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February 10

This day belongs to Sandra.
"what a lovely red!"
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Day 282. Sat, February 06 2010

Something's fishy

Vintage Czech winter hat from Hradec Králové donated by Sosuke, handknit cowl donated by Ana at ToilTrouble.com, dhoti pants from Goan flea market, vintage pumps from eBay.


TD tagged this terrible

this pans are really stupid

shelly tagged this laugh2keepfromcryin

this first comment's grammar is terrible. or really funny, in an ironic way, considering the "stupid" attached to it.

Emma tagged this Brave

Only you could pull this off!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Dramatic and exciting.

riley tagged this Hot

I love a bit of red with black. Cossack, with a fishy twist!

abigail tagged this delicious dhoti

vibrant red dhoti pants are awesome on u....make the entire ensemble come alive.....u look fabulous!!!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

I don't like the pants, but I like the rest of the outfit.

gruvee tagged this wowza

here I go, saying it again: how in the world do you do it? you've got what it takes to pull this off!

christine tagged this czech it out!

to all of your naysayers, i say goan and live a little! czech your usual gear at the door and mix it up a little! it's time to have some fun with your fashion :)

JessicaR tagged this Red Sea Tale

The shapes and colors are like a Matisse painting come to life. Red shoes have some strange power to take an outfit from "nice" to "stop onlookers in their tracks."

rosalafae tagged this trouserlicious

Those trousers make me want to curl up in a ball and cry in a corner because they are not currently adorning my legs. Also, yes, they're trousers - I'm British and pants = underwear.

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Irene tagged this Bitten by the fish bug

I would really like to say I hate it, but I can't because somehow you rock this outfit so well.

rosie tagged this lovinit

super brave. i love the pants. are the harem? because they have a harem pant look, but they aren't as saggy. i think this outfit rocks.

Charlotte tagged this Brave

what with the Czech winter hat and the dhoti pants you look totally multiracial, very cool and in keeping with this project! X

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

love it!! u look pretty

Tally's place tagged this style icon

True fashion is when someone wears something they love and wears it with confidence. You always manage to make it work.

Sarah O tagged this Stepping out in style

Great example of how the UP challenges you to think outside the box and stomp proudly into avant-garde territory - plenty of naysayers there but pay them no mind. They'll be drooling over it when they see it in the fashion magazines.

Sharon tagged this Cross-continental

The top reads "cold Eastern European winter" while the bottom reads "warm sun filled southern Asia." I love the visual contrast.


Oh My Gosh - I LOVE those dhotis b/c they look like they have clownfish on them!! My screen name & car license plate aren't "wendfish" for nothing! Love the matching red shoes - black on top/red on bottom adds a little surprise to the outfit.

holly tagged this tsarina revisited

This is always a fabulous silhouette for you and your frock. Success!

Natalya tagged this Brave

You look beautiful in red!

Pear Picker tagged this The Red Sea.

I think Moses could part you, but you know what? (well of course not because I am still yet to tell you.) I think this is (voice changes to that of Charlie Fink) fuuun fun fuuuauun.

Viv tagged this Fierce!

I like it very much! How does that dress go with everything??!!!!

ammakke tagged this the big secret!

I love the red'n black ensemble, wonder why so much "fuss" is made about a"fishy"dhoti??You look cozy, have a good week end, Sheena.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

terrible - what the?! I think this is terrible cool in the best possible way! Fishtabulous! Rippa in red. etc.

joy tagged this LOVE LOVE LOVE

I am green with envy! MUST get myself a pair of dhoti trousers. You look totally amazing and I love coming on here every day and seeing what you're up to. You inspire me to be more creative with my own outfits.

LilianEveDesigns tagged this dispute sixes

I teach high school Fashion & Clothing Construction and look for nothing more than making lessons relevant and meaningful...where can I get the dress pattern??? I want to run with this idea! contact me:http://www.etsy.com/shop/LilianEveDesigns

myra winter

I love it! great RED shoes! You have a great face/head for heats....

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

The dimensions are a bit off and I highly doubt if you saw someone on the street wearing this you'd think any positive. Homeless little boy?

wasabipear tagged this fly

the fish matches up from your right leg to your left!

Bubble tagged this rah rah rasputin

You look like international royalty

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Great stuff, I am new to this but what fun

Natasha tagged this Divine

Love love LOVE these pants! Heard you speak in Mumbai and have been following ever since!

moon tagged this Cute

love how cozy it looks. reminds me of a russian outfit.

Bronwyn tagged this Fishy Interesting

Hey Sheena! Okay, I love, love, love the top half of the outfit. It's the "fishy looking" pants (tee hee) that are bringing this outfit down for me. But on the bright side, the shoes are amazing!

Anonymous tagged this funky

I like it! it's bold.!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

The project has left me obsessed with dhoti pants. I. Love. This. I get a slight imperial Russian feel from it