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November 09

This day belongs to Lucile.
"I was told to save money for rainy days. it's raining today, a good excuse to spend $180 on a dress I've been dreaming of for nearly a year, and it's all for a good cause :)"
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Day 200. Mon, November 16 2009

Somewhere in the world it's spring

U.P completes 200 days in vintage faux fur hat from Beacon's Closet, printed blouse from a Berlin thrift store and weathered vintage boots from eBay. 165 to go!


Mariah tagged this Cute

Nice colors -- fall-ish, but cheerful!

Daniela tagged this I-would-wear

Here in Brazil for instance =D

wasabipear tagged this Crunchy-Leaf Boots

I love it when Mama Nature gets mixed up!

Charlotte tagged this Perfect

This is one of my favourites yet!! It all works so well together, and I love the hat and boots.

Tara tagged this Cute

I love this! You look so cute today.

Kathryn tagged this Cute

Kudos to you for an elegant and diplomatic leave of absence during what must have been very difficult for you in the wake of such tragedy. You are quite brave and to top it off, you look darling.

Dee tagged this Cute

I like this one!

Bb tagged this Cute

The golden yellow color makes this not just another fall outfit. You look fabulous! And I'm glad to see you kind of smiling again :)

Janice tagged this Cute

Nice combination of colors.

Elena tagged this Brave

All right!

Chelsea tagged this Choice!

In New Zealand it is! Great outfit!

Kay tagged this Cute

Adooooorably chic <3 Happy Monday, Sheena!

Kristers tagged this Cute

Cutest in Cute Town!

annie tagged this outstanding

wow, wow, wow...this is an amazing outfit!

Mara tagged this Hot

This is one of my favorites. I love the hat, the shirt, the boots, the tights... the whole thing. It's adorable.

Kaelqu tagged this Hot

Loves it! Boots are beautiful =)Its summer in Australia although its cold enough that I could get away with wearing this outfit lol.

Moni tagged this Cute

Many faux furs are not so. So much of what we see being labled as such is unfortumately racoon dogs bred mostly in Asia as well as Russia to supply the so called 'faux fur' market. It is utterly horrific and disturbing what is done to these innocent dogs for their fur. Not saying this hat is made from dogs as I do not know. This is only an FYI for those who may not be aware of such practices. Knowledge is power. Much love for the uniform project and what you are accomplishing. This is a cute outfit (so long as it is faux of course).

ammakke tagged this autumn style

Congrats on completing 2oo days!! Cute look with a perfect match of colors...thanks for that smile.

theinstitute tagged this faux fab

you look great. that hat is incredible. x

Anonymous tagged this Hot

This is trés sexy fall.

Lucy Woodward tagged this Hot

This is trés sexy fall.

vintage girl

Sweet hat & blouse. Love it!


It is spring here, although you could hardly call it spring - yesterday it was 40 degrees celsius in sydney which I think is 104 degrees fahrenheit. Loving the boots, wish I could wear mine today - but it is to damn hot. x

Britwatch tagged this Stylish

Well put together... Just like your own good self :-D

mm tagged this more than Half-Full

200 days in and still looking sublime. stuck on dumbstruck at all you do.

Anonymous tagged this fabulous

I love this. You've done an incredible job respectfully handling a tragedy and moving on in spite of it. kudos on your courage and creativity. one of my favorites so far. congrats

Atarim Design tagged this Cute

It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. Thanks again. Atarim Design

holly tagged this sweet

Lovely combination of colour and texture.

kc tagged this glad you're back

Those boots are divine!

Payal tagged this Like here in Melbourne!

Lovely! So awesomely wearable. Great to see some colour...you look so fresh! Yayy...200 days! Congrats!

pat tagged this Cute

Great to see color return and a hint of a smile. Nice.

modermfigurative tagged this Hot

oh if I could find a blouse like that!

SINACALL0624 tagged this Hot

GR8 OUTFIT!!! Happy 200 Days!! here's 2 165 more!! Can not wait 2 c what u come up with!! Props to Moni 4 the enlightenment on animal cruelty!!

Francesca tagged this Cute

love this website AND love the outfits. All the people in the charity your raising the money for will be real happy!!!! Keep doing what your doing.

Irene tagged this Cute

It's like the perfect outfit for crunching leaves walks. Too bad the rain won't let up enough for the leaves to dry out nicely here. :(

Julie tagged this Cute

Yeah, it is spring here. But there's been a heatwave for the last week. Hotter than summer. Love the outfit. Especially the boots...

Anonymous tagged this Hot

That's the spirit! Glad to see you making this effort. The gold and brown are wonderful complimentary colors!

ivygail tagged this Brave

In the wake of such tragedy you have gracefully handled this with such respect. From what I've read about Jerry he would be grateful for the respect that was given but happy to see you resume for your cause. Press on Sheena, we are all here for you. And you by the way I love this outfit. You look great.

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Love the hat... So cute, I want one

Rachel tagged this Cute

I'm glad to see some color again! Jerry would be proud. :)


it is here :) but not for long! summer soon!

Tanya tagged this Cute

Your boots are amazing!

Teresa Prata

Here in Rio de Janeiro the springs is like a hot summer!

Sasha tagged this So Hip!

Love this one--so hip and mod!

Lauren Winston tagged this Cute

This is a wonderful outfit! Well done!