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August 09

This day belongs to E. Renée Rogers.
"From a lifelong lover of uniforms to another. Thank you."
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Day 111. Wed, August 19 2009

Snooping for your votes (even yours, Dr.Claw)

Cropped vintage vest donated by Lisa and Sharon Perkins from perkupvintage.com. Fedrora from eBay, vintage silk necktie form Treehouse, Brooklyn. Staple summer sandals battered by years of espionage, source forgotten.

10 days left to vote for us for the NAU Grant for Change. This grant will help us launch our non-profit foundation that will continue to bring you socially responsible creative projects such as the Uniform Project. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here.


mm tagged this go go gadget!

voting now inspector.

lili T tagged this zcy

I think it's a good idea

Shuchi tagged this Brave


Maya Matthew tagged this Hot

really cool

sean han tagged this Batty

lookin good sheena! just made my donation (finally).

che tagged this cool cat


Katrina tagged this smooth

nice glasses!

sara tagged this brillant

serious outfit!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Creative, as always!


Love the hat, again. Looking good!

sherri (@missmotorcade) tagged this Cute

super cute! i feel terrible this is my first time commenting...absolutely LOVE this project.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love when u tribute people and charactors

Sophie tagged this Gangster

C'est très spécial, le chapeau est beau et classique

Mara tagged this Brave

Love the shoes!! And the hat is adorable.

ammakke tagged this Brave

good evening Inspector Gadget! Have a good day...looking great!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

lookin' like a chic blues brother, man. YES.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love itt!!!

Cristy tagged this Hot

Love the hat and glasses! Shoes remind me of some undersea crustacean. Not that that's a bad thing!

Jean tagged this tres chic!

Another home run! Your outfits just get better and better!

Alice tagged this Cute

That vest works perfectly with the Uniform. Love the look!

bunneh tagged this go gadget go!

<3 it!

bunneh tagged this Go Gadget Go!

<3 it!


hope you get the grant...I voted!

small Lolita tagged this Hot

wow, really nice!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the shoes and hat!

beinzstalk tagged this creative

You've got my vote - all the way from NZ

Rachel tagged this Brave

Great outfit! Very badass :) The shoes don't really go but they're so cute they make up for it!

Jo tagged this Cute

Really like the cropped vest. What holds it in place?

R. tagged this Cute

Hi, just read the article on you in the Sydney Morning Herald Style liftout. It's a great read, and you're on the front cover - congrats! Hopefully this'll get some more Aussies involved :) --xo.

C tagged this Cute

Just read about this in the Dom Post, one of the better ideas for provoking change i've heard in a while. Loving the glasses! Good luck for your remaining 253.5 days :)

C tagged this Oops

Sorry Dom Post = Wellington, New Zealand's 'Dominion Post' - wasn't thinking! Kia kaha, keep it up :)

Liliana Lettieri tagged this Cute

I like it!

Mara Moreira

I've been doing it for a year or so just because I can't get bored in the morning choosing something to wear. In my case, not a black dress nor the same design, but jeans and a white shirt in different designs. It can be very formal design or a relaxed cotton white shirt embroided in white.It's kind of playful because I decide the outfit I'm going to wear in the mornings acording to my agenda and mood. Accessories are also a very important item, and shoes and bags... Well, I'm not sure I'm helping the enviromnent.


Love this loook

Alex tagged this Try Harder

It's hardly sustainable fashion when you are going through an endless supply of accessories.

Nelly tagged this Brave

so I can't remember where I stumbled across your website but I do check it out pretty frequently and just yesterday afternoon when I was bored at work I thought to myself 'I bet she lives somewhere nearby in brooklyn.' I work right by union square and have a few close friends over by greenpoint/williamsburg area and I saw how you get a lot of stuff from beacon's closet. So last night around 7 I was by messerole and manhattan ave and I caught the back of you as you got off a bus! I was like OMG! to my friend and she was like wtf? I just thought it was pretty crazy, I didn't say anything 'cause you would have thought I was crazy but I just wanted to let you know. What you're doing is great, best of luck with everything. -- Nelly (xnelly@hotmail.com)

melinda tagged this Hot

I read about your project in an Australian newspaper. I love todays look. How cute are you?! Well done and keep up the good work. This planet needs more girls like you!


Love the tie - very saucy!

Kym Coolhaas tagged this Cute

this is pretty cool but I probably couldn't wear it to work

SAMANTHA tagged this WOW!

So incredibly chic but so unbelievably simple - amazing. Oh, those shoes!

Salaam tagged this Cute

I love this outfit:total cool!

dayglozoo tagged this Bespectacled Hotness

Your future's so bright, ya gotta wear shades! Dang, girl, that's hot!

Sam tagged this Cute

OMG, I love your shoes. Can you tell me where you got them?


I do not like it. Sorry. The vest has no shape to it really and the dress needs more structer. And the leggings look kind of off with the dress. Not a big fan of ties either. Or fedoras.

Philippa King tagged this Hot

Quirky and Sweet. What a fantastic idea. I think you're a genius.

Aiselade tagged this Funky!

Love this funky out fit - the shoes and hat, the lil vest... everything. Plus it looks really comfortable too!

Jools tagged this Cute

Great outfit, great chutzpah and great idea. Go you good thing!


Very very cool look. Also, you have fabulous legs.

Courtney tagged this Hot

I read about your story in a Sydney newspaper and I am entirely impressed! It is such a unique interesting way to promote charitable work! This outfit is really cool! I can't believe how different it looks each day!

Diana tagged this Cute

Like it a lot

Kylie Chapman tagged this Brave

What about selling the dress and donating the profits! Team the dress with a "how to wear" it and the money you'll make will really make this a sustainable project! I'll order one immediately!

Nooples tagged this Adorable

I found your website only today after an article in an Australian newspaper. I LOVE this concept. The amazing versatility of such a simple piece of clothing. It's making me rethink my wardrobe entirely. Congratulations

Nooples tagged this Adorable

I agree with Kylie Chapman - you should market this dress. I would buy one immediately.

Nina tagged this Hot

Read an article on Sydney Morning Herald..yes! Australia Sydney! What an idea you have..great style and even better when its motivated for a charity cause!

nz tagged this Cute

You are so clever. Well done!

Judy tagged this Cute

Great look.

Mari tagged this Eh.

I dunno about this one. Sorry : (

Gail tagged this Cute

Has a great figure so probably can wear anything and it would look good base on her body type

Abby tagged this Hot

Great Cause!Even Better creativity! Cheez

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I think the hat definitely works

Annette Ritchie tagged this Hot

My daughter has just spent 6 months in India - loved it. Now working with orphans in Kathmandu. Should be home in 6 weeks after 2 years travelling. After her experiences in India I wonder what she is going to do with her HUGE wardrobe when she gets home !! Get idea. Love it. Annette

Lucia tagged this hot, sexy and funky!!!

I have seen anything this fantastic for so long!!! Excellent!! all inspiring!!! there may be hope for us all yet!!! All the best!!!

Irene tagged this Hot

I absolutely LOVE the things you do with the uniform.

Auri tagged this Batty


raul tagged this Batty


N tagged this Cute

love the outfit!!

aLice tagged this Brave

very slickkkkkk!

Jayne tagged this Cute

I'm going to make one of these vests, from an old one. It's awesome.


Hi, I'm italian journalist and I'm writing about you and your project ;) Have a good day and I like your look ;))) read first article: http://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/Moda&Tendenze/85711_moda_ny_un_anno_un_tubino_nero_test_moda_sostenibile/ bye Fabiana my email is fabiana.tinaglia@eco.bg.it


HOT SHOES oh my gosh, what brand and where?

Yobe tagged this snappy

Super cool dude! But are those leggings I see?


Guauuuuu, cuánta creatividad en una única persona

Ange tagged this Hot

Just read about your project in an Aussie paper today and just love it - very inspirational. Love the look!


Read about you in the paper (i'm in Perth Australia). Love the idea - you look sensational.


Looks good on you...

jenny tagged this Cute

Environmental action for commonsense reasons - and with a worthy cause, to boot! Kudos to all involved!

Scully tagged this Brave

I think this is my favorite! Vote has been caste!

Fabi tagged this Hot

uniform project in orkut: http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=91382362

Alma from Lithuania tagged this Cute

You look GREAT!!!! Every day!! Good job (;

Georgia tagged this napped Maywoud

Batty but cute! Can you imagine the looks?

Maria tagged this Hot

Love the tie on a bare neck. Can i just ask, what will you do with all the donated accessories?

Lois tagged this snoopy

Also read it in SMH, fab idea, great and inspiring outfits, must find someting to donate from china

zoe tagged this Hot

awesome. love your idea.

Cynthia tagged this Tough-love

Oh yeah baby, tough it up.

RogueTess tagged this Brave

Love the hat and glasses! The rest not so much.

Chris J tagged this Hot

Very cooool! I love it!

Megan tagged this Hot


Karen tagged this Clever

I'm going to vote now. Are you on facebook? I'm going to look for you on Facebook,a nd then tell my friends to vote for you also...

Smmally tagged this ugly

no offense but this is absolutely hideous. cept the shoes

Ashe tagged this innovative

Very innovative!

jenithea tagged this Cute

ack! so cute! I love the hat and the attitude :-)

Luciana Falcão tagged this Cute

This sandals are great!!!

Laura Daly tagged this She's Cool Like That

My pick of the week.The perfect blend of snark and style.

Zara tagged this Wonka!

ha ha love this... the glasses remind me of willy wonka the Johnny Depp version that is... but still it's a good look. keep it up!!!


THIS is so cool! so mannissh! aww!


N Defiantly top 10!



akeelah tagged this inspiring

humorous and cool