altered...clipped...however! They are always fun and look amazing, just like yours does.

Tori tagged this Cute

This is so creative and fabulous! However, I don't think I have any pants that would look acceptable as anything other than pants :(

joy tagged this Batty


wasabipear tagged this *Snap while reading*

and-a-one-a-two-a-three-a-four- On g-chat yesterday, I really gota say, I didn't catch your lil wrap, about flippin harem pants -- I was dazed and glazed in an accessorization-domination craze -- BUT TODAY I must say it's a simply brilliant display -- you did it again chyle, coz you are always takin that walk on the wild side of the tracks -- that's why I'm givin you snaps -J.


oooh cool!))


Wow! The color is fascinated!:)

Sarah tagged this Batty

At least this one is color coordinated. The harem pants as a shrug were a batty idea.

smithmaria tagged this Cute

Really very cool! Nice One. r4i sdhc