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November 09

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Day 212. Sat, November 28 2009

Solar power

Fall country, upstate New York. Metallic tank and vintage suede vest from eBay, tights from Sockdreams and vintage slouch boots donated from Holly's Etsy store mariesvintage.etsy.com


Marsha tagged this sTellar

I love all your outfits, but I have to say those blue boots are amazing!

Mara tagged this beautiful

Wow! I love the background. And the outfit is wonderful. Especially the boots.

lajava tagged this futiristic blue

You look beautiful and inspired in this shot, may the Gods watch over you and inspire your further! thank you for been such an inspratinational beauty!!! xxx

Sue tagged this Hot

What a great photo op! Blue boots to go with the blue sky.

ammakke tagged this brave

OMG!!You look brave & smart in that outfit but Not many people could do this where you are now Sheena..All the pcs.complement to each other..Nice to see You enjoying the long holiday wk.end.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Ditto on the multiple folks raving about the blue boots! Also, props on repurposing the black belt into a necklace.

seb tagged this 21 agitated

Wow, love the location and those boots are ace!

Cynthia tagged this Hot

YES! YOu have kicked it up several notches!!! EXCELLENT. I would wear this entire outfit. To: BB Kings, A Poetry Open Mic, A Gallery opening, Any televised book talk/signing- Oh Yeah~!

Scully tagged this Blue Beauty!

This is SO amazing! So glad to see that you are getting some time out of the city.

Impressed! tagged this On The Ball!

Ace outfit! Really amazing!

abigail tagged this divine

wonderful to see u in nature....looking divine.....gorgeous blues.....

moon tagged this Hot

AHHHH!!!!! love the theme and outfit is just PERFECT!

polly tagged this Future madam

that's the first time i've ever seen slouch boots look good. and i'd love a suede waistcoat

Anonymous tagged this Adorable

Very cute outfit! :)

che tagged this blue blue blue

loving this look on location!

holly tagged this Beautiful

Looks like a beautiful day where you are. The colours in your outfit are echoed by the landscape.

Ana tagged this Hot

Love this outfit! The boots really make it!

Claire tagged this Cute

This is my favorite so far! Great work Sheena!

Kiz tagged this VERY NICE

Very cool! Background is gorgeous. I love the tights, and the bright blue boots with the silver shirt! Niiice! http://heartonmysleevefashion.blogspot.com/

telugu tagged this outdated

you must have been freezing.

Mia tagged this Super!

Looooooooove the boots! I hope they go into the auction at the end but I bet you'll want to keep them! Outfit as a whole is great too :)

céleste tagged this Hot

love it all(including the landscape)

happy tagged this Cute

love the background.. and love the boots mooooore ^^

mary irene tagged this Cute

love the outfit . . . the rss feed seems to have stopped working . . . can't email the webmaster; the google email link doesn't work . . . . . so posting a message here as last resort . . . good luck . . .

la tagged this powerful

fantastico!!! lovin' the feel of the outdoor thing you have going on here......it all just WORKS. great job!

Irene tagged this off the charts

such a pretty picture, a nice outfit, and a gorgeous backdrop. I love those tights and those blue boots are gorgeous.

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

If it really is a belt around your neck, what an awesome and fun idea! Is this the same top you wore on September the 4th? You've styled it beautifully on both days! Good job...again!



bb tagged this Hot

you look like a rockstar! and the background is amazing. fall in the east is so pretty. wish i was there.


@maryIrene – sorry about the RSS fail. We're looking into it. Will be back up asap. Thanks for being patient!

scary. tagged this true.blue.view.

class like.

che tagged this smiling!!!!

I just realised, you are smiling............................................................... Is this the first full smile ever posted?.............it is so nice to see............

jolly M tagged this Smiling Sheena

Sheena, you look smashing with the metallic tank, blue slouch boots & such a beautiful landscape view - stunning. No wonder U are giving one of those rare smiles !!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Beautiful scenery. I love those boots. Great job!

Dee tagged this awesome


Dee tagged this awesome



Love the vest & boots (I've always been a fan of vests)! Where you along the Schuylkill River? This looks like a place I go rock climbing outside New Paltz....

Ninah tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena! I love this outfit! Great background and very stylish boots!!!!

katie.s tagged this Try Harder

so so cool, love boots, tank, armwarmers, waistcoat but a bit creeped out by the belt neck thing...

dora tagged this Hot

HEY YOUR DATES ARE WRONG! today is 29th, not 28th


i just love your outfit:) great pic! bisous

Bona Ni

your head looks like a mushroom, sweety. But your style is so sexy!


@nora: this was posted yesterday; UP hasn't been updated for Sunday, yet....


oops - I meant "dora"....

J tagged this TIGHTS

tights and the background are both awesome... the lines on the tights look like the trees in the background

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Lovely outfit and setting!

vintage girl

you look beautiful. love the blue boots!


love the boot and the outdoor shoot


outdoors suits you!

amal tagged this Cute

whaou so cool

christina tagged this Cute

Humm lovelly!

maedbh tagged this amazing

love. the. boots.

prutha tagged this Hot

love the whole outfit!!! and the outdoors pic

Lightning Heart tagged this Hot

this outfit is so rad and so is the photo, i love it!

Goldfinch tagged this Amazing

Love, love, love those boots!

Ferny tagged this Lovely

Beautiful photo!

che tagged this big smile

finally i donated money. and it is because you smiled on this day and i think it is the only time you show your teeth!

Izzy Frito tagged this Cute

I really really like this one

monica tagged this Cute

fantastic! i dig the boots

Pertinacia tagged this Hot

I love the blue boots!


man those boots are awesome