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January 10

This day belongs to Jessica Staples.
"It's a day for fun, frills and layers. Make someone smile today with your quirky accessories. No need to spend money...just stick a flower behind your ear!"
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Day 251. Wed, January 06 2010

Skirting the issue

Skirt sandwich anyone? Vintage suede skirt donated by Jennifer Shepherd worn over the dress , thrifted ruffle skirt worn under the dress, Harlequin knee-highs from Sockdreams and vintage suede shoes from eBay.

Off to India in a day, stay tuned for reports and dailies from the fields!


Stacy tagged this Cute

Like the tiered look and adore those tights!

gruvee tagged this Cute

funky and have a safe trip to India looking forward to the pix from there!

Tito Jong/Prahjeks.com tagged this ahhhhh

Ahhhh yes! I love the layers! happy travels!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

The tights really set this off. They are spectacular and that's just square biz.

ammakke tagged this three tier effect

three cheers to the three tier out fit.. How I wish I could flee away from this "white carpeted" land to "sunny" India!!Wish U a great trip & BON VOYAGE!!Awaiting all news...

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Is it also your secondary goal to try and wear all accessories at least twice? Doing a great job; even the "older" accessories are re-vamped into something new and adventurous. Enjoy your trip!

scary. tagged this tall skinny mocha. to go.

@Tito Jong.. thank god you showed face!! i cannot for love nor money figure out how to buy those glitztastic pants on your website.. and much an all as sheena's a generous one, i don't think she'll give me her ones.. ;) so any direction for me?? // sheena loveens, socktastic- l.o.v.e. and safe travels my lil friend, FTS outta india! ;)

che tagged this Batty

this one is not for me. one of the things I have learnt from this project is that it doesnt matter what you wear as long as you like it yourself. it seems that some people love the same thing that other people hate. so i will try not to worry so much anymore. if i like my outfit some will someone else, if not everyone. thanks for this life changing revelation.

Betty Anne tagged this Cute

That's so cute! I love it - I'm going to totally take pointers from this outfit, because I love tiered dresses! <3


Like the variations of black colors & tiling of the skirts! Can't wait to see what outfits come out of India! Good luck & have fun!!!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Cute

I particularly like the stockings

Mara tagged this love some, dislike some.

I'd like it better without the skirt over the dress, or if the tiers were more even. But I LOVE the harlequin tights and the yellow shoes.

j tagged this Lovely in Layers!

I really like the bounciness, and the socks and shoes are adorable!

Mary McPhee tagged this Cute

Sheena, this project rocks my world. Total adoration for the accessories, the project; I am just catching on now but I am telling everyone I know! Bravo :)

holly tagged this Batty and fantastic!

gosh, I love the layering. Harlequin sox are fantastic too. Happy travelling, looking forward to seeing your next adventure unfold.

jolly M tagged this layers & tiers

You are looking slim & tall with those layers & tiers !!very brave & I like those shoes & knee-highs too.All the best for the indian tour for the project. Looking forward to the summery outdoor shots of colourful outfits &lovely backgrounds..Bon voyage

Kay tagged this Cute

Love the layers! Plus, I'm a skirt-lover anyway!


love the layers and the bright socks!!! so warm!!!

Sass tagged this tier-riffic

Love the stockings, maybe lose the arm warmers, its kind of overkill. Otherwise this is really cute & creative!

safali tagged this Try Harder

too blakish...might help different skirt color..

Payal tagged this Cute

You look pretty damn good for someone wearing 3 layers! I'd look like 2 people :D! I love the multi-skirts, I've tried it a few times. INDIA?? I am SO jealous Sheena! Have a great, great time! Yayy back to summer clothes! Have a pani puri for me!


Though I may not comment as often, I still look at your fabulous outfits everyday. Just as I think I've found the best outfit, you blow me away with another one. I love the socks. (:

anon tagged this needs a little more

I think a belt across the top tier would have finished off this outfit wel. Maybe a yellow one to tie in the bottom half?

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Sheens, this looks like your wardrobe fell on you and you just wore whatever landed on you! Brave if you actually wore this out the house.


I remember the day and how I shook my head when my daughter wore her skirts like that to junior high...a fashionista before her time! Fun!


@anon I like your idea of the yellow belt, maybe even around the bust as we've seen Sheena did once before.

Corrine tagged this Layer

The wandwich layer skirt is not easy to carry... Love the socks!

abril santos tagged this Try Harder

nice shoes though.


This is so quirky, it works! Travel safely! Bet you're glad you won't have to bundle up so much!

kc tagged this tall

All those layers somehow make you look (to me at least) like you're on stilts! I like.

Irene tagged this Cute

omg, the tights! The bottom skirt seems a little awkward to me, maybe it would look better if it was higher?

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Love this look! 3RD picture is of my liking!!!

UJ tagged this Cute

Awesome tights

erin tagged this weird but good

love the socks... not sure about the over skirt.

Siobhan.x tagged this Brave

Those tights are to die for!

natasha tagged this Marvy

Oh, my, gosh, this is the coolest thing, I have never herd about this until today but i just wanted to comment. This is my favourite outfit you have worn so far! Happy Travels. :-)

Elizabeth tagged this Brave

I like the bottom ruffle skirt, but wearing that thrifted suede one on top looks uncomfortable.

Adelaide tagged this Brave


joby tagged this Cute

Doing a great job; even the "older" accessories are re-vamped into something new and adventurous micro sd card