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June 09

This day belongs to teachermeredith.
"Thank you Sheena and Eliza for giving me the opportunity to participate in your inspirational project. I can't wait to wear and style up my very own LBD!!!"
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Day 56. Thu, June 25 2009

Shibori girl

Handmade shibori silk headscarf donated by Kate of Urban Gypsy. Visit Kate's store on Etsy at UrbanGypsyGoods. Vintage cinch belt and printed knee socks gifted by Cat.


Camila Orleans tagged this Cute

These socks are so nice *_*

shuchi tagged this Cute

Tres Chic and highly effeminate at the same time! love it

Tayler tagged this Dance-y

Love the socks with those pumps, simply adorable. I'm not quite sure about the 'belt' though. Excellent idea, I can't wait to follow your outfits throughout the next year!

Juneau tagged this Rosy

One of the best outfits yet! Love the colors . . .

Amanda tagged this Cute

I like this one. It's really cute!

Danica Pereira from Brazil tagged this Cute

Loved the colors!

Katie tagged this Cute

Very cute!! I love the skirt!


andale'..andale' mamicita!!!! hhhrrrrrrrrrrrr..


very very cute ney ney...

Inspired by The Project tagged this Hot

Totally lovely and feminine--one of my absolute favorite incarnations of the uniform so far!

Sarah tagged this Cute

I wish I looked like you.

Jose tagged this Cute

Que chula!

Beth tagged this Hot

I love it!

emilie tagged this Cute

love it !

molly tagged this Cute

So cute!! This is for sure one of my favorites so far.

Kari tagged this fabulous

How much do I love this! Sooo much.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Sweetness

Aw, my mauve maiden. So adorable! Love the head wrap and of course, I'm a sucker for your socks.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Not cute at all, just ugly, sorry

Ailes tagged this Hot

Love it!!

Anjali tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Super

It's just super

Vi tagged this Cute

Love it!


Your stockings make you look youthful. And by youthful, I mean a 5-year-old.

Nicole tagged this Hot

Love it!

Constance tagged this Cute

This is lovely! So feminine and different from your other outfits.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the skirt.

Britwatch tagged this Resplendent

1. Looks fab - the colours n the look 2. Why do the bozos who dislike an outfit not put their name down?

teecer tagged this Precious.

love the ruffles.

Cat tagged this Cute

I would totally wear this!

Camilla tagged this Cute

very cute today - love the color scheme!

mb tagged this Cute

If you click between photos 1 and 2 quick enough it looks like you're dancing :) I love this colour palette!

Linda tagged this Cute

Really cute, love the mulberry tones. Where'd the petticoat come from? (shuchi, did you mean "feminine" instead of effeminate? There's kind of a big difference.) :-)

A tagged this Almost

I love it, except for the socks, which aren't necessary on such a hot day! Plus I think they take away from the loveliness of the bent and the "petticoat".


sassy. love it

Chiada tagged this Hot

Oh I love this outfit! That purple color is awesome. And the scarf! Very, very nice.

Sarah tagged this Cute

I like the colors in this one a lot, and love the socks!

Kylie tagged this Cute

I really like this one. So jealous of all your shoes! How do you do it?

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the headscarf and undershirt especially.

Elyse from New Zealand tagged this Cute

Every day your creativity amazes me! Though I couldn't pull off half of the outfits you put together...

Edith tagged this Cute

I think this outfit is very cute! Your haircut is really nice. ~Edith

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This is definitely one of my favorites...

rich tagged this Cute

u suit the head scarf

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Hi..Nice underskirt and headband. color of belt and shoes doesnt seem to match the look. shoes to formal, could have been a bit weird like you.. great uniform project idea.. youre creative..

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

that waist-let is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

Veronika tagged this Hot

Hello Sheena, You look great every day! I live in Australia and it's winter here so I forget that it is actually summer in New York and you don't need to wear a jacket! But I wanted to ask you if you like capelets--I wanted to make you one for autumn. Veronika

Taylor tagged this Cute

So cute!!! I love it!

sheena tagged this Cute

i love this outfit! you look great.

Sue-Lee tagged this Hot

suave and cheeky! love it

Ericka tagged this Hot

This is awesome! I am a sucker for a petticoat.

Cat tagged this Especial !

Aww.. Feel extra special you have two contributions from me today!!


So lovely! I want to wear it!

Liz tagged this Cute

My fav so far :) Keep up the god work!

lisa tagged this Hot

I agree one of the best yet. I love those berry colours.

cindi tagged this fantastic

ahhh... how do i love your uniform, let me count the ways

Shelby tagged this Cute

I love that headscarf :o

Katharine tagged this Hot

Makes me want to dance!

Kara tagged this Cute

You are an Indian Audrey Hepburn, so elegant and cute!


A bit gypsy or do they call it bo-ho these days???

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love the gypsy thing - you have made it very innocent!

Flower tagged this Hot

Wow, Nice! Where can I get my piece of the dress? Looks georgious!

Noni tagged this Cute



a little ethnic...

ZZ tagged this Cute

So classy!

Urban Gypsy tagged this Hot

Whoa, you make that scarf look awesome, girl! Thanks for the link and enjoy :)

Anonymous tagged this Hot

creole beauty above the knee


Actually, not a fan of the socks...Could get used to them though.Overall really cute

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This one is my favorite so far. It's just lovely. :)

esteff tagged this Hot

love the socks with those heels!very chic

Jacky tagged this Hot

Oooooo, I like this! I think that socks and heels are so cute!

nodee tagged this Cute

love this!

Emiwee tagged this Magnificent

This is definitely my favorite so far!! =D

veena mathew tagged this Cute

in this u look really cute sheena chechy :)

Jennifer Gehrisch tagged this Hot

Cute. I like the lilac.


so bohemian!!!

Anonymous tagged this Gorgeous

This is sooo lovely. I love it.

Carrie tagged this Hot

I love the skirt underneath plus the belt. Awesome outfit!

RedLux tagged this Hot

Love all of the layers and the color palette!

Anon tagged this Hot

Now THIS is awesome.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

My fave so far.

Josey tagged this Brave

the shoes and socks are so adorable!

Alexis tagged this Hot

I love this one!

Dawn Is Breaking tagged this Oh so close.

Complete and utter perfection-almost. The skirt is utter perfection. The shoes and socks were a fun twist- the belt amazing. The headscarf...uh-uh.

Supermophed tagged this Cute

Disagree @Tayler ... i love the belt!


This one is my favorite of the past 2 months

alaska girl tagged this gorgeous!

Well done. Love it.

Sara tagged this Gorgeous!

THIS IS AMAZING! I love this sooooooo much. You look so gypsy, but so modern. So lovely.


i LOVE your color themes and how each day has a chosen color!! :]

amelia tagged this Batty

this is batty in the VERY best way. gorgeous.

Heather Nicole tagged this Hot


Mein Melon tagged this Cute

OMG! this is soo cute! i'm soo inspired by u..

Kingisbyre tagged this Hot

LOVE it! Esp. the scarf and the 'underskirt'. Scarf is truly gorgeous and arty- gonna see if I can get one! Great outfit!


AY! You look picante with a flippy underskirt.

lilysunshine tagged this Cute

love this one.. great colours

Addie tagged this SSSSSOOOOO CUTE

Really cute. I love the skirt layering and the belt. The pink shoues & socks add an air of youth.

joanne tagged this boho

Lucy stompin' grapes...Chita Rivera singing "I Wanna Be in America." Ethnic, global, muted, I love the cummerbund and length of the petticoat. Sweet, strangely sad...


mignon, Vanessa paradis could where that outfit in a movie.

A Follower tagged this Awesome!

I really like this outfit. ^.^ Keep it up!

Amandine tagged this smoothy

Du raisin mûr


oooh senorita caliente!

Nameless tagged this Cute

Once again, adorable outfit. Love the skirt-under-the-dress idea

Aricia tagged this amazing!!!

perfect!!!! my favorite of june.... loved those socks...all of them! great shoes ;)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute but what's with the knee highs? (yuck)

Carolina tagged this Cute

Sooooo cuteeee OMG amazing


out of all that i've seen this is onve of my faves... don't love the socks, but it's all put together really well:)

Kaath tagged this soo rude

I love thiis wayyy

vinamarata tagged this *gypsy-love*


Anonymous tagged this Sweet

You look adorable :)

lisa tagged this Cute

love it except for the tights. great colours on you.

Daniella tagged this Wonderful

Love that belt!


a little monochromatic. I would change color of the shoes for the color of the belt, and color of the socks for some

James tagged this Cute

Wow, sheena I loved this, it looks like an indian outfit.

Juan tagged this Hot

A love this one, great color. Como seducir a una chica

jo tagged this Hot

Love the frill skirt under, i want to buy your dress-very inspiring !!

Song tagged this Cute

So 25 of June is the day of my birthday and i love this very much =.=

Manon tagged this Beautiful

Love your hair like that !

Audrey tagged this Cute

this is beautiful. I think this is one of the best ones. Windows 7 rapidshare

becsta tagged this awesome

just love this, head scarf especially

sophie tagged this beautiful