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November 09

This day belongs to stuflerm.
"This is the first day I heard about the Uniform Project and the first day I fell in love with it. Thank you for doing this. <3"
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Day 204. Fri, November 20 2009

Sherwood Forest new wave

Asymmetric trilby hat from eBay worn with a leather headband donated by Aimee Cunnigham from Thief & Bandit.Thrifted blouse and checker pants, with platforms donated by Tara St. James.

So. Very. Glad. It's. Friday.


Emily tagged this Brave

I Love the whole earth vibe of this outfit!! I admire all of your outfits and the work you have done. Your an inspiration to aspiring designers!!!



Mariah tagged this Cute

Terrif casual Friday look. Very put together.

light as a ... tagged this feather

great head band - it looks a little like a feather

Mara tagged this Sweet

Love, love, LOVE the hat and headband. The blouse is lovely, too. Overall adorable, as always.

Anonymous tagged this Daring

i can't tell what age you are. you're like chanel. you could be 14 or 30. love the shoes.

ammakke tagged this "careful casual"

Very sporty & casual ..great combo.of green,black'n white. I mistook the head band for a feather! No smile even though T.G.I.F.?? How was the fashion Exhibit?

wasabipear tagged this Brills

Hat+Leather Feather combo is a stunna. Where is your bow Robin Hood? ,)

Irene tagged this creative

i like the headband. And nice colours.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I love all elements of this, especially the hat.

Britgirl tagged this Hot ? 10

Hot!!!!! Loving the hat

shenna's fashion victim tagged this a Love test

me no likey...

holly tagged this Hot

yum yum YUM that's divine!

bb tagged this Hot

love love love it. this is the first time i used the 'hot' tag.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Kind of a hodge-podge, but in a really good way! I love the green!

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Kind of a hodge-podge, but in a really good way! I love the green!

Sue tagged this Batty

Ummm... no. Some things might best be left in the thrift shop.

Chanique tagged this Batty

Sorry, but I do not like it at all! The white shoes with this ensamble is in bad taste. The different greens do not compliment one another, the shirt is not really one to wear under a garment and the hat, although creatively put together, is not one to wear in everyday life.

Darlene tagged this Cute

I love love love those shoes!

Rachel tagged this Fierce Pirate

i love tha blouse and the hat...and you have single handedly created a solution for those too short pants everyone has... funky socks underneath!

Ana tagged this Brave

so cool

candie tagged this Brave

not something i would wear.... but you pull it off ok actually. Good work!!!

Marie tagged this love

love it so much, so Robin Hood. the hat and headband are amazing together.. i thought the headband was a feather!

Mel tagged this Try Harder

I don't like this style you were trying to pull off. The pieces don't go well together.

Belle tagged this Cute

Love the shoes! If they were retail, can you divulge where you got them I want a pair or two.

Laura Daly tagged this A feather in your cap

My pick for the week. I love the entire look. Granted it takes a certain person to pull it off, but it also inspires others to have the courage to experiment. I think that your key to success, why all of these "put togethers" are so wonderful is your attitude. Attitude is the soul of style.