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June 09

This day belongs to jmcburnie.
"Very Alice in Wonderland. So simple - what it is all about."
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Day 50. Fri, June 19 2009

Sick day.

All this excitement has got me under the weather. Will make it up to you in grand fashion tomorrow. You'll see.

Headscarf donated by Aileen. Thanks Ailes. Lace footie socks from Sockman.


Stephanie tagged this Cute

Make it colorful. Tomorrow's my bday :)

AA tagged this Cute

Feel better!


Your head band is super cute :)

Nisha tagged this Cute

I've been watching this project for the last few weeks, and your creativity has had a direct impact on the choices I make every morning. Thanks for making me think I can pull off making a Christmas ribbon a headscarf. :)

Britwatch tagged this InTheNickOfTime

Oh no! Move to London its sunny here all year round. No, really!

Juneau tagged this Resilient

Feel better!


Get well soon!

Shay tagged this Cute

You still look better today than I do...

Mia tagged this Cute

Poor Baby, I'm going downstairs to make you some soup...GBS!

julie tagged this Cute

you are totally rocking the headscarf though

Meghan tagged this Cute

Even on your sick day, you still look adorable. Feel better soon!

sarah tagged this Cute

How can you STILL be so cute?


Hey hope you feel better soon - but I gotta say I love the summer-time bare-legs look !!

Kiko tagged this graciosa

I liked all your looks and your initiative... every pic you look more cute!!! Get better!

tania tagged this Cute

This should be fun!

Asha tagged this Cute

Love it! Simple and gorgeous.

Mailee tagged this Cute

Lady. You are fabulous. You have inspired me in so many ways. ? Hang in there, and good luck!




feel better! sending you healing vibes.

Katharine tagged this Cute

Goodness girl, you're still cuter than I am when you're sick and I'm at the peak of health.

hhh tagged this Cute


jen@flowerdancer.com tagged this Tres jeune fille

Simplicity rocks!

Taylor tagged this Cute

Cute and simple!


Sorry you felt bad. :(


something i'll not get sick of. love the headband!


Thank you for your photo. It's so beautiful, and my girl like it so much. Do you sell this dress? Mail me, OK? Thank you. apscat(at)gmail.com

Pure Mothers tagged this Cute

I feel like I wear the same clothes over an over since I only fit into a few since I had my baby and refuse to buy new larger sizes! :-)

Lisa tagged this Cute

still love it!

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Cute

D'awwww! *pinches your cheeks, then makes you soup*

ScarleTT tagged this Cute

I'm so sorry you didn't feel well but you look so damn cute all the same

maj tagged this Cute

if i get sick, i want to have that headscarf too. =)

Sara tagged this Cute

Ooh! I LOVE the socks! And the pairing with the headband. This is awesome. Sorry you weren't feeling well.

Addie tagged this Cute

Socks are cute.

Nikki tagged this Cute

Awww cute.


poor child from favela:)

gayatri kumar tagged this Hot

your are doin an amazing job hope people realise and start doing valuable things for a cause!!!!keep it going wish ya all my luck...