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January 10

This day belongs to KatrinaH.
"love love love this hat! And those boots! Such a cute outfit :)"
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Day 255. Sun, January 10 2010

Showdown at the Banjara stand

Handmade shibori silk scarf donated by Kate of Urban Gypsy, necklace made from vintage kimonos donated by Leeyong Soo and cinch belt donated by Cat.


ana tagged this :)


Sarah tagged this Adorable

I think the picture with the other woman is pretty great. :) She just looks so angry, and you're all sunshine-y. And I adore the hat. I've been looking for one for eons!

Charlotte tagged this Cute

Great outfit, I love your hat !

tommy tagged this Cute


Eithne tagged this Cute

Love the accessories' colours today. Hat's great, too. And i just adore the lovely colourful things behind you! I used to wear that kind of stuff when i was younger, but nowadays I can't seem to blend them into office wear without breaching a dress code or two.

Meira tagged this Cute

i love the addition of the belt!!

Mia tagged this Cute

Haha the third picture is great! And I love the idea of the kimono necklace, looks great today!

gruvee tagged this Cute

Love the necklace! I've gotten so used to seeing you in tights/pants/socks, it was a surprise to see you bare-legged... and wondered if the lady was angry at you.

Tally's Place tagged this confident

I love all the bright colors...you look ready to take on the world.

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Sheena! You are incredible! This rocks so much! I love the colour! 4th picture is my fav. 3rd one a little bit awkward.

Janet tagged this Cute

LOVE IT!!! Love the outfit with the colourful background!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love the outfit, especially behind the backdrop of colours :)

abigail tagged this gorgeous :)))))))

gorgeous :)))))) ~ this color is what i was waiting for ~ and this is why i dream about travelling to india one day ~~~

Rachel tagged this Cute

soo cute , like it !

ammakke tagged this Colors & more colors!!

That's a fair play of colors...The 2nd picture is my favourite..Can't really guess the emotion on your "friend's" face in the third one.I wouldn't think it's anger as two of our viewers suggest.Wonder what is the med. of conversation! BTW R U still in Goa??That scarf is gorgeous.

Sarah T tagged this Hot Hot Hot

Oh Wow! My favorite so far!!!!

Janice tagged this Cute

Just the cure for winter doldrums!

Dee tagged this Cute

I think this is really cute! Although, I'm a bit prudish and am blushing from all the skin you're showing. :)

Cinnibarr tagged this Scandalous

Wow....you're pretty daring. I've spent some time in India and Nepal and I would NEVER show that much skin in public in either of those places. No wonder that woman is frowning.

kc tagged this five stars


kay tagged this Cute

third picture is quite funny... love it!

scary. tagged this banjara bling.

sweetie what are ya doin showing so much skin!! for the love of god cover it up - colm is morto. hahaaa! what are people like, seriously, sorry am i living in 2010? or maybe i missed something... i hope you got some good accessory advice from your friend in photo 3, lady knows how to work it! and remember if ya got it flaunt it! werrrrk!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the scarf and belt combo!

Irene tagged this cultural adventure.

I absolutely LOVE the necklace and the scarf. The colourful pictures are gorgeous today. And I think this is my favourite pairing with the cinch belt.


Great photos, especially the third one. fantastic necklace today.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Beautiful, Sheena. The hat is really cute, and it's nice to see the dress that this project is about.

Sue tagged this Hot

Wonderful blending colors in the accessories.

erin tagged this Cute

that whole scene is just awesome. love the hat!

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Hot

One of my absolute favourites yet!


WOW - This really shows how short the Uniform is, but I love all the colors!

Payal tagged this Hot

Mmmm India! What better way to see the colours! Hope you're having a great time! I absolutely love that belt. It's always worked with all of your different looks! P.S: Don't worry ladies, she'll be fine flaunting those legs in Mumbai and Goa (for most parts). Just put them behind skirts and tights when you're in Kerala! Enjoyyyyy!

Taylah tagged this Cute

OMG! Thats heaps cute. I love it SO much

ameg tagged this Cute

good, very good¡¡

jenny tagged this Vintage

it's very stylish with your vintage boots ! xoxo from France http://www.sojenny.com

Leeyong Soo of Fourth Daughter

Love how you've styled this!! Looks amazing! Just to let you know, the necklace BRAND name is Fourth Daughter, not Leeyong Soo!!

Sandy tagged this Cute

Sheena, love your creativity but I notice you don't look after your shoes. They look better and last longer with polish and care.

ta tagged this Cute

absolutely love this!

kc tagged this in defense...

... of those (beautiful) boots. @Sandy: The scuff marks on those boots are part of their warn-in charm. They are absolutely perfect and don't need a drop of polish. And also, the dress is NOT that short. It's finger-tip length. If I remember correctly, that's acceptable by even US high school standards.

Gina tagged this Cute

I LOVE this outfit! It's casual but chic. Perfect for every day wear. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda tagged this Cute

Love this photo - the colors of the bazaar are so reflective of the colors you are wearing!

wasabipear tagged this A La Marché

"I always said, there is money IN the Banjara stand."

ariele tagged this Cute

yeaaah ! that's so cool :) simple but original too

Mariah tagged this Cute

Just love the boots (in my Top Five Favs of your footwear!) with all the rosy colors.

moon tagged this Cute

awwwwwwww you fit in perfectly with the bazaar setting!

Mara tagged this Hot

I love this one! Very cute!

Tina Sequeira tagged this Hot

U sizzle!

polly tagged this Wowzers!!

Sexy! Love the length of the uniform when it's cinched with the belt, love the boots & hat, love the whole outfit! I also love the color of the belt & scarf with your skin tone. Beautiful! Well done!

okaylau tagged this sssiiizzzzllinnnggg

I looove the third photo! Considering it freakishly cold here in North America, I'm definitely feeling this look. :D

vintage girl

Brilliant! Beautiful colors. Love the necklace & boots.

Kaitlyn tagged this Cute

Love it! Unique but still classy. One of my favorites!