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August 09

This day belongs to malvika!.
""We are learning to fish in the river of sorrow; we are undressing for a swim." -Faith Shearin, The Name of a Fish"
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Day 123. Mon, August 31 2009

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Thrifted denim jacket from Beacons Closet, vintage asymmetric trilby hat and Laredo boots from eBay. Necklace donated by Judith Altman and bolo-tie from Etsy. See more of Judith's jewelry at judithaltman.com.

The NAU Grant for Change will help us launch our non-profit foundation that will continue to bring you socially responsible creative projects such as The Uniform Project. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here.


vinamarata tagged this ghetto!

this look is sooooooooo different from your earlier looks! AWESOME job! LOVE the attitude

Beth tagged this Cute


Leselbe tagged this Funky

I really like this one. It's so funky.

mm tagged this militantly radiant

the ballot or the bullet! you're doing El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz proud.

Alexis tagged this Brave


Mi tagged this Nice


Austen tagged this very wearable

this makes me happy!


Crazy. Awesome. Cool.

Judithar321 tagged this Sassy

Yes ma'am, I voted! And I love today's look -- Sassy!

seb tagged this Cute

I love it! Where are the leggings from?


sweet leggings and boots!

che tagged this attitude

love it and i voted..

Mia tagged this Fierce!

I love it! Those leggings are hot.

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Love the tights and boots together, and all the individual elements are great (!) -- but it seems just a wee bit cluttered (maybe it's just my tastes . . .). Keep up the creativity, and good luck on the NAU Grant!

ammakke tagged this Hot

love those leggings.. good luck on the NAU grant!

Britgirl tagged this Funky

Best one yet!


So good

Molly tagged this Batty

great look for some folks. Love the shoes and the hat especially. You sure transformed the uniform this time!

holly tagged this Smokin!

good to see those fab boots make a reappearance. all the best for the NAU result; congrats at reaching $12,000!!

Petra tagged this Fashionista


beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this transformed

Who would have thought you can get so many and varied looks. Your ideas are getting better and better. The project was mentioned in the Sunday Magazine of the Auckland (NZ) Sunday Paper. Hopefully you will get some more voters from it!

Irene tagged this Hot

awesome leggings! You look really cute in this outfit. I love how it's so different than what you have done before, but you're still rocking it like always. :)

Lindsay tagged this Edgy

Wow, this is truly an edge-tastic masterpiece!


P.s. I really like the ripped leggings ;)

eatyrspleens tagged this Brave

i love this one the most so far!

Payal tagged this Fun!

I've voted...and you can have my lunch money too! Such a funky look!

Jolly M tagged this Brave

fabulous outfit,smart pause & very apt expression on the last day of voting @ all the fans of Europe,Australia,Newzeland,Brazil,China & esp:U.S.A & India from the U.K friends and fans alone a large number of votes have goneto Sheena and Eliza.Wake up everybody!!,Its the lastday they do deserve to be on the top


Love the stocking and mini boot - ohh the mini boots rock.


Just voted, but can't tell where you are on the list. GOOD LUCK!

548lokit tagged this Brave and Tomboy

It's soo old school and tomboy! Very different from other looks. The dress bring a touch of feminist. GR8!!! Love it!

Cecília tagged this Cute


Rox tagged this Hot

Now I know that is possible. I love it all. Very good

Kiwigirl tagged this Good work

Wow - really different and daring from previous looks. Good work on branching out. Voted.

Elena tagged this Tiny but Tough

Love it!

Lydie tagged this Hardcore

Work it.

Shhh tagged this Cute

Dayum you look so sassy... cute and a bit ghetto!

maharanism tagged this Brave

the legging is supercute, looks great together with boots! love the hat! overall, you look super gorgeous! :)

hhh tagged this Hot

HELL YES!! this is so hot. love the jacket and the leggings.

Jadie tagged this Funky

I love this one. Showing some skin on a delicate way and the jacket and cap makes it complete. BTW, I've seen them before: the shoes are dope! Allover a funky day for you!

niken tagged this Brave


yobe tagged this Umm, not sure

Maybe I'm oldfashioned but I keep thinking torn leggings look like you've not got dressed properly! Not sure about this one at all

Svanhvit tagged this Cute

Love the jacket! Congrats on going over $12,000, you're doing an amazing job!

Rebecca tagged this Cute

ball game outfit

Louise tagged this Fun

Loved everything but the jacket, but that's just me. Agree it looks a little cluttered. Nice attitude though.

Priya tagged this Brave

Funky nice! Voted.

Imogen tagged this Wicked

love the boots, the jacket, the whole outfit is wicked!

Justi tagged this Cute

ha ha ha it's funny!

tara tagged this Hot

I love those tights! Have a great trip, lady, NY will miss you...

Elaine tagged this Hot

Super hot, love the shoes/legging combo and I'm a sucker for retro jackets

rockstar 101 tagged this Hot

very creative! this presents a rock star image!

Gruntalope tagged this Brave

The style is absolute dopeness. Fo sho.

Belladonna tagged this Not my style

Okay.......Bit odd.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

i think it´s very cool! on the otherside it´s also funky

Cassie tagged this Freakn' Awesome

I love the tights... and those shoes are the BOMB!