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December 09

This day belongs to ltucker.
"Happy birthday to me! Love the necklace, the project, the outside picture, the boots and of course, THE DRESS!!!"
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Day 234. Sun, December 20 2009

Snowbanks of Brooklyn

Vintage Czech winter hat from Hradec Králové donated by Sosuke. Necklace handmade and donated by Icelandic designer Elín Bríta. For more info, you can reach Elín here. Wool plaid skirt worn and dress donated by Eliza. Snow boots from Salvation Army.

No to the malls, Yes to the snow
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How cute! Love it - the uniform in the snow - perfect!


Love the hat & boots. The necklace looks like a bunch of oversized grapes. What is it made of?

Faith tagged this Hot

love the layers!

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Cute, but really not sure about that necklace.

seb tagged this Cute

I love this. Really snug looking and super cute too.

abigail tagged this beautiful

wonderful winter hat ~ love wool plaid skirt (worn as dress i think)....awesome necklace.....gorgeous snow shot!!! i'm in manhattan & streets are a mess.....

holly tagged this cozy!

Sheena, I always love the outdoor shots; looks like lots of snow there. You look fabulous, great hat and amazing necklace!

kataay tagged this wonderful

love the necklace!

Payal tagged this Star-struck!

Wow Sheena, you're on fire! This is unbelievable! The skirt/dress looks spectacular with the uniform. And the gloves, socks and boots are just perfect! That necklace is out of this world!

prutha tagged this Hot

love the necklace, the plaid dress and the whole outfit!! love it!!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Another gorgeous creation!

Claire tagged this Cute

That necklace is amazing!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Beautiful. The boots make it.

scary & colm. tagged this jealousy.

the only reason why ice here is better than snow there is that there you'll never have a perfect stranger pass you on the street and say "mind yerselves, it's awful slippy i nearly broke my arse a minute ago!" p.s love the outfit, keepin it cosy.


I love those boots =) The neckclase is certainly different ^_^ It almost looks 3D in the last photo.

Marina tagged this hot chocolate worthy

I love how the snow still gives you the white backdrop; what a great plaid, and I wish i had socks like those!

Irene tagged this Cute

hat's a cool necklace, but i'm not so sure if it completely fits with the outfit...

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Very cute indeed! The necklace gives the outfit a touch of playfulness; it reminds me of little snow balls! The colour combination of the whole outfit is also A+-status!

um tagged this Hot

Is that even warm?

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very cute and cozy, but i wish the plaid skirt/dress was more fitted. that necklace is bold and awesome though.

Jezz tagged this Brave


Sue tagged this Cute

I'd love to know what materials were used to create that bold necklace.

Sarah tagged this Adorable

The necklace makes me think of planets. Very obedient planets. :) And I love the wild diversity of the dress. I found the blog in NEET, and I've been reading since. I love what you're doing. It's inspiring! Almost everything you've concocted is absolutely amazing. I love how it can even become a cool costume. :) By the way, I adore those boots.

Oré tagged this Cute

That necklace is perfect! Lovely outfit.

new yorker. tagged this snowed in.


Chanique tagged this Cute

The necklace sure makes a statement! Why do some people, like in the interview of a few days ago, say that th money is fo school uniforms? Am I mistaken, or is the money for the actual education of the underpriviliged children in India?

ammakk tagged this perfect winter shot

Wow!!absolutely adorable..perfect outfit with that beautiful skirt-dress &the winter boots'n hat..Totally agree with Scary that the attitude of the folks here is very different too, a young chap(half my age )helped me down the few steps to my flat this morn.It is very very" scary" here..

Mi tagged this Cute

Necklace is awesome!

vintage girl tagged this Cute

Love it-very creative. Cool boots.


love this, especially the skirt/dress. one of my favorites :)

PJ tagged this Cute

Love the outfit, not sure about the bold necklace.

cindi from Tally's Place tagged this wintery

Love the necklace! You make me think of Dr. Zhivago in this outfit. Beautiful.


@Chanique, the money is being raised for the Akanksha foundation that educates underprivileged children in India. The funds will go towards the educational expenses of their schools in Mumbai and Pune, including school uniforms :-)

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great necklace!

Betty Anne tagged this Hot

That's a fantastic winter ensemble! I love it 100% - wish I had one of those for this winter. <3

moon tagged this Hot

so comfy!!! LOVE the necklace!!!! and the entire outfit!!!


Where did the uniform go? This blog seems to get more retarded by the day.

Denise tagged this Cute

One of my favorites but the necklace is a bit much . . . maybe a nice scarf instead?

roe tagged this Cute

I like this a lot actually! The necklace makes it high fashion and gives it a great visual interest (if that makes any sense).

gruvee tagged this Cute

cutie patootie!

Elizabeth tagged this Brave

The necklace is awesome and I like the layers

Soma tagged this Cute

Love it! Really cute

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Cute

The necklace is really cool and those boots!

radix lecti tagged this Hot

I love the outfit and I wish I had the legs to wear it...the necklace reminds me of haemorrhoids (I am a nurse)